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Welcome to Atlantis! - Founded in 2003
Welcome to the region that lies beyond the pillars of Heracles. Step inside, join the beach BBQ and swig Atlantis Spiced Rum with us, friend.

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Latest News: The World Assembly Delegate Selection Procedure has passed into Regional Law. Delegate Elections announced for 1st July...

The Ten Kings of Atlantis | Regional Legislation

On the Jukebox: LinkGowan - A Criminal Mind

Member of the LinkFounderless Regions Alliance, LinkThe Commonwealth of Regions and an Arnhelm Signatory.

Featured Nation: The People's Utopia of Nightcore, the most developed nation in Atlantis.

Embassies: New Sorvun, Atlantian Oceania, The United States of Europe, The FRA, Global Right Alliance, United Kingdom, the Rejected Realms, North Pacific, Trav khar, Gay, Antarctica, Confederation of Nations, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Caprecia, Knights For Justice, Esquarium, and 30 others.Atlas, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, United Group, Ravencroft, The Covenant of Shrek, The Illuminati, Neveah, The Waters of Lethe, POLATION, Republic of Hellas, United North Atlantic, The United Nations of Westeros, Avadam Inn, Free State of Wisconsin, Hippy Haven, The Mid Pacific, The Union, Iura Pecunia et libertas, Taranos, Nohbdy, Magic Eight Ball, Sparta, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Gaia Prime, Dill Country, Nelborne Union, Atlantic, Union of World Nations, The legend of Zelda, and The United Federation of Planets.

Construction of embassies with New New Autismia has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Wolves of Night has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with U R N has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: High

Atlantis contains 76 nations, the 146th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Subsidized Industry in Atlantis

Nations ranked highly spend more public money on developing and supporting industry, a practice known as 'corporate welfare.'

As a region, Atlantis is ranked 4,310th in the world for Most Subsidized Industry.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Nomadic Peoples of MyfreelandFather Knows Best State“I love humanity but I hate people.”
22.The United Kingdom of AntanorayInoffensive Centrist Democracy“To the sky!”
23.The Fiefdom of ElinTolInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A Meadow Is Worth A Fortune”
24.The Armed Republic of Atlantic Armed RepublicLeft-Leaning College State“Fighting for justice, freedom and a bright future”
25.The Community of MeizhinkaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Your joy brings joy to all”
26.The Democratic Republic of United Nation Of RomniaWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Welcome to Hell Pitches”
27.The Great Allied States of ISAF-UseaDemocratic Socialists“United we stand, Divided we fall”
28.The Armed Republic of MreckoDemocratic Socialists“Oops, sorry everyone”
29.The Kingdom of Atlantis CampiniaCorrupt Dictatorship“Hail Triumvir TheEvilDuckie!”
30.The Jingoistic States of ArkhazaIron Fist Consumerists“We kill weaklings”
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Atlantis Regional Message Board

Yes. Never mind the aliens... They were never real to begin with.

The invading... force (a powerful rogue AI) has been removed from Lycopea. The city of Alcorast (our former capital) is under Quarantine and Observation. Human rule has returned to Lycopea, thanks to an ally we have been advised to keep anonymous.


By human rule, you mean Madrocean rule, right?

If you are questioning the provisional government of Lycopea's choice to use the Madrocean Drachma as our official unit of currency, it's a temporary measure until we can restore order, elect a standing government, and issue an official national currency backed in solid Lycopean assets. In the meantime, our black markets have been fueled by Drachmas, so we may as well use the existing currency at hand.


In other news, the Madrocean National Space Corporation has prepared nine rockets for launch upon the repeal of Resolution #336, to re-activate and repair the Madrocean Orbital Platform. Disturbed by recent attempts to curb the sovereignty of our national space program, we have enacted National Assembly Code 774-2 - for the first time ever, enabling military arms in space. Due to recent events, we have decided it is prudent to be able to defend our assets in space, and therefore our cosmonaut-scientists will be armed, and our Platform will be upgraded for self-defense. We will not tolerate advances against the sovereignty of our interests in space. If it's aliens you fear, we will be a little more prepared against them when all is said and done.

United Nation Of Romnia

The Prime Minister of Joedain has recently been seen flipping her desk and walking out of office.
Witnesses claim that as she departed, she was mumbling something about how she was constantly "getting spammed"
by telegrams of other nations, commanding her to vote a certain way regarding Resolution #336.

United Nation Of Romnia

Oh neat, it looks like the NS++ auto-telegramming feature for recruitment is working again.

And with the launches today, our space program is back in operation. That was an expensive protest... but I think our point was made and now we can continue pressing forward now that our space programs' sovereignty is no longer in immediate jeopardy.

And so, the repeal now re-institutes all Reaper counter-measures Gervatia has been planning. We'd be damned if the Reapers will take US down in their autonomous death stride across the universe!

Reapers, Decepticons, Grays, Lizard People, Footballers, Men In Black... Atlantis, what a region!

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