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"All things for all men, since all men have need of them, since all men worked to produce them in the measure of their strength, and since it is not possible to evaluate everyone's part in the production of the world's wealth... All is for all!" Kropotkin (1842 - 1921)

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Anarchy contains 101 nations, the 116th most in the world.

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Nations ranked highly pursue diplomatic solutions rather than military ones in the international arena, have small or nonexistent militaries, and peace-loving citizens.

As a region, Anarchy is ranked 883rd in the world for Most Pacifist.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Free Land of SintropiaWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Simple is good”
12.The Community of Irontown IIWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“What exactly are you here for?”
13.The Matriarchy of HhevsitwasaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Just get the stuff done and stop whining!”
14.The Hella Queer Anarchy of MeryumaCivil Rights Lovefest“Vitam in libertam philosophia nostrum est”
15.The Libertarian Socialist Nation of Echelon StateWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Provehito In Altum”
16.The Free Land of Djiripin KoolangkaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Freedom from the idiocracy”
17.The Free Land of The MeerkatsLeft-wing Utopia“Meerkats don't need no god!”
18.The Commune of FrisberglandLiberal Democratic Socialists“Iuj por Ĉiuj”
19.The Creeping Celestial Vault of Sun and Moon and StarsWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“No gods; No kings”
20.The Free Territory of Christian AnarchistsCivil Rights Lovefest“Our rule is the works of mercy”
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Anarchy Regional Message Board

Here is a revised draft (#2): Repeal "Minimum Standard of Living Act:"


This revision adds a clause concerning the necessity of basic health care, and significantly pares down the critique of Parts 4.b and 4.c., hopefully utilizing more palatable language while still (hopefully) capturing the basic gist. The Multitude is still open to removing this critique if still deemed necessary.

Trimming that section down was actually an excellent idea. Keeping each critique down to one or two important points makes the draft appear much more compact and clean.

The Multitudinous Singularity, having conducted a nationwide referendum from 9/24/15 1:08:00.00 UTC to 9/24/15 1:08:00.256 UTC (N=4.124 billion), has further amended and approved a candidate final version of GA Draft Proposal: Repeal "Minimum Standard of Living Act:"


The critique of Parts 4.b. and 4.c. in "Minimum" have been entirely removed, as general opinion amongst the Multitude concluded that these were actually fairly weak points. The Multitude is satisfied with this version.

Pending any additional comment by Anarchy, the Multitude is prepared to present the Draft to the General Assembly Forum for additional input and discussion.

Comrades! The Greater German Reich has been invaded by various anti-fascist regions under the banner of the glorious The Red Fleet! Let us make this invasion the biggest show of Antifa unity Nationstates ever saw! I request all of you to send WA puppets to the Greater German Reich and to endorse the delegate The Red Fleet Chess Pigeons of Seditia! Death to Fascism!

The Multitude, having observed the....quality of the latest "Repeal: Minimum Standard of Living Act" proposal, submitted directly to the WA Delegates with no attempt to draft or discuss in the great forum of the General Assembly first, and decided We couldn't take it anymore.

As such, the Multitude has submitted its draft repeal proposal to the forum of the General Assembly for discussion and critique:


Please be assured that the Multitude continues to value greatly any insight that Anarchy can provide, and We encourage everyone to contribute with a critical eye to absolutely ensuring the greatest good for the most economically vulnerable. Such must be the first and highest mission.

Post self-deleted by Renewed Dissonance.

Post self-deleted by Renewed Dissonance.

We don't know if anyone of Anarchy has been following the debate of the draft proposal "Repeal: Minimum Standard of Living:"


We have encountered a curious line of debate from the opposition, and are interested in opinions or strategies to counter it.

Opponents of repeal defend the "good faith interpretation" clause of "Minimum" (to wit, Part 5), noting that this is the best that can be expected since those Member States that seek to avoid compliance will find any possible means of doing so anyway.

This strikes Us as a sort of inverse-National Sovereignty argument.

In our observation, most arguments along the lines of "this proposal violates our national sovereignty!" are strongly rejected (or are even expressly illegal per the rules of the World Assembly, if used to argue against an established resolution as in a Repeal proposal).

And yet, the general argument for exception, opt-out, and "good faith" clauses, that "nations will do what they want anyway," seems to invoke the same sort of logic. At any rate, the responses to "we don't have to do what you say!" and "we can't really demand that they do what we say" is the same:


States which don't want to comply should resign from the World Assembly (the standard [and valid] response to NatSov arguments), and, likewise, if states are not actually required to comply with established resolutions, all nations should resign since all resolutions are without authority, intent, or really any point.

So, a question: why is NatSov met with such strong (and valid) resistance, while inverse-NatSov seems to enjoy legitimacy? The Multitude is genuinely perplexed here.

Post self-deleted by Renewed Dissonance.

"Yeah, so screw it.

"Having observed the manner in which many various esteemed members of the General Assembly speak and refer to each other in the course of their 'debates...'

(OOC: including examples of how their abhorrent behavior carries over into real-life and out-of-character discussions, not infrequently aimed at new players who at least try to post in the forum and participate in the expected manner. And its not just me saying it either: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=355215&p=26144944#p26144944 ...)

"...the Multitude have decided that We are no longer interested in anything to do with the 'august' institution called the World Assembly. It appears that many, if not most, nations present consider it little more than a yelling echo chamber occupied less by the processes of diplomacy, and more by swashbuckling pirates.

(OCC: ...I mean seriously, the "strangers bar" is absurd. If diplomats actually behaved in any way remotely like that, the entire surface of the Earth would have been smooth glass long ago. What nonsense...)

" such, the Multitude have decided that it has better things to do. We have withdrawn our resolutions, and have withdrawn from the World Assembly.

"An institution dedicated to the cause of passing 'resolutions' with no actual expectation of compliance, such that states can point and show how special they are while nothing actually happens or changes, all while treating everyone and everything like s**t...

(OOC: ...and not just in-character, either. I think I mentioned that already. "Good faith" indeed...)

" well below us.

"At any rate, the argument over the current resolution at vote (AND the resolution it seeks to repeal) in the General Assembly, as well as the carry over of the 'Strangers Bar' nonsense into the Security Council resolution-at-vote demonstrates the absurdity of that most ridiculous, obscene, and pointless of institutions.

"When We log onto the main home page of the World Assembly and view the summary of its current state and affairs, 4.278 billion voices laugh out loud in perfect unison.

"Thank you for that, at least."

Wow, that Ynny Psychotic Dictatorship is really an example that something is really wrong...

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