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"All things for all men, since all men have need of them, since all men worked to produce them in the measure of their strength, and since it is not possible to evaluate everyone's part in the production of the world's wealth... All is for all!" Kropotkin (1842 - 1921)

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11.The United Republic of NarintiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Free, fair, united”
12.The Empire of Katerina di RussiaFather Knows Best State“All slaves”
13.The Heirs of MagnoxAnarchy“Dawn of The Diamond Age”
14.The Empire of Field OptimizerCapitalist Paradise“Warning: suboptimal fields will turn into voids”
15.The Rogue Nation of The Peoples Confederacy of Rusty ThingsCivil Rights Lovefest“Nulli dei, nulli domini”
16.The Nomadic Peoples of The Forbidden PlateauAnarchy“By what right can you say, this is mine and not yours?”
17.The Republic of KoochichingAnarchy“Lac a la Pluie”
18.The Anarchie of BreinCivil Rights Lovefest“No!”
19.The Free Land of Yixz33Civil Rights Lovefest“Freedom For All”
20.The Empire of American KhansFather Knows Best State“The cities razed, and the riches ours”
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Post self-deleted by Irontown II.

Post self-deleted by Irontown II.

The Multitudinous Singularity of Renewed Dissonance wrote:Sorry for the delayed response; I never argue philosophy while sober (such is extemely unsafe) and, unfortunately, my tastes are expensive. Now that this proletarian has saved up a bit, let us continue:
Variation in intellectual capacity (to wit, "intelligence") is precisely why capacity for suffering is the better standard. The ability to reason cannot be the basis of moral status, as then infants, children, and the intellectually disabled may be tortured and murdered with impunity. Nevermind non-humans. Moral relativism also leads to this horror, and my response to that case, as expressed in a post long ago, remains: FU*KING NEVER.
So, humans and non-humans are instead morally relevant to the extent that they can be made to suffer. In this state of equality it necessarily follows that humans do not automatically prevail merely because they are human (or, human supremacy must be rejected). But it must also necessarily follow that non-humans do not automatically prevail either (non-human supremacy must also be rejected).
Therefore, it cannot be *always* wrong to use non-humans for human purposes. For instance, I think equine-derived vaccines, benefiting humans and non-humans alike, are ethically defensable (where great care is normally and reasonably taken to ensure the welfare of the equine in question to the greatest extent possible, of course.)
It's my impression that "animal liberation" is frequently a cover for non-human supremacy. I must reject this position not only because it is indefensable by reason, but also because it creates a safe space for supremacy of any sort. Including that of homo sapiens.

I kept noticing horrible typos on my part and had to delete this twice :D
Yes, of course the ability to reason should not determine moral status. All of these groups matter for their own sake, have the right not to be violated by others and have the right to have their interests represented (I would say they have more of a moral claim on others to represent/consider their interests, since they have a limited ability to do it themselves.) I was specifically talking about moral agency, or their ability to make moral judgements, act based on these moral judgements and be accountable for them. I was saying that these groups are not full moral agents but that they are moral patients. All moral agents are also moral patients, but moral patients are not necessarily moral agents. My only point there was that being human does not automatically make one a moral agent, the ability to reason does. The ability to feel or to experience the world in some way makes one a moral patient, a being worthy of moral consideration who should have rights. By the way, I would say that if a being could have their own experiences, but was not capable of suffering, they might still have preferences and those preferences should be given some consideration. I'm thinking about possible future AI. I would say a being morally matters if they either feel or experience the world.
As to us having the right to use horses to create our vaccines, the horses cannot agree to be used or harmed in this way. It is a violation of their rights. Subjecting humans to nonconsensual testing would also violate their rights. I don't think that this is inconsistent at all. Another feeling being does not exist for us to use, they exist for their own purpose an have their own inherent value. They have the right not to be violated, viewed as an object or used as a tool. I believe that all feeling beings are entitled to these rights (including humans of course). This does not support any sort of nonhuman supremacy. If we were going to apply your stance with equality, humans could also be used to test vaccines for horses. I do think that once a vaccine has been created (particularly if it has great social benefit) it should continue to be used, even if it was created unethically. That does not mean that I think we should continue to use animal testing though.

The Federation of Vertway wrote:So you must be homosexual ;]

Uh... well, it's a little more complicated than that, but let's call it homosexual indeed.

Hi workers, I'm back just so they don't delete my country. Hope you like it. visite my u tube user Tomdeargentina if you like suggestions.

There resides the greatest issue : how can we bring equality rights to both humans and animals... Under an anarchist system ? Some people would claim that it can only be brought by policies and enforcement THROUGHT the state. And so, we must find some points where where animal rights were not brought by it, but rather by independant citizens. It is true that every single culture of resistance was not brought by a government (obviously). This is why veganarchists should continue their work (even if most of them are becoming extinct for some reasons...) in order to show people that individuals get pissed by our current state of obedience, but are not willing to demand a surplus on their salary or whatsoever ; but rather take direct action for animals' liberty, rights and life.

The day when chickens, cows, pigs and turkeys will not be seen as property anymore, people would have realized that they are part of something bigger and much precious, if you already know what I mean (*kuf kuf! Ecosphere... Kuf kuf!).

Politicians tend to do what the general opinion tells them to do. But if they think from the scale of a four years mandate, their actions will be surely forgotten under a pile of issues. If there was a human project behind that, there would not be this political chaos we're living now, and people would be more concerned on the future of their country rather than their own future.

American Khans

Animals, like some others, have a a very limited ability to represent themselves. They're not going to be organizing and fighting for their rights. Their interests mostly have to be represented by others. The law sometimes has a welfarist language to it and grants some animals (the large and beautiful ones, the ones that we see as our pets) little acts of mercy. Even then it sees them as resources or property to be preserved, not as beings with rights. Governments have been the primary enforcers of a social policy towards other animals that treats them as property. Factory farms (and other businesses/institutions) put this policy into practice. Legal policies have so far not brought animals any rights at all, just some little acts of mercy for some of the societally favored animals. Mostly the law has harmed them. Social anarchy is based on concepts of freedom and equality. Now, animals can be excluded from this by social anarchists, but if they were going to apply their own philosophy with equality they would not violate any being who has experiences or who feels. Violence and objectification are the ultimate expressions of domination, and we literally see animals as objects and are systematically violent to them. Anarchism is opposed to domination. Since you can't treat property with equality and property can't have freedom, the state is already an enemy to animals. Never underestimate people's inability to recognize normalized brutality as brutality though, including anarchists.

We are all a part of our ecosphere, humans and other animals alike. We tend to affect it more than others do, but all animals impact their own ecosphere. That said, we have caused many animals to be born who would not be able to survive by themselves if they were released. Many chickens can't even stand by themselves, all farm animals have lived their whole lives in captivity, etc. Also, there's just too many of them. Some use the fact that we cause them to be created to imply that this makes it OK to use them, which sucks. Creating someone does not mean that you then have the right to do whatever you want with that being (a decent person would not make this argument for a parent and child for example) it rather means that you have the most responsibility for lives that you create or who are the most dependent on/vulnerable to you. I'm saying that although they are a part of the ecosystem in a way, they cannot be released into wilderness.

Politicians tend to do what large corporations want them to do more than anything else, although sometimes they listen to their constituents... Corporations are also pretty good at manipulating people's attitudes, so overall they're mostly getting what they want.


Hello to you all. It's Lumpy, your favorite lumpenprole, a potheaded anti-work post-left psycho-egoist and -hedonist anarchomaniac, among other things. Ancom, anfem, anprim, anqueer but above all an anarcho-individualist, illegalist, amoral, irreligious, nihilist, blah blah yadda yadda yadda. In short, a reliever of invisible burdens.

Do not work.

Take all the drugs.


That's my advice for you. Pay reverence to my word, anarbros. 8)


>We've all heard of the idea of a minimalistic form of government. It is obviously strongly liberal, libertarian and capitalistic. Like Ron Paul so-says that it is his goal to establish one, few people eventually came with the possibility of a socialist minimalistic state. Very few books have been written on the subject ; redistributing wealth (or eventually the surplus) without violating the rights of individual autonomy. I would like to hear your opinions on it.

Is this region more anarcho-communist or anarcho-capitalist?

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