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Most Nations: 255th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 293rd Most Influential: 1,140th+2
Most Rebellious Youth: 1,855th Most Cultured: 1,964th
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The vast and mighty remnants of the lost Continent of Atlantis, standing to this day across the great archipelago of Atlas, and the many mighty kingdoms borne of her august legacy.
Welcome to Atlantis! - Founded in 2003 - It is currently the Second year of the 30th Atlantiad.
Welcome to the region that lies beyond the pillars of Heracles. Step inside, join the beach BBQ and swig Atlantis Spiced Rum with us, friend.

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Regional Power: High

Atlantis contains 52 nations, the 255th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most World Assembly Endorsements in Atlantis

World Census staff pored through World Assembly records to determine which nations were the most endorsed by others in their region.

As a region, Atlantis is ranked 293rd in the world for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Republic of MychotrechiaAnarchy“Nuke the Narwhals”
12.The Federal Republic of PRFNCivil Rights Lovefest“For each his own”
13.The Socialist Republics of Lemurian IslandsLeft-wing Utopia“Equality, Justice, Solidarity”
14.The Twelve Tribes of LemmingtopiasDemocratic Socialists“Passion is a Fashion”
15.The People's Utopia of NightcoreInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Plunge into the Abyss”
16.The Holy Empire of ZhenbabweLiberal Democratic Socialists“Trust us”
17.The Gordian Puppet State of EllaniLeft-Leaning College State“If you're feeling sad, go ride a jet ski”
18.The Imperial and Allied States of The Empire of IoannesDemocratic Socialists“Peace through Power”
19.The Craggy Island Parocial House of Father-Jack-HackettFather Knows Best State“That Would Be An Ecumenical Matter”
20.The Republic of Secret Bear ImposterCorrupt Dictatorship“A witty saying proves nothing”

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Given the difference between your predecessor's austere-liberal style and your extreme libertarianism, I would say the same of you. Democracy is dead in Madrocea if it has no power.

Nah, the largest real difference between my policy and Midastes is that I don't cook the books and print money the government doesn't have.

It's a good thing so many heavily armed companies are there to protect their greatest tax shelter.

Post self-deleted by Lemmingtopias.

A mysterious radio signal was heard by radio enthusiasts around the region recently. The signal was transmitted from the ancient Temple of the Sages, in Lomapolis - the now deserted capital of Lemmingtopias. Lomapolis, like most Lemmingtopian Cities, was deserted around ten years ago after the collapse of the Lemmingtopian Government, triggering a mass exodus of Lemmingtopians from their homeland. The turmoil of the last months of Lemmingtopias lead much of the nation's residences and infrastructure to be destroyed. It is thought no-one remains in the country after the last pockets of residents resistant to leave were forcibly removed by the last remnants of government forces. Following which, a series of explosions were monitored from within the deserted territory. The nation has been sealed shut ever since.

The radio signal played the following sound recording on a loop for a number of hours before suddenly shutting off.

"Hello... Hello. This is Lomapolis Calling!

This is Lomapolis Calling!

I don't know what to say to you... I just want someone to know....

I exist."

Madrocea and Tarligean

The Mayor of a small island city, previously part of Lemmingtopias and one of the many successor states since the mainland was depopulated, has dismissed claims of survivors in Lomapolis after the recent radio broadcast received from the ancient city.

"Kids from The Autonomous Corporate Zones of Madrocea or The Empire of United Nation Of Romnia sneak in sometimes or send those pesky drones in. It is almost definite that this is the cause of the reported radio disturbance. I remind the people from the region once more: The mainland of Lemmingtopias is unsafe and likely radioactive in parts. We have no idea just what the scale of danger is but we know that at a minimum it is a severe risk to your life entering the territory. It is also a severe risk that you could pick up disease and spread that to your loved ones at home. That is why Lemmingtopians ddon't live there anymore. That is why the borders have been sealed. That is why there was such a catastrophic humanitarian crisis. Entering the mainland is not just illegal, it is stupid. Moreover, it is highly disrespectful to disturb the millions of people that died without burial during the last dark days of the country. The Pan-Lemming Security Forces will afford no mercy to those caught entering. That is how dangerous it is. We recommend that anyone who has been in the territory illegally should hand themselves in for medical examination and quarantine."

Hmm, I should probably dispatch one of UCBK's (formerly Madrocea's military's, now an asset of the United Corporate Bank of Kanaid) spy satellites to zoom in and see what the big fuss is over in Lomapolis.


My nation seems to have opened a school for witchcraft. I guess that is what happens when you give Igor control of education policy.

[Igor: We thall be leaderth in the field of black magic, mithress.]

I'd worry more about being a leader in the field of black eyes, Igor, if this goes wrong. I suppose it keeps money in circulation, and that is the main thing.

[Igor: Yeth, mithress.]


The Fiefdom of ElinTol wrote:My nation seems to have opened a school for witchcraft. I guess that is what happens when you give Igor control of education policy.
[Igor: We thall be leaderth in the field of black magic, mithress.]
I'd worry more about being a leader in the field of black eyes, Igor, if this goes wrong. I suppose it keeps money in circulation, and that is the main thing.
[Igor: Yeth, mithress.]

Sounds spooky.


Lemmingtopias what happened to the mainland i can't remember

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