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Anime contains 79 nations, the 165th most in the world.

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As a region, Anime is ranked 48th in the world for Largest Welfare Programs.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Khaos Konfederacy of Rexzich CityDemocratic Socialists“Khaos Reigns!”
12.The Melodic Oblivion of Monster UnionIron Fist Consumerists“VIVA, MONSTER UNION!”
13.The Holy Empire of Eien no WhiteLiberal Democratic Socialists“Chihaya-sama, here is your tea!”
14.The Dysprosium of DyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“66”
15.The Rogue Nation of ZvesdaCorrupt Dictatorship“May the Light of Zvesda spread throughout the World! ”
16.The Community of AntheosWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Sekai wo kakumei suru chikara wo!”
17.The Elective Monarchy of Holy Levamme EmpirePsychotic Dictatorship“天皇陛下万歳!”
18.The Megassa Koukishin of Tsuruya-sanCapitalist Paradise“Don't you think it looks megas good on me?”
19.The Theocracy of Holy Anri NationIron Fist Consumerists“Anri-sama is watching.”
20.The Commonwealth of SikranDemocratic Socialists“Nation without borders”
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It is still very chill.

WA News, "Oops, Try Again, Again" Edition. The proposed General Assembly resolution "Right to sexual privacy" was discarded by the WA Secretariat for rule violations after garnering 9,230 votes in favor and 6,187 votes against. The Secretariat ruled that the proposed resolution was illegal because it contradicted standing WA legislation, to wit, GAR #300, the "Child Pornography Ban". The Secretariat's ruling is quoted below:

The at vote resolution states:

6) Mandates that member states shall not restrict, regulate, proscribe or criminalise any individual sexual activity where such individual sexual activity is practised in private and away from public exposure,

General Assembly Resolution #300 clearly states the following

BANS the production, possession, solicitation, sale and distribution of child pornography in all member nations.

The contradiction here hinges on the definition of individual sexual activity which is defined "as acts undertaken individually without any other participant for the purposes of achieving sexual arousal of the individual," in the resolution at vote. The Secretariat rules that viewing the prohibited pornography would count as an act undertaken for the purposes of achieving sexual arousal, thereby causing this resolution to be in conflict with GAR #300. Accordingly, it has been discarded.

This ruling has been hotly disputed in Assembly chambers, as it implies the possession of child pornography, illegal under GAR #300, is an "individual sexual activity" that would have been protected under the proposed resolution. Our view is this ruling was flat-out wrong, because possession of child pornography is not possible without it first being either produced or solicited, neither of which could reasonably be considered an "individual sexual activity". It remains to be seen how this is going to be resolved; there is already debate on the ground rules for the Secretariat using its power to discard proposals.

Anyway, currently up for vote is a proposal for the "Promotion of Clean Energy". It's something of a "mile wide and inch deep" proposal that affect all businesses, yet basically just encourages them to develop alternatives to the use of fossil fuels. The only actual requirement is that "member nations which have efficient forms of clean energy available to them make a good faith effort to utilize these forms of energy in the most effective means possible." We note that the early voting in Anime is heavily in favor of it, but we're actually a bit skeptical of it and suggest you all re-read the proposal.

Nyah, er, um... I just re-read the proposal and realized something :

"Cognizant of the existence of alternate forms of energy, such as solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, nuclear, and hydro, virtually all of which are clean, renewable, and cost-effective in the long-run;"

So if this is considered as the definition of "clean energy" (which is left as a vague definition), then they consider nuclear energy as clean, which is false, given the millenya needed for some radioactive elements to, uh, stop radioacting or something-nya.
Also, this proposal can create dilemmas : our Catgirl country has uranium, but would require deforestation to extract it. Deforestation is not good for the planet, which would produce the opposite effect of this proposal's true goal, wouldn't it ?

Also also also-nya, um... is there a way to clarify the definition of clean energy anyhow ? This is just too vague, and with more advanced science we may find that what we thought in the past as clean energy, is, nyan... not clean? But less advanced countries will still use those clean-not-clean energies then.
Uuuhh thinking is hard~ (another Catgirl minister comes to replace the tired one, gone taking a nap)


The Matriarchy of Catgirls wrote:then they consider nuclear energy as clean, which is false

Despite the millenia or so needed for the nuclear byproduct to decompose, we currently consider it clean because it creates no greenhouse gases. Of course you could argue that the nuclear byproduct is wasteful and is therefore harmful to the environment but you could also argue that the other forms are just as detrimental if not more detrimental. For example Wind kills birds- lots of birds- Solar generate huge chemical waste post usage, and Hydro destroys ecosystems and habitable zones. Tidal and Geothermal are less destructive luckily.

However Geothermal and Tidal is terrain geologically restrictive for many nations and therefore cannot be the only options. As such despite the ecological impacts the other clean energies must be implemented and used in place of the former two. And nuclear energy is quite safe considering we store the byproduct in sealed secure concrete pits in the ground and we have many safeguards in place regarding the operation of nuclear reactors. However I do agree that the definition of clean energy is quite vague.

Rationallia, HAMASHO, and Catgirls

Well, nothing in the proposal actually forces member states to do anything. Even the requirement to "make good faith" in utilizing clean energy for nations with such resources already available doesn't seem to have much teeth. It's more of a suggestion than anything, which makes me dislike the whole "affects all businesses" part.

(While I personally have nothing in particular against it) The Hamashan government will vote against this proposal, as a matter of course; any resolution that is detrimental to industry will be seen as attacking vital state interests. After all, the Cult does not believe in climate change, just divine retribution.

Post self-deleted by Nomalus.

The Grand Admiral of Nomalus, Isaac Brock Fleming, wishes to inform the region of Anime that he has published the first Nomalan factbook pertaining to the Seventh Council of Nomalus which you may read if you choose to. However be warned that the factbook is quite dry and really doesn't help you understand the Federation of Nomalus. Thank you for your time.

Eien no White

I wonder if anyone else has had a problem with issues having completely arbitrary and/or contradictory effects. Somehow giving tax breaks for corrupt business leaders reduces national wealth inequality by half...? I should probably stop answering issues while my stats aren't completely screwed up.

It looks like I'm moving. But I need funds. SO I started a campaign. It's not working, so I'll have to think of something else. I'm selling my clothes, too.

WA News, "Oops, Try Again, Again, Again" Edition. The General Assembly resolution "Promotion of Clean Energy" was passed 11,743 votes to 3,897. We note that it appears to have had zero effect on our national stats, so there's that.

Now up for vote is a proposal on the "Explosive Remnants of War". Recall our earlier discussion of a proposed "Landmine Safety Protocol" (which ended up becoming General Assembly Resolution #356)? It was passed as a replacement for the defunct GAR #40, "The Landmine Convention". The current proposal is by the same author as GAR #356, and is intended to address an issue that was covered by GAR #40 but was not included in GAR #356, namely the subject of demining. Demining was a requirement under GAR #40, so this new proposal will set up a subcommittee to oversee demining operations to ensure they are safe and effective, and require nations with dangerous minefields to take steps to see that such areas are demarcated, quarantined, and effectively demined.

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