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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Holy Empire of Augustus Telcontar (elected 122 days ago)

Founder: The Pax Augusta of Eldarion Telcontar

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Welcome to Ainur!

Ainur is a constitutional monarchy with a very vibrant community which is based around our forums. You can join them by Linkclicking here. Once there, you can take part in our politics, our roleplays, forums games, and much more! Don't delay, sign up today!

Ainur's Current Government
The King: Augustus Telcontar

The Steward: CharlieSheenland
Speaker of the Senate: Ser Jorah Mormont
Chief Justice: Pax Notem

Want to take part in our government? Make sure to Linkregister on the forums, and Linkapply for citizenship. The whole process only takes a few minutes!

WA members, please endorse our new WAD, Augustus Telcontar. Everyone else, join the WA and do so!

Embassies: Glass Gallows, The New Galactic Empire, British Isles, Kantrias, The Alliance of Queens, SPACE, Normandy, The New Inquisition, Europeia, The Graveyard, The Caucasus, A Blank Canvas, Kingdom of Ireland, Caliba, and Aura Hyperia.

Tags: Enormous, Offsite Forums, Role Player, Imperialist, Social, Regional Government, and Game Player.

Regional Power: High

Ainur contains 151 nations, the 68th most in the world.


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The Best Weather in Ainur

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Ainur is ranked 13,731st in the world for Best Weather.

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The Issue

A recent boom in Sector ZYX's slave trade has uncovered the work of slave liberation group, Friends of Spartacus, who are purchasing slaves by the hundred in order to set them free. As a result of this huge increase in demand, slavers have had to resort to raiding the poorer regions of Sector ZYX for more 'stock'.


"Abolish the what, now?" asks Margaret Cohen, a wealthy slaveholder. "Have you any idea how important our sla- er... merchandise, is to Sector ZYX's economy? Without all this free labour, dozens of major industries would fall apart, and fine upstanding tradesmen such as myself would be sent straight to the poorhouse! If the government would see fit to invest in this highly lucrative business, we could import our product from abroad to meet demands instead of trading in the dregs of our own populace. Problem solved!"

This is the position your government is preparing to adopt.

I am not surprised Mike.

The rmb is dead

Not any more!

Breath RMB! Breath!

The best in life: Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women. Eat all their ice cream.

You'd better be quick before it all melts though!

And get their clay.




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