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"All things for all men, since all men have need of them, since all men worked to produce them in the measure of their strength, and since it is not possible to evaluate everyone's part in the production of the world's wealth... All is for all!" Kropotkin (1842 - 1921)

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Anarchy contains 78 nations, the 145th most in the world.


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The Most Primitive in Anarchy

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed solely to the unknowable will of the gods.

As a region, Anarchy is ranked 14,929th in the world for Most Primitive.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Protectorate of X-Compulsory Consumerist State“You cant be late until you show up.”
2.The Free Land of GalaheWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Neque Rex, neque Reginae, nec Dominus, nec Magister!”
3.The Stumbling Corpse of Ghost of Sid ViciousAnarchy“I Did It Myyyyyyy Waaaaaay!!!!!!!”
4.The Ascended Realm of Archen FederationFather Knows Best State“DEATH! DEATH! BRING THEM DEATH!”
5.The Community of LiberdemoCivil Rights Lovefest“It's better to die than to live on your knees”
6.The Free Land of Anarchy InternationalCivil Rights Lovefest“No gods, no masters.”
7.The Community of The Christian MafiaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Anarchy Under God”
8.The Sorrow of I am Jacks Broken HeartLiberal Democratic Socialists“You met me at a very strange time in my life.”
9.The Kingdom of DovakibgWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Follow the Dova”
10.The Confederacy of MeowitopiaLeft-Leaning College State“Worship teh kitty”
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The Anarchist Confederation of Anarchadom wrote:I found your dispatch very interesting and I can even agree with you (still very skeptical with anarcho-capitalism, already saw a bunch of them online acting against women, and that degraded their reputation inside my head)

Just curious about how you think the federation's military would work ideally (cuz' I understand it would depend on a free agreement between the federation's members).

Do note that there are two kinds of anarcho-capitalists. There are right-wing, culturally conservative anarcho-capitalists who see anarchism as inherently capitalist, then there are ancaps that reject the left-right spectrum, are very similar to post-left anarchists and advocate voluntaryism in a way that includes all forms of anarchism. You probably saw the former, who are Molyneux-lovers; most ancaps on NS are the latter. In fact, a short-lived thread was started on the General forum about uniting all anarchists under voluntaryist principles.

It would only be called up when the entire federation is threatened (like invasion or a rising state, like in my hypothetical), and would have, like most anarchist armies throughout history, democratically elected officers. It would also be a volunteer army, obviously. Conscription is a very authoritarian value.

The Anarchist Confederation of Anarchadom wrote:-snip-

Thanks for the feedback.

The Anarchist Confederation of Anarchadom wrote:Hope you get better Natapoc ;)

Hey Lilhavanaboys, everybody's welcome at Anarchy if they respect the principle of freedom [from opression, not just from the state] in the region :)

Thank you very much for the welcome, sir. And I am curious, are there any actual anarchists here or in NationStates? I am an anarchist IRL.

The Anarchist Confederation of Anarchadom wrote:Spanish Civil War? (History repeating itself?)

I'd argue the Kurdish resistance against ISIS is our closest moder analogue to the Spanish civil war - I think the erstwhile Marx-Leninist PKK's embrace of Murray Bookchin's ideas of communalism is quite interesting, and their militia to me at least is reminiscent of the CNT. And I think that ISIS poses a threat that is at least analogous to fascism within the MENA region.

As far as SYRIZA goes, I hope they continue to stick to their principles.


Post self-deleted by New Sade.


Hello, I would like to say the embassy is complete!

Post self-deleted by Warning Shots.

Hey guys. Anyone around from 8-4 years ago? I see Seeya's still active, but no longer posting daily updates...

I was also here as Third York and Morgan Freeman Penguin.

I'm just getting lazy. Doing most of my posting on now instead xD

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