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    Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

    MetaGameplay by Farengeto 104 days ago. 3,733 reads.

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So who like to use their zombie missiles first?

(OOC: On account of having a life outside of this game, I was late to the party, which is why Talonlandia is pretty much wiped out. Talonlandia, the lousiest of all my countries, is the one with survivors, while my other two, the ones with nice people and good government, are all dead or zombified. Figures, doesn't it? What's really stupid is that one dead nation of mine is gun crazy and has a huge army from another nation visiting, so it makes no sense at all that they're all dead. My peaceniks, on the other hand, not so much. Sorry I made this harder for you. Enjoy fighting the zombies. Here, for your reading pleasure, is Nandina's reaction to the crisis.)

SWINE! You abominable, irredeemable SWINE!!! How DARE you plague us with this horrible disease! How dare you sully Talonlandia's glorious cities with your FILTH! I have corpses walking my streets, interrupting my day, all because of YOU! Is this your work, Jollt? Are you so spineless, so vindictive that you would unleash this hell upon me all because of a little tough love? It's not my fault you're too ashamed of your body to do what's right and natural! Or you, Xiocto? Did you realize that your greater numbers were no match for superior millitary minds and send us infection and death to soften us up for conquest? You slimy belly crawlers! You open sewers of waste! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!!!!

(OOC: I just read that our people get revived at the end of the zombie game. I thought they stayed dead. I'm two for two in the dope department today. Sigh. Anybody need a zombie fighting squad?)

Princess you need to calm down! This was no ones fault it was the work of the Slitheen i tell you. Don't worry The Doctor will come save us and make things just the way they were before.

The Kingdom of San Lumen wrote:Princess you need to calm down! This was no ones fault it was the work of the Slitheen i tell you. Don't worry The Doctor will come save us and make things just the way they were before.

The Doctor? That meddlesome, insulting, disrespectful foreigner who wears far too many clothes? Hmmph! I think I'd rather just let the situation take care of itself, which appears to have happened anyway. People don't need to get old. They just get ugly and burdensome. As you can see, my people have the courtesy to keel over long before we have start mopping up after them. Why not stop fussing at me for stating facts and get back to preparing your capital for my royal presence?

Welcome new nations! Hope to see you on the forum!

I know I say this a lot but we really need to do a recruiting drive and get some new nations into the forum. Many have not been active and lot of long time members went to Modorra.

And have to deal with more stupid foreigners like you! Like Hell!

(OOC: Hey! I got your text messages, but I figured you were asleep by the time I got home, so I didn't reply. How to do I send the emails? I've never done this before.)

What emails are you referring? I'll have the role play started by tomorrow afternoon.

(OOC: I was referring to the recruitment campaign. If I'm to help, I must know what to do.)

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