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Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Liberate Democratia

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Democratia

Proposed by: Jedi-gangsters

Description: The region of Democratia was a sovereign region home to a vibrant community. On September 1, 2009, The Axis of Evil successfully invaded Democratia. The invader Delegate, Smetistan, proceeded to password-protect Democratia, and rid the region of the remaining native population. The destruction of a region like Democratia is a travesty and we must do whatever we can to right this wrong.

With a secret password in place, it is impossible for the natives of Democratia to reclaim their region, dooming the region to a slow death. While there might be hesitation to interfere in the internal affairs of a region, World Assembly intervention is the only course of action left that will allow the rightful inhabitants of Democratia to reclaim their home.

Therefore, the World Assembly hereby lifts the password on the region of Democratia, and forbids said region from being password-protected.

Votes For: 3,524 (72%)
Votes Against: 1,374 (28%)



Commend Todd McCloud

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Todd McCloud

Proposed by: Topid


The World Assembly,

NOTING The Spooooky Todd of Todd McCloud’s long list of accomplishments across various fields,

ACKNOWLEDGING The Spooooky Todd of Todd McCloud’s experience as a Role Player in The East Pacific, with notable role-play incidents including Shiro Academy and The Listonian Crisis,

PRAISING the successful defenses of Poland, a founderless region, by then World Assembly Delegate of Poland The Spooooky Todd of Todd McCloud,

FURTHER PRAISING The Spooooky Todd of Todd McCloud’s work as leader of the Slavic Alliance in defending Slavic Regions from the grips of Macedon,

RECOGNIZING Todd McCloud as a highly successful raider, leading raiding missions and coups in many prominent regions,

IMPRESSED with Todd McCloud’s public stance against Macedon and other raiders who use hidden passwords to destroy the target region without giving natives or defenders any chance to fight for the region,

ASTONISHED that during Todd McCloud's delegacy The East Pacific --previously one of the most inactive feeders-- has been transformed into one of the most active regions in the world,

RECALLING that Todd McCloud has been an active member of the World Assembly Security Council since its inception, having authored the Security Council commendations of The Republic of Kandarin and Goobergunchia and the condemnation of Macedon;

ALSO RECOGNIZING Todd McCloud’s use of media to improve the world, including his creation of The South Pacific Wiki, a collection of articles about NationStates; and his use of online videos in Fox Rite and The East Pacific

COMMENDS Todd McCloud for his honorable service across many fields of the NationStates world.

Co Authored by: Sedgistan, Unibot, and Travancore-Cochin

Votes For: 3,298 (67%)
Votes Against: 1,649 (33%)



Liberate Utopia

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Utopia

Proposed by: Unibotian wasc mission

Description: The Security Council,

Deeply Disturbed by the actions of The Alliance of Dictators, an invading organization, which captured the delegacy of Utopia by surprise on 2 December 2009,

Recalling that Utopia is a historic region, which has greatly contributed to the world’s security with its involvement in the Allied Liberation League (a defending organization),

(a) “Password Grieving” as an invading technique, where an invader-in-disguise hides in a region long enough to accumulate a high level of regional influence, and then becomes delegate in the founderless region to immediately establish an invisible password, and begin emptying the region of those not affiliated with their invader organization,
(b) “Invisible Password” as a delegate-instituted password which is required to enter a region, if the password is hidden to any resident besides the regional delegate or founder,

Gravely Concerned that password grieving has spread as a common tactic used by invaders to defeat the timely stalemate between invaders and those who seek security, stability and peace in our world,

Having Ascertained that The Alliance of Dictators, and their delegate in Utopia, Lustrous lemurs, have relied on password grieving to secure the delegacy of Utopia,

Cognizant of Acacallis and Ocean pride, two residents of Utopia (at the time of this resolution’s creation), who the invader delegate has not yet been successful in ejecting and banning,

Bearing in Mind that these honorable residents have publicized their wishes for Utopia to be liberated,

Concurring with the residents of Utopia that the continued suppression of the region by The Alliance of Dictators could only have awful consequences for Utopia,

Convinced that ignoring them in their time of need would be being ungrateful to Utopia for its years of service to international peace and security,


1. Liberates Utopia, by removing the invisible password and barring the delegate from attempting to implement a password in the future.

Co-authored by Sedgistan

Votes For: 3,138 (77%)
Votes Against: 936 (23%)




Liberate Free Thought

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Free Thought

Proposed by: Sedgistan

Description: The Security Council,

DEFINING "griefing" as any act wherein where a group of nations, not native to a region, move to it with the aim of seizing the WA Delegate position; and then, having seized this position, proceed to forcibly remove natives from the region;

BELIEVING that griefing is morally wrong, as it infringes on the right of natives to govern their own region;

AWARE that The Land of Kings and Emperors (The LKE) originally raided Free Thought on the 4th November 2009, leaving after a brief occupation which involved raising their flag over the region;

NOTING that The Land of Kings and Emperors took offence to the natives of Free Thought removing said flag, and referring to it as "that darn flag";

FURTHER NOTING that The LKE invaded Free Thought again on the 22nd December 2009, installed a secret password, and ejected The Tofu Islands, a native of the region;

DENOUNCING The LKE's over-reaction to harmless jibes made by Free Thought's natives about its flag;

OBSERVING that The LKE have changed the World Factbook Entry of Free Thought to read "This once rebellious region has been conquered by The Land of Kings and Emperors (The LKE) and now forms a permanent part of our continually expanding empire";

CONCLUDING that The LKE are griefing Free Thought, especially given their track record, and those of The New Inquisition and Unknown, who have also participated in the raid;

RECOGNISING that the natives of Free Thought, including Polynumina and Luna Amore, desire to have the region restored to their control;

RESOLVING that this can only be done through the intervention of the Security Council;

HEREBY Liberates Free Thought.

Co-authored by Travancore-cochin.

Votes For: 2,896 (51%)
Votes Against: 2,832 (49%)




Liberate Land of the Liberals

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Land of the Liberals

Proposed by: Unibotian wa mission

Description: The Security Council,

Noting that Land of the Liberals continues to be oppressed under the regime of New Earth, and its iron fist delegate, Spooks i;

(1) "Native" as a nation which takes up residence in a region without the intention of furthering the goals and aims of a foreign force;
(2) "Regional Sovereignty" as the collective right of natives to the administration of their region;
(3) "Regional Destruction" as the ejection of all of the natives of a region by a delegate whose actions are not supported by said natives;

Understanding that the World Assembly has the ability to limit the administrative parameters of a delegate;

Believing that delegates who are not natives of their region generally are poor representatives and participants of the World Assembly, depending on the goals and aims of the foreign force which they are furthering;

Further Believing that the World Assembly has entrusted the Security Council with the solemn task of enabling regional sovereignty while regulating such unruly delegates;

Recognizing that the delegate of Land of the Liberals is primarily interested in furthering the empire of New Earth, and is not concerned with the well-being or representing the values of those residing in Land of the Liberals who do not share his foreign interests;

For he has,

• Banned nations such as Maressia for having a democratic socialist government (with no respect for the nature or the spirit of the region in which he is delegate);
• Threatened natives with the decision either to surrender to the authority of New Earth or receive ejection and banishment;
• Implemented a password which is hidden to residents, for the purposes of refounding and gaining even more control through the destruction of the region;

Disgusted that the delegate of Land of the Liberals previously attempted to undermine the World Assembly by temporarily acting above suspicion of all nefarious intentions;

Aware of at least one native, Moralesia, which has declared their disapproval of their region's new administration and their wish for a liberation effort;

Noting that, with native support, defending and other third-party organizations will likely be more inclined to assist with further peacekeeping efforts in Land of the Liberals than before, thus furthering the protection of regional sovereignty and the dissemination of inter-regional peace and goodwill;

Hereby Revokes the ability of this victimized region’s delegate to password protect the region.

Co-authored by Sedgistan, Naivetry and Whamabama.

Votes For: 3,374 (66%)
Votes Against: 1,731 (34%)


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by Max Barry

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