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Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Condemn the Greater German Reich

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: the Greater German Reich

Proposed by: Bazlantis

Description: The World Assembly,

DEDICATED to the furtherment of international peace, goodwill and harmony between regions,

ACKNOWLEDGING the region of The Greater German Reich as a region that was created for the sole purpose of disrupting the harmony of ordinarily peaceful and active regions, leftist or otherwise.

RECOGNISING The Greater German Reich as a threat to the safety and stability of the world

FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGING the havoc, mayhem and destruction the above mentioned region has caused though its considerable raiding forces (under the leadership of its Founder Leather-clad germany) to other passive and democratic regions such as the most recent examples of Leningrad, Socialist Alliance, The Jewish Zionist Empire and to a lesser extent the New Union of Socialist Nations and the Democratic Socialist Alliance.

REMINDING nations that at least one liberation resolution (SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION # 41 "Liberate Republicans") has had to be imposed by the Security Council in response to the hostile acts of The Greater German Reich

ALARMED at the inability for many of the smaller regions, on which the forces of The Greater German Reich prey, to successfully repel its raiding parties.

DISTURBED at the complete disregard for peace, democracy, regional/state sovereignty and freedom exercised by The Greater German Reich at all levels.

DISMAYED at the fact that The Greater German Reich has not been held accountable to its crimes in this forum sooner and the fact that the overwhelming feelings of injustice for the natives of the targeted regions is further reinforced by the lack world support and lack of punishment for The Greater German Reich

BELIEVING that steps must be taken in order to bring attention to the horrendous acts carried out by The Greater German Reich

CONCLUDING the actions of The Greater German Reich to be especially abominable and to be in utter opposition of the World Assembly Security Council's goal of spreading interregional peace and goodwill

HEREBY CONDEMNS The Greater German Reich

Votes For: 7,801 (78%)
Votes Against: 2,199 (22%)



Commend Wysteria

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Wysteria

Proposed by: Going postal

Description: The Security Council,

Noting Wysteria was founded on December 21st, 2002 by The Green and Pleasant Dominion of The Bruce, making it one of the oldest regions in the world,

Acknowledging in 2003 the Wysterian Relief and Resettlement Project (WRRP) was introduced. The Wysterian Relief and Resettlement Project was a mission to help keep nations active before Lazarus was founded. This further expanded to help protect the activity of nations from the Land of the Lions, the National Hockey League, Alliance of Democratic Nations, and many smaller regions; which came to Wysteria as cohesive groups,

Recognizing Wysteria has maintained an active presence in numerous inter-regional summits, held to discuss the future of the world and standing up for the sovereignty of regions. Such as:

  • Founders summit 2004

  • NationStates World Assembly summit 2007

  • Neutral Territory summit 2008

  • NS Forum Survey summit 2009

    Applauds the Delegates, past and present, for doing an outstanding job on maintaining dedication to World Assembly,

    Observing that Wysteria is home to nations which achieve #1 in the world on the World Census reports such as, The Dominion of Complete Bastards, The Allmighty Power of Nak nak, Isle of hags, and The Indomitable Borderlands of The Grendels. These nations have achieved #1 in reports such as, Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector, Largest Agricultural Sector, Largest Cheese Export Sector, Largest Book Publishing Sector, Fastest Growing Economies, Most Subsidized Industry, and Lowest Unemployment Rates,

    Also Acknowledging: Sketch, for being the first nation to bring Wysteria into the spotlight by climbing to the top of the world census reports, and again The Indomitable Borderlands of The Grendels for keeping track of marketing reports since 2005. Marketing Reports consisted of the top 30 nations of Wysteria, which show the current rank and also how much the nations have risen or fallen since the last census report of the same market,

    Admiring that with very little promotion of the region Wysteria has maintained a very active and large community for over eight years,

    Hereby Commends the region Wysteria for the appraisals mentioned above.

    Votes For: 9,078 (86%)
    Votes Against: 1,472 (14%)



    Repeal "Commend Sedgistan"

    A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

    Category: Repeal

    Resolution: SC#18

    Proposed by: Ballotonia

    Description: WA Security Council Resolution #18: Commend Sedgistan shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

    Argument: The Security Council,

    REMEMBERING the past work done by Sedgistan as defender, working to protect the rights of natives to control their own regions,

    UNDERSTANDING that nations can change drastically over time.

    ACKNOWLEDGING with sadness Sedgistan's invasion of The South Pacific using the puppet nation Devonitians,

    OBSERVING the support granted to Sedgistan for this invasion activity by invader groups,

    SHOCKED by Sedgistan's betrayal of the trust of friends and allies which Sedgistan once earned as a defender,

    HORRIFIED by the destructiveness of Sedgistan's rule over The South Pacific, during which Sedgistan suppressed free speech to silence opposition from nations native to The South pacific, closed down legitimate embassies, and removed all references to the regional forum in an attempt to deny nations within the region easy access to said forum,

    BELIEVING that any nation which undermines the sovereign rights of natives in such a hostile, brutal, and destructive manner which contradicts the values it was previously commended for no longer deserves the honor of retaining a World Assembly commendation,

    Hereby repeals the Commendation of Sedgistan.

    Co-authored by A mean old man.

    Votes For: 8,500 (76%)
    Votes Against: 2,733 (24%)



    Condemn Blackhelm Confederacy

    A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

    Category: Condemnation

    Nominee: Blackhelm Confederacy

    Proposed by: Going postal

    Description: The Security Council,

    NOTING that since the re-founding of the The Incorporated States of Blackhelm Confederacy the nation has attacked over fifty-two peaceful and sovereign nations for natural resources,

    RECOGNIZING the threat that the Blackhelm Confederacy poses towards international safety and goodwill by its intention to take over peaceful nations holding natural resources like oil,

    SHOCKED in the above mentioned conflicts unarmed civilians were often intentionally shot, raped, and tortured as a means of striking fear into the opposing nation,

    APPALLED that the Blackhelm Confederacy uses slave labor to produce oil for a price severely below the market,

    FURTHER NOTING the recent suppression of minorities in the Blackhelm Confederacy, where innocent people, including young children, were assaulted, raped, executed , locked in "salvation camps" or sold to work as slaves in other nations because of their religious background,

    SUMMARIZING that the Blackhelm Confederacy's violations of human rights and excessive violence against sovereign nations and civilians as described above is absolutely terrifying, and should be deemed unacceptable by the World Assembly,

    Hereby condemns Blackhelm Confederacy.

    Authored By: Andorianus

    Votes For: 7,548 (74%)
    Votes Against: 2,599 (26%)



    Condemn Flag Thief

    A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

    Category: Condemnation

    Nominee: Flag Thief

    Proposed by: Unibotian wa mission

    Description: The Security Council,

    Believing that overt imitation or 'stealing' the likeness of another nation's flag is also an offense to (1) international goodwill (2) the integrity of a national identity (3) the sovereignty of a state,

    Noting that the nominee is internationally recognized as a 'thief' of national flags, Flag Thief regularly imitates the flags of well-known nations -- imitations that have caused confusion in previous years,

    Further Noting that the nominee has conducted this dangerous practice since Jan 2004, and its past victims include: Kandarin, Naivetry , Evil Wolf, Durkadurkiranistan II, Francos Spain, Crazy Girl, SalusaSecondus, Stephistan, Sedgistan, Kryozerkia, Corinthe, MrNonchalant , LadyRebels, The twoslit experiment, Chin-Chillas, Fudgetopia, Mikeswill, Kalibarr, Improving Wordiness and Unibot,

    Alarmed by the recent broadening of the Flag Thief's Modus operandi to include regional flags and emblems like the Pacific, Europeia and The Black Hawks as targets of imitation as well -- these transgressions threaten regional sovereignty and harbor the same present dangers to supranational diplomacy and goodwill as imitations of national flags do,

    Further Alarmed by the nominee's theft of the World Assembly flag and emblem -- which is an unsanctioned usage of the flag and highly illegal if one recalls the litigation and mass carnage that ensued from the NSUN having used --without authorization-- the distinctive flag of another bureau-that-shall-not-be-named,

    Recognizing that (1) the imitation of Francos Spain's flag was a violation of c.1007 of the Civil Code for Uniform Justice and Order in the Pacific ("unauthorized use of another nation's flag or other details as your own"), a rule that is still enforced in the Pacific as c.106 in the current edition of the Pacifican Civil Code, (2) the imitation of the Pacific's flag was a violation of c.405 of the current Pacifican Civil Code ("claiming association, affiliation, or representation of the Pacific government in any act without authorization"),

    Recalling that on Jan 20, 2011, Flag Thief used a mocking depiction of Violet -- a popular deity -- as a computer-savvy young girl for its flag which caused an uproar due to the aniconistic traditions of Violetism -- some cited fear and panic that "no one is safe [from imitation]!", others cited the religious offense that the action could have for Violetists,

    Expressing its belief that this depiction was for the purposes of hostility against minority religions, not a political rite of free expression. Flag Thief declared that it "proudly [flies] this flag" and further sentiments which identify this as a hostile act against a religious majority disguising itself with a rebellious facade,

    Hereby Condemns Flag Thief.

    Votes For: 7,558 (73%)
    Votes Against: 2,833 (27%)


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    by Max Barry

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