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'The genuine anarchist looks with sheer horror upon every destruction, every mutilation, of a human being, physical or moral. He loathes wars, executions and imprisonments, the crippling and poisoning of human nature by the preventable cruelty and injustice of man to man in every shape and form." Guy Aldred (1886 - 1963)

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21.The Emirate of YonokInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Power to the people”
22.The United Socialist States of Kqihtihndzh 2Left-wing Utopia“Semper disce”
23.The Federation of KanfigFather Knows Best State“Hail Raideron!”
24.The Triumvirate of The Terrible TamadaLeft-wing Utopia“Nothing enslaves more than the idea of freedom.”
25.The Free Land of New Age PeopleLeft-Leaning College State“Free!”
26.The Federation of Syndicalist SpainScandinavian Liberal Paradise“All To The Workingman!”
27.The Republic of La FrancaisePsychotic Dictatorship“Liberté, égalité, fraternité”
28.The Free Land of AdamslandWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“We do not sow blood”
29.The Oppressed Peoples of F1b0n4cc1Iron Fist Socialists“The1Numbers1Are2life3”
30.The Charming Rogue of Elaith CraulnoberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Come Try Me”
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And I think that's sufficient reason to vote in favor; it should be kept in mind that true liberation won't come solely from telling Westminster where to stick it, is all. Folks reading this by and large know that already; but it's easy to get all swept up together in the glamorous prospect of "independence" while some of your neighbors have a completely different idea what that should look like.

Never mention the war, but I experienced in the Bora-Bora mountains what 'a completely different idea' of what "independence" should look like among neighbours can lead to.
That is not a very appealing view for the future.
I do believe this independence feelings among Scotish, Flemish, Catalan people might have a certain legimity.
The discussions however have dangerous nationalists components involved.
Nationstate issues that are not from this time and that are way of from the issues that really matter like rising income inequality, exclusion of millions, even billions of people, the elimination of species of plants and animals, the removal of mountaintops up to fracking and all that unbelievable things happening.

Would you care to point out the "dangerous nationalists" components in the debate, YoriZ? As an outsider I'm afraid I just don't see it. Everything I've read has to do with objecting to the general direction of UK politics and society, and wanting to make a decisive break with that because it has been disastrous for Scotland. That doesn't seem like nationalism to me as much as it seems like a basic drive for self-preservation and self-determination - principles which I can strongly get behind. Nationalism may be anathema to anarchism, but autonomy certainly is not - and from my transatlantic perspective the referendum's debate seems to be about autonomy.

While I don't like to generalize about national groups, I will say that the Scots in general seem like sensible people who understand that independence, in and of itself, is not a panacea for their problems; however, they recognize that it is a necessary first step. How can you move forward as a society when the decisions about which way to turn are being made by somebody else?

Interesting thoughts. I currently live in Scotland and until about two weeks ago felt confident that the "No" vote would prevail. I'm not so sure now. Independence would certainly be accompanied by a host of logistical issues, but I feel that as a independent nation Scotland would be unlikely to have the Tory government (well Coalition) that runs the UK. Also, the "Better Together" campaign has struggled to present a persuasive argument.

Procyonida, like you, I thought the "no" vote would be the result. After the past few days though, it's all up for grabs. Some interesting points made here. YoriZ, it's true there are some nationalist eejits in Scotland (probably more in the British "Queen & country" camp). Most people in Scotland are not necessarily anti-english, just anti english westminster/tory overlordship. How ridiculous that a country (England) who voted for the tories, can decide on Scotland's future. Like New Sade wrote, this is more about increased autonomy (at least as much as capitalism allows). Scotland tends to be left of centre in it's political allegience, generally usually being at odds with how England has voted.

It's typical that Westminster is concerned about the "West Lothian Question", which is, Scottish MP's voting on issues which only affect England, yet they see no problems about predominantly English MP's deciding on issues that affect Scotland. At present we have nuclear bases in Scotland. In the event of independence, Scotland would have no nuclear capability. In turn this would place pressure on the Westminster Parliament as to whether to remain a nuclear power or not.

Scottish politicians will make as many mistakes as the Westminster mob, but at least in Scotland you wouldn't need to travel 400 or more miles to voice your displeasure, useful if you're on a low income.

Not to interrupt the Scottish self-rule discussion, but should we try to build more embassies in regions our refugees are likely to have fled to? If some countries settled elsewhere and aren't necessarily up on the news of our return to self-rule, they might see notice of embassy construction and want to return. I'm thinking regions like The Internationale, Democratic Socialist Assembly, The Moon, The Rejected Realms... Before the occupation we had more than twice as many countries here; a populous Anarchy is an Anarchy capable of spreading our ideas farther afield, to more people. I have no interest in active recruiting (though won't argue with anyone who does), but embassies ought to return some of our influence, esteem, and pride, no?

Philosophy 115 was an old friend that was highly sympathetic during the invasion and subsequent occupation; we should definitely reach out to them. Unless I'm mistaken there's still a few refugees there as well.

Also pertinent (albeit closer to doctrinaire neo-Marxist perspective, but hey):

That is a great article, Marxist overtones or no.

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