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Welcome to Atlantis! - Founded in 2003
Welcome to the region that lies beyond the pillars of Heracles. Step inside, join the beach BBQ and swig Atlantis Spiced Rum with us, friend.

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Latest News: Atlantis defends her friends! The Royal Atlantis Navy assists in the liberation of The Union...

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Embassies: New Sorvun, Atlantian Oceania, Sparta, The United States of Europe, The FRA, Global Right Alliance, United Kingdom, the Rejected Realms, North Pacific, Trav khar, Gay, Antarctica, Confederation of Nations, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Caprecia, Knights For Justice, and 16 others.Esquarium, The Great American Union, Atlas, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, United Group, Ravencroft, The Covenant of Shrek, The Illuminati, Neveah, The Waters of Lethe, POLATION, Republic of Hellas, The Kingdom of The New World, United North Atlantic, The United Nations of Westeros, and Avadam Inn.

Construction of embassies with Free State of Wisconsin has commenced. Completion expected in 23 hours.

Construction of embassies with Hippy Haven has commenced. Completion expected in 1 day 23 hours.

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Regional Power: High

Atlantis contains 56 nations, the 204th most in the world.

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The Most Avoided in Atlantis

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, Atlantis is ranked 15,436th in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Craggy Island Parocial House of Father-Jack-HackettFather Knows Best State“That Would Be An Ecumenical Matter”
22.The Kingdom of CushFather Knows Best State“My Country”
23.The Commonwealth of FaximuInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Servire”
24.The Republic of CirethDemocratic Socialists“Liberty Shall Endure”
25.The United Kingdom of AntanorayInoffensive Centrist Democracy“To the sky!”
26.The Disputed Territories of The Barbarian EmpirePsychotic Dictatorship“Our arrows will blot out the sun”
27.The Most Serene Republic of The woman with a comb in her handInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Did you dance?”
28.The Ten Kingdoms of The City of AtlantisDemocratic Socialists“To the Sea we are One, with our Brethren we are Many”
29.The Free Land of PsychEmpireInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I've heard it both ways”
30.The Protectorate of The ScoundrelDemocratic Socialists“The last refuge of the scoundrel....”
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The Civil-War Engulfed Landscape of Lemmingtopias wrote:*Perhaps you are too feisty to conquer.....*

Today's Newspaper makes it clear that The Republic of Madrocea has never been part of Lemmingtopias, nor has the government ever said it was.

"Left is Right; On is Off; Backwards is Forwards."

- From the LemSoc Ministry of Truth

Yes, infrequently. Shall we start the next one soon?

Why not?

Also, my main nation The Shop Owner Inspired Evil of The Sword Bloke is a frequent user of the NS Sports section, so we'd RP commonly, post our rosters, and I'd be happy to scorinate games which the host is involved in.

The Republic of Madrocea wrote:How's your civil war coming along?

Oh it goes one way, then another. Right now it's hard to tell who is fighting on which side. The pirates aren't helping matters at all!!!

The Holy Empire of Volcanoc wrote:Also, my main nation The Shop Owner Inspired Evil of The Sword Bloke is a frequent user of the NS Sports section, so we'd RP commonly, post our rosters, and I'd be happy to scorinate games which the host is involved in.

Then we must go for it!

Sweet :)

Lemmingtopians rejoice today!

In a bold and shocking move, the Lomatista rebels in the Highlands of Lemmingtopias kidnapped both the leaders of the Loyalists and the Separatist factions with their respective cabinets. The Lomatistas forced the two sides to sit down with the Lomatistas and resolve a peace treaty. The Lomatistas secured valuable concessions for autonomy. With the treaty signed, and the hostages released, millions took to the streets in favour of the Peace, forcing the two factions to honour the agreement.

The Civil War is over!

The 720 constituencies have chosen their Senators who have met to ratify the treaty and the autonomous Lemmingtopian States have unanimously sent their support for the Peace. The Senate then divided into Senate Factions and jostled for the position of Principle-Senator.

The Social Democrats were the largest faction with 140 Senators. With a new threat to the establishment in the form of a coalition between the Regionalist, Green and Liberal factions, the Conservative and Nationalist factions voted in favour of the Labour candidate in a historic coalition of national unity. Never before have the Conservatives and Social Democrats sat together in coalition.

The opposition, and a large proportion of society, criticises the government, however, for being supported by the Nationalist faction, which many view as racist and bordering on fascist ideology. The government argues that it cannot control who votes for it, but will find it difficult to placate the public or counter what the opposition bloc is now demanding: Senate Reform!

So, the Lemmingtopian people watch as their politicians go back to squabbling in the Senate house, while the rest of the nation enjoys peace on their streets.

Lemurian Islands, Ellani, and Madrocea

The Government of The Republic of Madrocea offers aid in the form of (what we can safely earmark from the Emergency Foreign Relief Fund) of 137 million Madrocean Drachmas to help restore infrastructure devastated in the civil war and re-establish order.


We thank the Government and People of The Republic of Madrocea for their kind assistance and have designated the donation to rebuilding Health facilities which have been damaged during the Civil Wars.

Lemmingtopias is now opening up Embassies with nations and invites all Atlantian Nations to do so: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=336319&p=24109492


Football Cup

As it has been suggested to have a football Cup. Lets do it!

Shall we invite other Commonwealth Members?

Sure. The more, the merrier!

For the creation of Madrocea's new national Football team (and for future athletic events), we have established a bureau called the Madrocean Athletic Authority. The MAA has started recruiting for a national team. We'll set aside a training center and gather our nation's greatest athletes. We will do what we can to facilitate this.


Hello all Alex Green here .


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