10000 Islands RMB 10000 Islands was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 30

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Island Republic of Markanite (elected 185 days ago)

Founder: The United States of Grub

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Founded in 2003!
Welcome to the 10000 Islands! We are a picturesque archipelago of islands renowned for our white-sand beaches and blue-green waves. This region is not only a prosperous center of culture & trade, but also a well-armed defense territory.

We warmly invite you to join our forum located LinkHERE using the name of your nation to register.

We are also home to "TITO" - Ten thousand Islands Treaty Organization - and have over 2000 successful missions to date! We stand against the bullies and thugs of this game. If you want to help us fight against the evil in NationStates, join us on our mission!

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Embassies: Texas, Yggdrasil, Urbanites, Renegade Islands Alliance, Canada, European Union, Wysteria, Mordor, Global Right Alliance, the Rejected Realms, Lazarus, The East Pacific, Philosophy 115, Deutschland, ITALIA, Nederland, and 6 others.France, India, Valhalla, Wintreath, Australia, and Middle Earth.

Tags: Democratic, Capitalist, Offsite Forums, Defender, Game Player, Map, Featured, Commended, Gargantuan, and Regional Government.

Regional Power: Extremely High

10000 Islands contains 1,129 nations, the 10th most in the world.


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The Largest Gambling Industry in 10000 Islands

As a region, 10000 Islands is ranked 17,074th in the world for Largest Gambling Industry.

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10000 Islands Regional Message Board

A sincere RIP message to the great Leonard Nemoy. Thank you for giving us a face to the iconic Spock. You shall always have a spot in the hearts of sci-fi lovers. * a moment's silence *

Going from a state where private industry was outlawed, to having 85.3% of the economy in private hands... Quite a transformation overnight :p

Luckily, EU and Eurovision are not really related. Yes we do have a resurgence of nationalism in just about every member nation, but that doesn't keep us from indulging ourselves in music and silly choreography once a year ;)

The EU needs some institutional reform!, though. Like, now!

Does anyone have a healthy ovum to donate to Sheldon Cooper?


Happy birthday to my nation! Free muffins for everyone ^^

Great-Bohemia and British Hifax

@ Anime Daisuki; The price for leaving the EU is too high for most mainstream european political parties (both left- and rightwing), so I doubt you'll see an end to the EU anytime soon. The Baltics, Nordics and most of the Central European countries are decently satisfied with the EU in general. The outliers are imo Britain, Greece and possibly Spain, all of whom host sizable, angry anti-EU sentiments among their populations, which in the case of Spain and Greece has a lot to do with their economic situation rather than just the EU itself. I don't think the mainstream parties in Britain really wants to leave the EU anymore than the political establishments elsewhere in the union, but they're harder pressed by anti-EU parties than most other member countries and leaving the EU would probably hurt them less than it would others, which is why I think that the EU will be open towards negotiating membership terms with Britain if it's felt that they might seriously consider leaving.

oh my god i log in for the first time in like a zillion years and suddenly theres this new ui and these banners and all these things


A lot can happen in a zillion years ;)

I thought a zillion was fictitious; not any fixed amount, just a word to mean a large number.

Just a reminder that today is the last day to sign up for the remainder of the Cross Regional Tennis Season.

Like the Cross Regional Winter Olympics about to start in Wysteria, the separate tennis competition is an opportunity to test your players' court skills against 8 NS Regions from ~50 different Nations. Don't miss out. Midnight, USA Eastern Time is the absolute deadline. You can still sign up in the forum at: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/29271/cross-regional-tennis-sign-comments

Hope to see you on the court! :)

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