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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Republic of Boltor (elected )

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Founded in 2003!
Welcome to the 10000 Islands! We are a picturesque archipelago of islands renowned for our white-sand beaches and blue-green waves. This region is not only a prosperous center of culture & trade, but also a well-armed defense territory.

We warmly invite you to join our forum located LinkHERE using the name of your nation to register.

We are also home to "TITO" - Ten thousand Islands Treaty Organization - and have over 2500 successful missions to date! We stand against the bullies and thugs of this game. If you want to help us fight against the evil in NationStates, join us on our mission.

Please endorse our new Delegate,The Republic of Boltor...

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    10000 Islands Emissary Report 10/16

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    Featured nation 10/16: Velzyna

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    10000 Islands FAQ

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    WA Votes and Discussions

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    New XKI Rift Banners

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    RMB Rules

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Embassies: Texas, Yggdrasil, Renegade Islands Alliance, Canada, European Union, Wysteria, Mordor, Global Right Alliance, the Rejected Realms, The East Pacific, Philosophy 115, Deutschland, ITALIA, Nederland, France, India, and 20 others.Valhalla, Wintreath, Australia, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, Spiritus, Lazarus, Europe, The FRA, The North Pacific, belgium, 00000 A World Power, The Western Isles, Middle Earth, Arctic, Urbanites, St Abbaddon, International Northwestern Union, Greater Dienstad, Hogwarts, and Taijitu.

The embassy with belgium is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Regional Power: Extremely High

10000 Islands contains 2,358 nations, the 11th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in 10000 Islands

World Census experts tracked millions of international tourists in order to determine the world's favourite nations to sight-see.

As a region, 10000 Islands is ranked 6,033rd in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Just of TzoLiberal Democratic Socialists“For Mercy and Justice”
2.The Pristine Protectorate of SeranisNew York Times Democracy“Perseverance in preservation”
3.The Anarchy of BlogotopiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Bite Me”
4.The Island of CyreneanLiberal Democratic Socialists“Your Government cares so you don't have to”
5.The Republic of AchiotopiaDemocratic Socialists“All your bodies are belong to us!”
6.The MostGloriousPeoplesRepublic of The Blessed and Almighty BogDemocratic Socialists“Destroying demons is good, killing people is bad.”
7.The Zombie Burrow of HamtownNew York Times Democracy“Squeak!”
8.The Free Society of KokkinostanLeft-wing Utopia“Equality and Unity”
9.The Republic of TestaLeft-wing Utopia“Prediction is difficult, especially about the future”
10.The Something or the other of RandomainCivil Rights Lovefest“You win some, lose some, all the same to me”
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Poll called by The Empire of Ater Nox

Voting opened 1 day 5 hours ago and will close . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “Have you ever been very good at studying?”“Do you use factbooks on your nation?”

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10000 Islands Regional Message Board

The Undead Hordes of the of GolgariSwarm wrote:The swarm is coming and it will not matter if the Boros legion or orzhov church attempts to stop it no one can
Except blue mages
Stupid cyclonic rift
(This is all an elaborate mtg reference so I'm not a complete lunatic.... Not completely)

I... I understood everything

BNL Corporation

The Geniocratic Septumviric of Hellazar wrote:I... I understood everything

At least someone does

The pain of grindng out their resources and recurring yours and when you are about to win the bounce everything back and proceed to win

This is also why I hate playing against surrak

The Undead Hordes of the of GolgariSwarm wrote:But they government doesn't like that we like to have money so they give money to people who spend our money on drugs and alcohol while we will have To work till we are 80 and hope we have money for retirement
Also in my previous I was silenced for trying to wake the hapless populace
The green/blacks have my back tho

That doesn't seem right... at least here you're free to make money how ever you want without any regulation!
That doesn't seem right either... hmm...

The Federal Dominion of Brandeis wrote:I just allowed the homeless and jobless to claim abandoned factories and work them. Not only did my economy drop a level... my rich income dropped by $400,000. $400,000! Unbelievable. My poor capitalists.

That's a tragedy! If that happens to us, then we'd probably sack everybody in the Board of Directors.
Except the CEO, of course.

The Republic of Brandenbourg-Anhalt wrote:Soo, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming zombie apocalypse! :P

Same here! I even made a counter offensive plan in different circumstances; page=dispatch/id=657386
And yes, the "Post Apocalyptic Sale" isn't a joke.


The Republic of Brandenbourg-Anhalt wrote:I see that Anollasia's relatively new government is already f***ing up everything... erhm... I mean rolling out its ambitious libertarian economic policies... :P :P

I'm back to a New York Times Democracy now. These aren't completely my views atm but the capitalist Assistant PM Thomas Bartlett is a bit of a jerk tbh so yeah. :P

BNL Corporation

The Republic of Brandenbourg-Anhalt wrote:

If one doesn't already exist, I think this bit of information should be put into a short guide on our regional forum for new nations about our regional system of government :)

Agreed, but only if 'Official Endorser' and 'Buddy' are added to the list ;-)


This is wierd this one day contains 99.99% of all my board posts in all my years of playing nation states

That also might because I only played in self created regions....:P


The Democratic Republic of Alkasia wrote:My economy is basically the govt. slowly eating the private sector until I'm forced to revitalize it.

What on earth is a private sector :P

Here in Sorya, there is no "private sector." If there is, we'd be happy to eradicate it for you.

Post self-deleted by Alkasia.

The Sorycratic Entity of Sorya wrote: What on earth is a private sector :P Here in Sorya, there is no "private sector." If there is, we'd be happy to eradicate it for you.

Is that so? Because according to your statistics, the private sector takes up approximately 35% of your economy.

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