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WA Delegate: The Ancient Nordics Lands of Solorni (elected 180 days ago)

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Welcome to the Realm of Balder

Nations are asked to join the World Assembly and endorse Queen Solorni as well as Prince North East Somerset

For nations not in the LinkRoyal Council, the endorsement limit is 15

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Current World Assembly votes:

General Assembly - None :: Security Council - Liberate The Black Riders

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    Opportunities, Where we are now and Changes

    BulletinPolicy by Solorni 3 days 12 hours ago. 50 reads.

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    2 Years in Balder

    FactbookHistory by The Iron Rebel 64 days ago. 233 reads.

Embassies: Osiris, the West Pacific, the South Pacific, The North Pacific, the Pacific, The East Pacific, the Rejected Realms, Europeia, NationStates, Albion, The Allied Republics, The New Inquisition, and The Land of Kings and Emperors.

Tags: Democratic, Anti-Fascist, National Sovereigntist, Offsite Forums, Game Player, Monarchist, Independent, Map, Past Tech, Founderless, Gargantuan, Regional Government, and 1 other.Sinker.

Regional Power: Very High

Balder contains 3,593 nations, the 8th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Beautiful Environments in Balder

World Census researchers spent many arduous weeks lying on beaches and trekking through rainforests to compile a definitive list of the most attractive and best cared for environments.

As a region, Balder is ranked 5,080th in the world for Most Beautiful Environments.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
2451.The Free Land of MalenPsychotic Dictatorship“Long time ago...”
2452.The People's Republic of Slightly to the Right KoreaDemocratic Socialists“Cibus abundantia. Omnes et saturati sunt . Avide appete”
2453.The City of ErfurtCapitalist Paradise“Gott min uns!”
2454.The Republic of The Unified ColoniesCapitalist Paradise“So Say We All”
2455.The Kingdom of King Thorin OakenshieldFather Knows Best State“I am the King under the Mountain”
2456.The Islamic Republic of Free Syrian LandFather Knows Best State“وحدة ، حرية ، اشتراكية”
2457.The Armed Republic of BujarslandCapitalist Paradise“Don't like it, get out”
2458.The Retired Puppet of Ananke of ADN Secretary of StateNew York Times Democracy“Current Sec of State: Blackbird”
2459.The Republic of East American MeritocracyLibertarian Police State“We Shall Rebuild!”
2460.The Province of UpplandRight-wing Utopia“Arvet förpliktar.”
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Regional Poll • Favourite Current World Leader

Poll called by The Ancient Nordics Lands of Solorni

Voting opened 12 hours ago and will close in 11 hours. Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “Are you going to watch the Superbowl next weekend?”“What is your Chinese Zodiac?”“Favourite Type of Science?”“War Crimes Tribunal?”“Most Important Western Event”“Would you be interesting in early polling for World Assembly proposals?”

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Man this Julius Caesar stuff is really killing me, but my teacher makes it fun.

The United Kingdom of Ben Strohm wrote:I'm back

School got to you?

New, rather difficult poll...

Rach, you should have included "None of the Above" in your poll. They are all corrupt in my way of thinking otherwise how did they achieve power in their respective countries.

New Spain Land in an attempt to make this game a lot more fun, thinks a War RP in the region should be started, now the rules are, when attacking a country, you are not allowed to overwhelm the player, like saying 120,000,000 troops invade the country, Unless you say My country Mobilizes 120,000,000 men for war, but deploys 250,000 men to the front in order to defend the main land ( since most players have populations in the billions) rule number 2. Have fun and dont be rude. I will start the war off.

This will take place on the forums?

The Girlish Infatuation of Lady Marian wrote:Rach, you should have included "None of the Above" in your poll. They are all corrupt in my way of thinking otherwise how did they achieve power in their respective countries.

My bad, that is a good idea :/

The Spanish Colony of Algeria has declared Independence from NSL. 12,567 NSL soldiers have been killed in the uprising, another 24,000 join the cause of the rebels and an estimated 260 civilians have been killed in the fighting. from the SFL or Spanish Foreign Legionnaires show that The Holy Forerunner Nation of Illand was supporting the Algerian Patriots with weapons training, armament, tactics training, money and finally sabotaged the Algerian Self Defense System (ASDS) by using jamming systems. NSL declares a state of war between The Holy Forerunner Nation of Illand, but sees the Algerian Revolt as the main target to surpress, as such, the NSL airforce sends125 PAK FA - T50 fighters, 225 Su 47s, 63 Apache Gunships and 623 Osprey Helicopters, while the Navy already having 7 battleships 2 aircraft carriers, 3 Submarines, 7 Cruisers, 9 destroyers and 12 Frigates in the Mediterranean Sea, stations 1 Aircraft Carrier 2 battleships, 1 cruiser, 1 Frigate, 1 submarine and 1 destroyer near the algerian coast to safe gaurd the Armies 1st beach landing west of Oran with 124,000 men, 8,600 ASCOD Pizarro, 1,200 Leopard 2s 21,000 GAZ utility Vehicles, and 175 of the new but unproven M1A3 Abrams Battle Tank. Here is the offensive from a satellite view

I moved my comment to the fourm in order to avoid annoyance for other region members its at viewtopic.php?f=31&t=328842&p=23300316#p23300316


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