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A community of vans down by the river, where we take pleasure in beautiful canals, spinning yard decorations, roaming gnomes, a stationary bike trail, and our collection of well-worn tire swings!

*Traffic reports on the hour and half-hour by our all-seeing sages in the sky*

Every July 18th is decreed to be Gonzo Day in AVDBTR, honoring the birthday of Hunter Thompson.

We value our partnership with Monte Carlo Beach, but we don't form alliances, host or join embassies, so don't bother asking.

In fact, mind your Ps and Qs, or Gardyloo! to you!

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A Van Down by the River contains 11 nations, the 1,015th most in the world.


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11.The Promised Land of Eretz YisraelCorporate Police State“Promised Land”
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from the biography 'de Kooning : An American Master',
by Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan. Here, the authors
are talking about de Kooning, later in his life, when
he settled, and set up a studio, on the watery Eastern
side of Long Island:

"...he would bicycle across the sandy flats to the
shoreline. He liked to stare at the water; "it
reflects," he said, "while you are reflecting." The
aging painter would sometimes ask his daughter, "You
see that?" and point to the miraculous and constantlly
shifting effects of light and color. And then, still
staring at the water, he would raise his painting hand
and, with his thumb and one finger, draw the line
across the hoizon, releasing his breath in a gentle

To which THE HANGING JUDGE replied:

As the 'SSssssssssing' slowly died away the
transformation was completed and the slimy Cobra
reptile slid of the saddle and slithered into the
clumpy patchy grass bank of the sandy shoreline, he
was amazed at how quickly he could travel on his
belly..swishing and sliding from side to side in a
semi forward gait. He was hungry and desperate to
quench his craving for a tasty meal for he had not
eaten in this form for two days. The breeze gently
parted the tall blades of grass which were local to
this area and although the odd large beach pebble
hindered his movement occasionally, his hunger
propelled him forward, forked tongue darting in and
out between the embedded upright fangs of his lower
jaw smelling and tasting the air for a scent of
animal..his dinner if he could find it. As the
flattened head rose slightly above the level of the
grassy slope he stopped and the forked tongue quivered
with excitement...to his left a nesting sandpiper
resting on her newly laid eggs, three in total, was
casually taking in the evening air, he slithered
quietly on to within striking distance, careful not to
startle the bird for fear that she would call for her
mate, at last he was within reach and he hissssed, the
startled sandpiper lifted herself of the nest and flew
in circles calling her mate but it was too late, first
one egg was cracked and the contents swallowed with
the other two eggs suffering the same fate. Then as
the Sandpipers came at him, both flapping their wings
he slowly turned and headed back in the direction of
the bicycle hoping that he would keep stable till he
arrived there.....he had just transformed back into
the human shape when his daughter turned round and
said "See what daddy, all that has kept my attention
are those two sandpipers down there, screeching and
flying round in circles" de kooning burped, excused
his making of the loud noise and replied, "come child,
home we go for mother will have our supper on the
table when we arrive"

*passes tissue box to Spin*

PS.. Sorry to hear about your great uncle. :(

Born November 20, 1944 (Scorpio sun, Capricorn moon). 69 years :)

I think he would be proud of that number :)
He's almost a Sag and I a Scorpio, so we decided we were the same sign.

*Raises glass*
To all those friends who have travelled on, we salute you.

Death's a bitch. Eat, drink, have fun at every opportunity, and spend as much time with friends as possible. Love 'em but don't leave 'em, and let them know you love 'em.

Sorry to hear about your Great Uncle, Spin.

Good to see you Madame B! Someone should do an ecological survey on that baboon of yours ;)

It is with great sadness that The Hanging Judge aka Ormrod aka Blackpool Lights passed away in the early hours of 12th September. He has asked me to put this message to all his friends on PC Nation. Love Joan.

The Elegance and Divine Council of THE HANGING JUDGE wrote:It is with great sadness that The Hanging Judge aka Ormrod aka Blackpool Lights passed away in the early hours of 12th September. He has asked me to put this message to all his friends on PC Nation. Love Joan.

Thank you Mrs. Judge. We are all so very sorry to hear of Judge's passing. He will be truly missed here in the vanry and in real life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

How thoughtful he was to ask her to let everyone know. It's still not sunk in for me. His spirit loves on.


Hey Percy, will you change our region flag to this, if others think it's okay too?

Oh dear. Been fighting a virus the past few days. As much as I will have fond memories and smiles of our beloved Judge, I do have a heavy heart reading the news today.

I enjoyed comparing and contrasting American and British culture with him. His stern, yet fair judgement was appropriate. But for now, the flag is at half staff.

Wow - you go away for a few days and look what happens.
I told him not to eat that last meatball. ;)

What Pru said. Everything, in a nutshell.

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