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WA Delegate: The Free Kingdom of Falcania (elected 2 years 39 days ago)

Founder: The Tropics of Vilita

World Factbook Entry

Atlantian Oceania (AO) was founded in 2004 as an active off-site RP region and has since established itself as one of the great sporting regions in history. One of the most successful regions in the NS World Cup, we also compete in other sporting events throughout the NS Sports Forum and in our own Regional Championships on the AO Regional Forum.

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AOCAF Champion: Osarius :: AOHC Champion: Vilita and Turori :: Nationstates World Cup: 31 Titles

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    Atlantian Oceania Regional Map

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    AOCAF Winners

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Embassies: Rushmore, Atlantis, One big Island, and Esportiva.

Tags: Large, Map, Sports, Offsite Forums, Role Player, and Multi-Species.

Regional Power: High

Atlantian Oceania contains 98 nations, the 118th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Authoritarian in Atlantian Oceania

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, Atlantian Oceania is ranked 12,078th in the world for Most Authoritarian.

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Atlantian Oceania Regional Message Board

The Tropics of Vilita wrote:...

I seriously think that he/she/it is a bot. Evidently, other members of our estimable community are also bots.

In other news, I've just recently discovered the NS 10th anniversary game, and I'm seriously disappointed that some people have been challenging me without letting me know that they've been challenging me... :(


Post by Kingdom of Corelia suppressed by Vilita.

The Tropics of Vilita wrote:You are missing the point.

You are assuming you know what your problem is. But we've told you already that its not what you think it is.

If you are not submitting the form because you THINK you have a problem with your recaptcha image, submit the form. Theres no problem with it. If you type what you see (the same thing everyone else sees) then you have done it right.

If you are submitting the form, but getting an error, then you need to provide the details of the error. 99.99999999999999% of the time people have problems signing up its because they did not properly read/complete the 6th field. It is the single most important field in the form and is the one that prevents bot signups.

I repeat: There is nothing wrong with the security code. Type what you see, and proceed. Thats not your problem. I'd wager that you're either not submitting the form because you think theres a problem when there isn't, or, you aren't properly filling out the 6th field.

I got this problem after registration.

Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

The error returned was:

You have failed the most important signup question which prevents bot or intruder registration. Please return to the Regional Message Board and contact the founder or post your issue there to be resolved. Please describe that you have received error message 1093 when trying to register for the forum.

Which, once again, confirms 100% that it has nothing to do with the security code, and is the fact that you have failed to enter the proper information in the 6th field.

Did you try, I don't know, entering the one?

Christ alive. Is this really happening?

The Free Kingdom of Falcania wrote:Christ alive. Is this really happening?

I thought the same thing when I heard It Feels So Good over the audio pumped through this fast food place I visited on Sunday. =:|

The Northern Republic of The Hakifao Isles wrote:Did you try, I don't know, entering the one?

Ergo - he/she/it is a bot. Proof! As a bot, he/she/it cannot enter the "most important signup question which prevents bot or intruder registration".

note: I don't actually believe that Corelia is a bot, and do agree similarly that Corelia should try entering the number into the Security code box like some of the other people are recommending.

note2: or do I? o.O

The Tropics of Vilita wrote:Which, once again, confirms 100% that it has nothing to do with the security code, and is the fact that you have failed to enter the proper information in the 6th field.

yea, you was rigth. I thought at this is my country abbreviation, no region and thanks. Now I'm register on forum.

The Republic of Semarland wrote:…my AOCAF Roster was written and posted on my phone…

After a little over a month of having service on it, I've given up on doing anything productive with my so-called "smart" phone. For one, the RP I wrote about my IC return to NS is stuck on it, even though it's supposedly saved as a Word Document.

At least it works as a phone (kinda, sorta).

The AOCAF 46 RP Thread is here for those who may have missed it: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=328150

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