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Most Nations: 128th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,106th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,404th+7
Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 1,472nd Largest Black Market: 1,536th Fattest Citizens: 1,884th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,986th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,998th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 2,039th Most Avoided: 2,058th
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Ainur is a constitutional monarchy with a very vibrant community which is based around our forums. You can join them by Linkclicking here. Once there, you can take part in our roleplays, forum games, and much more! Don't delay, sign up today!

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The King: Augustus Telcontar
The Crown Prince Crushita

The Co-Regents: Escanthea and The Gunslinger Girl

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    The Chronic, Edition 4---News of Ainur

    BulletinNews by Caligulas reich . 241 reads.

Embassies: Glass Gallows, The New Galactic Empire, Kantrias, The Alliance of Queens, Normandy, The New Inquisition, Europeia, The Graveyard, The Caucasus, Kingdom of Ireland, Caliba, Grand Central, Equinox, Wintreath, Pax Britannia, Solid Kingdom, and 15 others.Osiris, The Free Nations Region, Asia United, Dreamia, The Grand Alliance of Nations, Westphalia, New Ausozera, Vanet, Unmoderated, Agora, The Western Isles, Rossferry, APSIA, Singapore, and Union of Free Nations.

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Regional Power: High

Ainur contains 104 nations, the 128th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Crime Rates in Ainur

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

As a region, Ainur is ranked 4,168th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

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Ainur Regional Message Board

The Constitutional Kingdom of The Danish Confederacy wrote:Following new legislation in The Danish Confederacy, the adult unemployment rate nears 100% as all available jobs have been filled by young children.
1 year olds in the NS stats (not canon. Only Ainur Forum is canon) have been spotted in coal mknes.

The Holy Empire of Nargothond wrote:I agree that the Panther was the best tank in the war. I also agree Britain would have lost the war in the skies almost instantly.
If Germany had had the A-bomb (which it would have, if it had had a couple extra years), it would also have had rocketry of some description. Since the war would have dragged on, we would have seen nuclear warfare and a pretty insane death toll (no, 65 million isn't insane, it's just huge). Hitler was also one of the idiots stupid enough to fire the damn things and if (I'm saying if) he had let his engineers do their jobs instead of demanding that his Ural bombers could dive-bomb (making then 3 tons heavier and thus no longer Ural bombers) he would have had a delivery mechanism from the very first bit of nuclear weapon-making. Within two years, I suspect both would have been using the now improved flying bombs to nuke each other. Europe and Ameria would lie in ruins, Russia would be irradiated just by wind, let alone fallout, Asia would be mostly okay, but with noone left to fight them, the Japanese (even if they'd nuked Japan itself, there would be tons left on the mainland. They sent millions and millions there) would start ethnically cleansing the entire population of China and Korea. We are left in a world with 3 inhabitable continents, 1 (or 2 if Russia managed to survive somehow) major superpower(s) and a lot of dead people.
We could even have had a new cold war, between Russia and Japan except this time, both parties would already have largely radioactive countries. Nothing turns a war cold more than a nuclear winter...

The Germans wouldn't have won the air battle over Britain because it was over six months before operation barbarossa began. Even assuming the Germans decided to keep at it and direct all their forces to the western front (unlikely due to Hitler's paranoia) America would enter the war a year later, and I have my doubts that Hitler could conquer Britain in a year. Also, the German Nuclear Weapons program didn't have a problem with delivery, it had a problem with MAKING A BOMB. The Nazi bureaucracy was so politicized and corrupt that the program was under constant mismanagement, politicization of academia drove out most competent German physicists. You're completely delusional if you think the Nazis could have realistically developed any kind of atomic bomb within a reasonable timespan.

Hey Nargy!
I found your Silmarils!

Dos Linuos

The United Kingdoms of Danceria wrote:Hey Nargy!
I found your Silmarils!

Wars have been started for less, Onii-san.

Also, don't ever call Elrond an elf again. He's barely half-elvish (filthy Half-breeds *Umbridge intensifies*)

The Holy Empire of Nargothond wrote:Wars have been started for less, Onii-san.
Also, don't ever call Elrond an elf again. He's barely half-elvish (filthy Half-breeds *Umbridge intensifies*)

Leeeel *Danceria rejoices in the opportunity to poke fun at Elves*

Dos Linuos

The Holy Empire of Nargothond wrote:Wars have been started for less, Onii-san.
Also, don't ever call Elrond an elf again. He's barely half-elvish (filthy Half-breeds *Umbridge intensifies*)

Delores Umbridge?

I love how NS says I'm an "Inoffensive Centrist Democracy". I may be Centrist, but I am the most Offensive democracy in Ainur.

Dos Linuos

I assume he meant 'umbrage'.

The Constitutional Kingdom of The Danish Confederacy wrote:Delores Umbridge?

Oviously I meant Dolly.

The Holy Empire of Nargothond wrote:Oviously I meant Dolly.

-high fives-

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