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Asia is the planet's largest continent, containing 30% of the planet's landmass, and includes a multiplicity of countries and island dependencies. Asia believes in home rule and accommodates nation states with widely varying philosophies.

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Asia contains 125 nations, the 85th most in the world.

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The Highest Average Tax Rates in Asia

Although some nations have similar tax rates for all citizens and others tax the rich much more heavily than the poor, the following provides a rough guide to the most taxing governments.

As a region, Asia is ranked 5,544th in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
51.The Federation of Vers ToiInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Vers Toi, Hoi!”
52.The United Socialist States of 1SiberiaDemocratic Socialists“Freedom and Independence ”
53.The Sultanate of Eastern RecipesTyranny by Majority“Cooking”
54.The United States of AlfoDemocratic Socialists“Seeing is believing”
55.The Empire of The Slavic RaceWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Cheeki Breeki Vi Damke”
56.The Constitutional Monarchy of Federated Shan StatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Do not bathe if there is no water. ”
57.The Republic of KargulistanFather Knows Best State“My Kargulistan”
58.The People's Republic of Comrade ZhenliNew York Times Democracy“The Revolution's truth will prevail!”
59.The Allied States of Edo-TokyoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Kami no michi”
60.The Republic of JulianehabNew York Times Democracy“Always work as a team”
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The Empire of Kurtish wrote:To all superpowers please calm down this is merely a union formed by smaller nations, which was built on the basis of trade and economics. You needn't overreact so harshly to a union such as this as even i was approached with this at one point and i know Gelug well enough and as should you all to know he isn't a warmongering nation and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be foolish enough to suddenly form a military alliance to suddenly attack you out of nowhere. So please withdraw your denunciations because honestly you could easily demolish them in an instant but that isn't the point i'm trying to make here no it is that the actions that the Chinese confederacy took could probably lead into a conflict no one wants to take part in.

Thank you

Republic of Vitalia, Kurtish, and Gelug

Wow look at all that mojibake

Hansheng, Gelug, and Baral Republic

Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The CMCC remains absolute in its commitment to Asia's rule of law. The CMCC will make objective observations of the PAU clique's actions and not hollow protestations of innocence. The sudden and undisclosed appearance of a multiple nations from another region is a threat until proven otherwise.

OOC; Half of us aren't even from Mainland Asia and those that are have left because the region has deteriorated.

Republic of Vitalia and Kurtish

OOC: Most of the PAU is from Mainland Asia, but Mainland Asia was founded by players who had initially settled in Asia. Then they got raided and they're back home where they belong. <generic threatening voice> and don't try to leave again

Republic of Vitalia, Kurtish, and Gelug

OOC: I always err towards giving the benefit of the doubt - and towards the decision which maximizes player fun. I like that we have more active people flooding in. Basically so long as we maintain a strong delegate, I'm happy about anything that results in Asia accumulating more RPers.

Because we're a founderless region, I have to follow up when questions are asked, but I'm satisfied that our new friends are cool cats.

Fiercewood, Chostea, Inggison, Hansheng, and 3 othersKurtish, Gelug, and Baral Republic

Post self-deleted by Chinese Confederacy.

The Republic of Chostea wrote:OOC: Most of the PAU is from Mainland Asia, but Mainland Asia was founded by players who had initially settled in Asia. Then they got raided and they're back home where they belong. <generic threatening voice> and don't try to leave again

Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The CMCC calls for the immediate disclosure of all members of the PAU Clique and an immediate explanation as to how and why these 'natives' of Asia have no records, of any kind, being previously in Asia, and how they also seemed to have go on to settle in nation storage.

Oh, I can explain the nation storage region. That's where I put my old nations that CTE. South Mongol was given to The Slavic Race so that they could be more Asian, if you're getting what I'm saying. And I think I'm the only one that was in Asia before founding Mainland Asia, albeit it wasn't for long.


This calls for a good old fashioned bad cop bad cop routine.

Inggison and Baral Republic

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