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WA Delegate: The Hip 2 B Square of Percy J Pickleface (elected 75 days ago)

Founder: The Holy Republic of Loud Mimes

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A community of vans down by the river, where we take pleasure in beautiful canals, spinning yard decorations, roaming gnomes, a stationary bike trail, and our collection of well-worn tire swings!

*Traffic reports on the hour and half-hour by our all-seeing sages in the sky*

Every July 18th is decreed to be Gonzo Day in AVDBTR, honoring the birthday of Hunter Thompson.

We value our partnership with Monte Carlo Beach, but we don't form alliances, host or join embassies, so don't bother asking.

In fact, mind your Ps and Qs, or Gardyloo! to you!

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Tags: Small, Sports, Silly, Casual, Surreal, Featured, Password, and Magical.

Regional Power: Moderate

A Van Down by the River contains 10 nations, the 1,125th most in the world.


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As a region, A Van Down by the River is ranked 1,223rd in the world for Best Weather.

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A Van Down by the River Regional Message Board

But largest mining sector, judgie love.
More important I think :)

Judgie, being number in the vanry is a fleeting moment. Take that 15 minutes of fame and run with it. I missed the opportunity over the weekend, so you go and run. Enjoy being Top Dog in the vanry!

Now he is one upping us on the baskets.
Lord give us something man.

SpinDizzy has gone to that great van garage in the sky, apparently.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Gonzo Day!

Oopsies, but what can I say, they warned me :P

Hello dwarlings, as you can see I am in the middle today for shortest life span, I bless all those above me and wish them luck. Those below me can jump the queue if they so wish because I really do not mind being at the bottom....honest. SPIN "I'll be back Swazinegg" DIZZY never strays far and I suspect keeps her eyes on the region from a retail distance ;). And occasionally forgets she over runs her time on coffee breaks creating time lapses in her itinerary for us all to ponder over and. Think "where the hell is she now" but we have no reason to worry because with a couple of clicks she is back causing Mimes to get back into a regular breathing pattern and stop wiping the perspiration from his brow. :)

The all dis/incriminating one has been very quiet of late, maybe she is doing her garden or something or maybe she is on holiday with her delivery UPS van man but knowing EVA, there will be wine and all manner of goody food things involved somewhere down the line.

Finally, all my thoughts today are with the victims of the shot down Malaysian aircraft over Ukrainian airspace, one of them is from Blackpool where I live, he was a successful journalist working within the realms of TV and his job took him all over the world. Why did they all have to die, for what reason did they all die?
Can those who pulled the trigger answer these questions for me.

God bless the little ones for they know nothing about what goes on to full fill the ego's of power hunger in man.

Bushy's back - with good vibrations! She doesn't have as much time as she used to - coffee tables are selling like gangbusters.

I see some of the gals have their petticoats in a fluster - must mean Madame is back in town. ;) I hear she's back on the psychic circuit, pitching her tent in Oklahoma. Maybe the concentration of psychic energy can create a tornado!
i wonder if MB has changed in any way? Ya know, different hair, lipstick, maybe a beard? She's hairy enough, she could do it. I'll see her when she's in my neck of the woods - she has a heavy psychic connection in these parts.

Judge, I've been busy tying together loose ends - must've been a hundred. But we're packed and ready - going to "Corse" - to hike the goat paths, pick the lemons, dine on fresh sardines and drink the wine which was made at the farm where we're staying. I'm even gonna get to cook, a bit! All good - see you in August.
And Percy, thanks for picking up my mail!

Judgie, I'm finally beating you on something-rebellious youth. I think you already knew but it is good to see it in writing. :)

It will be good to see Madame. She is good for an evening of entertainment. I must think of a disguise.

Percy come sit with me in the hammock. Mimes would you like some pineapple before we turn it into Pina coladas?

Hello y'all's. I'm sorry I have been on much lately. I've been in User Help hell. Yesterday, Mr. Pickleface asked me how my day was. I responded, well dahling.. A new History button on one panel is new and I have a whole new help panel to document. None of the buttons are functional. Darn near had an axiety attack of $hi! That doesn't work. To which Mr. Pickleface said... The old far (cat) threw up all over the floor in kittens room. UGH!!

MB is in town? Whatchu talkin' bout Eva? Typically you can smell her when she's back in town. ;p

I'm off to the hammock. I need a break.

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