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The King: Augustus Telcontar

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Chief Justice: Vacant

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    The Chronic, Edition 4---News of Ainur

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Embassies: Glass Gallows, The New Galactic Empire, British Isles, Kantrias, The Alliance of Queens, SPACE, Normandy, The New Inquisition, Europeia, The Graveyard, The Caucasus, A Blank Canvas, Kingdom of Ireland, Caliba, Grand Central, Equinox, and 12 others.Wintreath, Castle Black, The New Old South, Albardaea, The Confederacy, Kosovo, Polar Bears of the Sun, Samton, Scandinavian Allies, Ticazew, The Shadow Legion, and United Nations of YOLOSwag.

The embassy with A Blank Canvas is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 7 hours.

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Regional Power: High

Ainur contains 197 nations, the 58th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Primitive in Ainur

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed solely to the unknowable will of the gods.

As a region, Ainur is ranked 14,143rd in the world for Most Primitive.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
161.The Matriarchy of YsoldaWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“All are equal under mother homeland”
162.The Democratic Republic of IdealsLeft-wing Utopia“Truth is key”
163.The Grandfather Nation of TrifoilCapitalist Paradise“Nothing is too wonderful to be true”
164.The Stench in the Holy Nostrils of The Hunnish NationsCorporate Bordello“Hunny! I'm ho-ome!”
165.The Republic of RoninAtlantisAuthoritarian Democracy“Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”
166.The United States of AletianWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“We stand together”
167.The Kingdom of DarkplanetWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“Make tomorrow better than today”
168.The United Territories of ScootauffiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Burning Light Shines for all”
169.The Queendom of MountainshadeLiberal Democratic Socialists“I accept reality and dare not question it.”
170.The The Real Name is New Pazania of KidlantisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ad Maius Bonum ”
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Military training in the Hunnish Nations starts in the womb.

The Free Island Coalition of Thalasus wrote:snip

Oh, no, the majority of the analysis was concerning Pentagrian troop dispositions; about 70% of the Bermudan Pentagram's forces are from the various phases of the SPARTAN program, which has been ongoing since the '60s, with only minimal outcry, since the children taken would otherwise have been aborted or abandoned anyway, and the mothers received a 'finders fee' for their role in aiding recruitment. The Bermudan Pentagram does not believe in conscription of citizens, which is constitutionally safe, since SPARTANs are not citizens, nor do they receive citizenship until they muster out. This occurs theoretically at age 50, but for the most part has happened in practice due to medical disability.
Volunteers mostly serve in units separate from SPARTANs, though senior officer and NCO roles are filled solely by volunteers, as SPARTANs, apart from the experimental Phase 1 candidates, are only trained for the tactical, not strategic, environment, which makes them relatively ineffective in non-field roles. It can be noted that 3 of the 7 Generals heading the War Department are Phase 1 SPARTANs; however, training of that sort was deemed too expensive and time consuming, even for the fairly liberal budgets the War Department has available, except for those designated for Special Forces and Special Weapons, both departments which are exclusively made up of SPARTANs, including the entirety of the officer and NCO corps.
SPARTAN youths (lasting until age 14, after which the hormone supplements have created what are effectively adults in 99.78% of all cases), like females in most militaries, are generally restricted from front-line combat, though those with the suitable MOS serve as pilots, gunners, drivers, and various other roles that could theoretically involve contact. The ones who have been assigned a generically 'infantry' MOS are held back, largely due to the increased training requirements needed to operate combat exoskeletons, which are themselves being phased out in favor of powered armor.

The Stench in the Holy Nostrils of The Hunnish Nations wrote:Military training in the Hunnish Nations starts in the womb.

Also, damn, my DIs were bad enough by themselves, and my mother was bad enough by herself; I'd hate to imagine her being my DI.

The Nation's RP is under construction, but in the meantime you can join our other fine RPs;
-EXIT: an epic story of survival in a doomed world,
-Super: the adventures of real-life superhumans,
-Star Reaper: Space pirates. Need I say more?

Join today! And if you aren't satisfied with the RPs we have now and have a new idea for a RP, there's room to grow. Click on the link right here to get started:

The Pax Augusta of Eldarion Telcontar wrote:Morning Malachab! How are you today?

Well, it's evening now.

The Free Island Coalition of Thalasus wrote:Okay, first of all, taking children from orphanages in an institutionalized child soldier program is literally the least hippy thing I can think of. Secondly, having a SPARTAN program only for adults kinda ruins the point of a SPARTAN program.

bitch did u even buy halo 4?

The Revolutionary Monarchy of The Bermudan Pentagram wrote:The point of such a program is that the children are trained, from young, to live and breathe warfare. It promotes unit cohesion, aggression, discipline, and tactical acumen, and allows for much higher degrees of specialization and training than a force recruited from adults.
Moreover, learning is centralized, meaning the same ethics are taught, the same values are espoused, and the same standards of physical training are imposed.
It's the most practical, if least ethical, means of waging warfare, particularly since none of the ethical concerns or fears concerning NBRE weaponry are taught to the SPARTANs.

I will note that I understand where you're coming from, insofar as you're saying that since adults are physically more adept than children, your fighting forces will be superior; they can march longer, carry more, and generally physically outclass child soldiers.
You are, however, neglecting the fact that this is an era of force multipliers; how hard and fast you can swing a sword no longer correlates to the amount of damage you can do to an opposing force. Smaller operatives are actually a boon, since space within jets, tanks, and other vehicles can be restricted to bare minimums, lowering the profile and thus the odds of being hit, and allowing for such things as increased sloping on tank chassis, which does much more to promote survivability than simply adding more armor plating. Moreover, they are more able to maintain their equipment, since they can reach smaller areas.
Infantry are no longer the primary tools of waging war; they are the tools by which you hold ground. Materiel, in the form of tanks, IFVs, fighters, bombers, artillery, missiles, and, if necessary, WMDs, are the tools by which you break an opposing force.
Moreover, it's not like we throw these people away once they become adults. The end goal is adult soldiers; child soldiers are simply the larval stage before your final product, except for the fact that, having been trained since birth, they're not merely a drain on resources, but are combat-effective as well.

In addition, The Bermudan Pentagram remains avowedly neutral regarding any alliances of mutual defense in the region.
We will happily take your money and sell our weapons, technology, and tours of our lovely nation, but we will not be drawn into either FLOAT nor ADDO.
Moreover, we defer to the regional leadership represented by the various stripes of Telcontars in order to mediate any differences between said blocs.


These people have no idea what a spartan IV is.
>using human children in your armies
TOP LEVEL KEK. You losers don't even know how to clone people and upload killing machine data into their brains. Dirty peasants...

The Empire of Escanthea wrote:These people have no idea what a spartan IV is.
>using human children in your armies
TOP LEVEL KEK. You losers don't even know how to clone people and upload killing machine data into their brains. Dirty peasants...

Human cloning is possible but highly illegal in Thalasus. And we have the ability to edit memories, but we use it to treat mental disorders and PTSD.

And no, I haven't played Halo 4. Playstation/PC master race!

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