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Founder: The Holy Republic of Loud Mimes

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A community of vans down by the river, where we take pleasure in beautiful canals, spinning yard decorations, roaming gnomes, a stationary bike trail, and our collection of well-worn tire swings!

*Traffic reports on the hour and half-hour by our all-seeing sages in the sky*

Every July 18th is decreed to be Gonzo Day in AVDBTR, honoring the birthday of Hunter Thompson.

On September 12th, we celebrate the life of our late vanry solicitor The Hanging Judge.

We value our partnership with Monte Carlo Beach, but we don't form alliances, host or join embassies, so don't bother asking.

In fact, mind your Ps and Qs, or Gardyloo! to you!

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Tags: Small, Surreal, Featured, Sports, Silly, Casual, and Magical.

Regional Power: Moderate

A Van Down by the River contains 10 nations, the 1,294th most in the world.


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As a region, A Van Down by the River is ranked 9,864th in the world for Most Scientifically Advanced.

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Yesz they are hanging on my back porch. They might need to be sprayed off from my trip over to Judgie's to pick up the trash around his area - especially around the hammock. You would think he was visiting us! Oh it is especially muddy by MB's trash bins when I've used them, so that had added to the state of the waders.

Oh and Eva- your dream is slightly less confusing than my last one with Madame where we were all lounging about a Korean karaoke bar singing Danny's Song (Kenny Login's version). Too much night air for me!

Thanks Kibbie. It helps wading through all of the muck. Sometimes I just find it tiring.

About dream's -- funnily enough, I too had a dream about MB. Picture this. Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar. MB was Wesley Snipes character. MB was all up in her girly goo and strutting her stuff down the dusty roads of Mullholland getting into her Mini convertible. She had Babs tucked way in a child booster seat in the back. It was a rather odd sight, but then again, LA is rather odd.

The Psychic Tent of Madame-B wrote:Eva, that is a very significant dream. I will contact you psychically to explain - probably - what you already know.

*Madame B enters a trance*

Thank you, MB, for reaching me and offering a bit of clarity. But yes, I did understand many aspects of the dream, rather sadly. (Think Burt Bacharach) But it's not forever, darling, and time is becoming history with the speed of summer lightening.
I'm not much for transmitting, or at least I don't think I am, but I'm a hell of a receiver. I've always called it 'chatter' - the traffic on the psychic expressway. Sort of like hitting the 'seek' button for your car radio and having it search for a good, strong signal. In the meantime, all the stuff that isn't meant for you is picked-up in bits and pieces - a word here, a phrase there and some of it sounding backwards. But then, the seek stops and there's a voice you recognize - (your's MB - low, soft, thick) and the message is clearly for you. But only if you have the ability to take the on- ramp and travel the highway at all.
As I came away from the traffic, I saw three words very clearly:
Madrid, Cape Town and tourmaline. I walked to my desk and looked down at my email - I'd just (a minute before) received a message from the "Administrator of the South African Lottery Commission" telling me that I'd just won 4.6M in the daily lotto. :-D

What dreams that woman provokes! "Danny's Song" ?? (Maybe it's the "Pisces/Virgo rising is a very good sign" ;)
Mulholland Drive? (Makes me want to rent "Chinatown" - whatta movie!)
Maybe we should talk about dreams more often.
As for L.A. - odd doesn't describe it, in my book. I find it a city without soul, built on falsehoods, deceptive and dangerous. How so many smart, smart people choose it for their home is beyond me.

Happy Birthday Judgie. I know you're enjoying some Makers up in Heaven.

Three cheers for Judgie... hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!

Happy Birthday Judge!!

It's just pouring down, here. Perfect night to be indoors, close to the fire and feeling no pain, right?
Tonight - my place. Let's start at 6:00.

Le Menu ~

Goosnargh Game Pudding with Kale (organic, garden-fresh)
Lancashire Hotpot with Braised Cabbage (organic, garden-fresh)
Cheese and Onion Pie
Maker's Mark-Soaked Dark Chocolate Cake

Wainwright and Lancaster Bomber Ales
Maker's Mark Kentucky Bourbon (America's gift to the world!)

Darts, Dominoes and Billiards (I set-up a marquee in the back)

Xo Judgie

I light a candle for thee, Judge.

Eva, you missed something on Le Menu... fingerling potatoes. :p You HAVE to have fingerlings when MB is present.

Good old Judgie. Bless his cotton socks.

Oh, and 230 days ago.... Judgie posted this:


My house has the form of a cage
The sun passes his arm through the window
The hunters to my door as the p'tit soldiers who want
take me

* I do not want to work
I do not want lunch
I just want to forget
and then I smoked

Very Apt I must admit, and I always thought that Babs lived free as a bird....just goes to show that we do not know everything.

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