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Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Liberate The United Kingdom of Britain

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): The United Kingdom of Britain

Proposed by: Fischistan

Description: The Security Council,

COGNIZANT that the region The United Kingdom of Britain was recently invaded by the notorious forces of the The Greater German Reich (GGR),

APPALLED that the forces of the GGR pretended to be natives of said region while building up a stockpile of influence that they would later use to their advantage in order to rapidly password protect the region,

NOTING that on the twenty-ninth of March, 2012, Grand britain and northern ireland, a secret member-nation of the GGR, seized the delegacy of The United Kingdom of Great Britain away from the native delegate, Helertia,

UNDERSTANDING that The United Kingdom of Britain once had at least 34 native nations residing in it,

ACKNOWLEDGING the fact that the natives of The United Kingdom of Britain have been barred from their home region by an invisible password, and that now only 4 of the region's former non-GGR natives reside in it,

REALISING that unless action is taken to remove the password of The United Kingdom of Great Britain, the region is destined to die a long, slow death, eventually becoming a colony of the imperialist GGR,

HOPING that by Liberating The United Kingdom of Britain, many of its natives may come back to their rightful home, and the region may prosper and once again reach its original glory,

HEREBY Liberates The United Kingdom of Britain.

Co-authored by Mahaj and Nahgallay.

Votes For: 8,658 (82%)
Votes Against: 1,933 (18%)



Foreign Marriage Recognition

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Christian Democrats

Description: The General Assembly,

Recognizing civil marriage as a secular institution that exists in many, if not most, member states,

Realizing that people who are married often migrate or travel to different member states,

Believing that such marriages should remain valid in foreign member states and that those people should not be burdened with having to remarry after moving to different member states,

1. Requires every member state to provide every foreign marriage that meets all of the following conditions the same legal recognition as a domestic marriage:

  1. The marriage was performed legally under the jurisdiction of a foreign member state, and that marriage remains legally valid in that same foreign member state;

  2. The marriage does not violate World Assembly law; and

  3. The marriage would be legally valid if it had been performed domestically;

2. Declares that marriage, as used in this resolution, refers to civil marriages (social unions of individuals provided legal recognition by governmental authorities) as well as other sorts of civil unions or civil partnerships of similar legal effect;

3. Further declares that member state, as used in this resolution, refers to member states as well as their political subdivisions; and

4. Affirms that this resolution has absolutely no effect on religious practices and that member states are not required by this resolution to recognize marriage or similar unions.

Votes For: 6,045 (54%)
Votes Against: 5,079 (46%)



Repeal "Liberate The United Kingdom of Britain"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#89

Proposed by: Delegate vinage

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #89: Liberate The United Kingdom of Britain shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

Recognising the ceased status of the founder nation within The United Kingdom of Britain and the brief capture and passwording of the region by The Greater German Reich (GRR),

Applauding the liberation for increasing the prominence of this issue which has led to international pressure on GGR,

Noting that the GGR, who previously occupied the region, were defeated by a coalition organised by The Land of Kings and Emperors prior to the passage of Resolution #89, "Liberate the United Kingdom of Britain," removing the password and returning peace to the region,

Realising that the liberation is no longer required as the region's protectors have restored peace to the region, and that the option of password protecting the region should be returned to the natives to allow for a community to reform,

Believing that all regions have the right to self determination when their issues have been resolved,

Hereby Repeals Security Council Resolution #89, "Liberate The United Kingdom of Britain."

Co-authored by Onderkelkia

Votes For: 7,283 (70%)
Votes Against: 3,183 (30%)



Habeas Corpus

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Sanctaria

Description: The General Assembly,

BELIEVING that being detained unlawfully is a serious affront to an individual's liberty and right to freedom,

CONCERNED that some nations may not have the pathway of habeas corpus to rectify such illegal detentions,

CONVINCED that habeas corpus is a legal remedy that must be available to those who are detained,


MANDATES that any individual detained by the state, or a state actor, shall have the right to appeal the legality of that detention before an impartial judicial body, or its equivalent, by oneself or through proxy;

DEMANDS that detention shall neither be arbitrary nor shall continue if deemed illegal;

REQUIRES that nations employ the usage of time limits on detention so as to avoid the unnecessary breach of an individual's liberty and right to freedom.

Votes For: 9,126 (81%)
Votes Against: 2,096 (19%)



Convict Appellate Rights

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Ossitania

Description: The World Assembly,

CONSCIOUS of the possibility of innocents being wrongfully convicted of crimes which they did not commit,

BELIEVING that anyone wrongfully convicted of a crime should have a chance to appeal that conviction,


DEFINES "convict" as a person who has been declared criminally responsible for one or more illegal acts,

DECLARES that all member-states shall create a legal mechanism by which convicts may appeal their conviction,

REQUIRES member-states to allow such appeals when one or more of the following is true;

  • evidence has emerged that was previously unavailable which suggests the conviction was factually false,

  • it can be shown that proper legal procedure was not followed in the course of the trial,

  • there is reason to believe that the court decided a question of law incorrectly,

  • there is compelling evidence suggesting improper bias on the part of the judge or jury,

PLACES the duty of deciding whether there are sufficiently compelling grounds for an appeal with the judiciary,

PROHIBITS the limitation or restriction of the right of convicts to appeal their convictions based on time passed since conviction,

AFFIRMS the right of member-states to grant broader appellate rights than those mandated by this resolution and to place a reasonable ceiling on the number of appeals that a convict may lodge.

Votes For: 9,075 (83%)
Votes Against: 1,902 (17%)


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by Max Barry

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