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Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Liberate Republicans

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Republicans

Proposed by: Unibotian wa mission

Description: The Security Council,

Having considered the following annotations:

Annot.1 § In March 2010, Republicans reportedly had a moderately sized region (6-13 nations) including a delegate. Following the founder's cessation of existence shortly thereafter, Republicans degraded over the course of the year into a region with approximatively two natives residing in it,

Annot.2 § Borrachia moved to Republicans on Nov. 25 2010, as a "sleeper" for the The Greater German Reich, which means Borrachia sat in Republicans to develop regional influence there with the intent of furthering the aims of a foreign force -- in this case, the foreign force was the Greater German Reich. On Nov. 30 2010, Maritime cities, German irish bund, Wasaplol, Tinajeros and Drayerstone, crashed into the region and endorsed Borrachia. Shortly after -- with these endorsements -- Borrachia attained the position of WA Delegate in Republicans. Although at least one defender group strongly suspected this was a raid, the supposed invaders seemed to be benevolent and the natives made "no reply or confused responses" when contacted by the Founderless Region Alliance (FRA) in regards to their new delegate,

Annot.3 § Following a series of debates on Republicans' Regional Message Board (RMB), the natives concluded that the new occupants of the region, Borrachia and its entourage, "must be okay". Nonetheless, Borrachia ejected a few relatively new natives, The freeturf, The hut and house and Hancok from Republicans with little or no explanation as to why this action was neccessary. In response, Freeturf founded Conservadom, which has inadvertently served as a refugee haven for the victims of the Republicans invasion,

Annot.4 § On Dec. 20 2010, Borrachia had accumulated enough regional influence to impose a password on Republicans. Shortly after the imposition of the password, two natives, Ipsens castle and Heleneslandgrant were ejected and banned from Republicans. With a password secured, the Greater German Reich was more open and frank about its intentions for the nominated region. The Greater German Reich declared that Republicans was the Reich's first "Reichskommissariat" (a territorial acquisition) and demanded that the only remaining native not resist the "dominance" and "subjugation" of the Reich over Republicans,

Recognizing that the Greater German Reich's password abets its subjugation and perhaps destruction of Republicans which surely threatens interregional peace and goodwill, and the activity, access and amenities of said region,

Believing the Security Council has a duty to prevent the abuse of the World Assembly's administrative powers by the Greater German Reich,

Hereby Liberates Republicans.
Sponsored by the natives of Republicans, including but not limited to TheThanksgiving Turkey, Britarvia and Hancok.

Votes For: 6,509 (82%)
Votes Against: 1,455 (18%)




Condemn Kalasparata

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Kalasparata

Proposed by: The cyrupean wa office

Description: The Security Council,

RECOGNIZING Kalasparata as a threat to the safety and stability of the world,

NOTING that Kalasparata routinely subjects its population to needless cruelties to even minor infractions of the law and its routine abuse of the citizens of fellow nations,

HORRIFIED of the few punishments that Kalasparata has revealed to the international public which include but is not limited to

• Punishing citizens for crimes such as driving while under the influence by wounding the offender with a firearm, performing surgery on the criminal without the usage of anesthetics, offering them little time to heal with no pain relievers and little to no antibiotics before putting them in the equivalent of a work camp. Criminals that do not perform duties to the expectation of camp wardens have their necessary limbs amputated and are forced to continue aforementioned duties

• Paying motorists to drive their vehicles over criminals the Kalasparatan government deems unfit to continue living

• Forcing prisoners to consume feces and drink urine or leave prisoners in conditions that otherwise force them to commit such acts out of survival

• Sending prisoners to a so-called 'Danger Island' which contains numerous biological and natural hazards, leaving the prisoners for upwards of three days

• Stapling mouths of prisoners shut so that they are effectively silenced, repeated acid and or fire burns and branding prisoners with molten magnesium, often resulting in the loss of aforementioned prisoner's arms or legs

• 'On the spot' penalties such as removing a criminal's hands and forcing them to buy the victim a new car for spilling paint. Criminals that cannot pay are forced to work in a factory for just meager wages

APPALLED by the nation of Kalasparata's blatant abuse of children by torturing children for often mild infractions of school policy, especially in cases of fighting where weaponry is used. Such torture in Kalasparata results in the death of the subject in adult cases, much less in child cases,

ACKNOWLEDGING the nation of Kalasparata as a threat to both its people and the international community around it because

• Repeated and unnecessary abuse of tourists and travelers by forcing their vehicles to stop well outside of their territorial waters and force passengers to wait unreasonable times for clearance, even if they were never intending to stop in Kalasparata

• Abducting citizens of nations who happened to be involved with one of Kalasparata's numerous forced vehicle checks if they are part of a blacklist

• Taking vehicles deemed to be unsafe by the Kalasparatan Transport Authority forcefully, ejecting the passengers of aforementioned vehicles and then taking the passengers and crew to an unspecified area

• Repeated usage of antimatter in portions upwards of 500 kilograms against the vehicles that violate their travel restrictions, endangering not only themselves but large portions of the world on a near daily basis

• Numerous documented cases of the nation of Kalasparata selling off humans, perhaps those taken by the black list authority for both food and medical testing

CONCLUDING that Kalasparata is a threat deemed necessary of a condemnation because of its reckless disregard of human life, unnecessary usage of weapons of mass destruction and clearly needless hostility towards its international neighbors,

Hereby Condemns Kalasparata.

Votes For: 4,234 (56%)
Votes Against: 3,391 (44%)




Commend Tiago Silva

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Tiago silva

Proposed by: The terran technate

Description: RECOGNIZING the new state of the flags of the world, being easier to fly and sewn with much more vivid detail,

SEEING Tiago silva as the nation that performed this brave undertaking,

HONORING the contribution of materials and effort from the nation,

HEREBY commends Tiago silva.

Votes For: 4,811 (70%)
Votes Against: 2,092 (30%)



Commend Texas

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Texas

Proposed by: Travancore-cochin

Description: The Security Council,

ACKNOWLEDGING the existence of the region of Texas since the early days of NationStates;

RECALLING the fact that Texas is home to many nations that are/were authors of many World Assembly and NSUN resolutions;

PRAISING the region and its delegate for their active participation in the World Assembly, for having voted on 487 resolutions continuously and not missing a single resolution in over 2,700 days;

APPLAUDING the region for its creation of the NSSuite which includes the NSDossier, a highly effective tool for deriving demographic statistics over a wide range of variables; NSHistory, a repository of historical records of nations and regions; and NSStatistics, which provides vital information about internationally prevalent social conditions;

PRAISING the leaders of Texas for holding 'Texas Breakfasts' daily in furtherance of their close-knit relations;

NOTING that these leaders also hold weekly chat sessions, which serves as an example of their commitment to peace and dialogue;

FURTHER NOTING that the region has a democratic form of government in place, as laid out in its Constitution which allows for the election of all government officials, including the President of Texas;

APPRECIATING the region's conduct of diplomacy in a mature manner, as evidenced by the 16 active alliances to which it is a party;

FURTHER APPRECIATING its upholding of The Triumvirate alliance formed between itself, Wysteria and The Heartland since the beginning of NationStates;

RECOGNIZING that the region hosts a defender army, the Texas Defense Force (TDF), which is the oldest functional defender army in the world;

BELIEVING that the region is a role-model worth emulating;

HEREBY commends Texas.

Co-authored by Goddess Relief Office

Votes For: 6,003 (80%)
Votes Against: 1,502 (20%)




Commend The Quote Of The Day

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: The quote of the day

Proposed by: Koskala

Description: The World Assembly:

IDENTIFIES that the nation The Daily Congratulations of The Quote Of The Day visits every region that is featured in the world’s ‘Today’s Featured Region’ section,

WELCOMES the good wishes and friendliness this nation spreads throughout the regions of the world without exception or prejudice,

APPLAUDS the quotes of wisdom that The Daily Congratulations of The Quote Of The Day spreads in every region that this nation visits,

RECOGNIZING The Daily Congratulations of The Quote Of The Day as one of the most committed nations in the world,

COMMEND The Daily Congratulations of The Quote Of The Day based on the appraisals mentioned above and judge this nation accordingly.

The World Assembly Security Council hereby commends The Daily Congratulations of The Quote Of The Day.

Votes For: 4,762 (66%)
Votes Against: 2,404 (34%)


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by Max Barry

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