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Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Biomedical Recipient Rights

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Mousebumples


UNDERSTANDS the importance in assuring and protecting the rights of individuals receiving medical treatments.

SPECIFIES that “biomedical tissues” shall include, at minimum, the following:

  1. Blood and blood products, such as platelets and plasma.

  2. Organs, such as the kidneys, liver, and heart.

  3. Stem cells, such as embryonic stem cells, those found in the bone marrow and the umbilical cord, and other adult stem cells.

DETAILS that "biomedical procedures" shall include, at minimum the donation, harvesting, transplantation, or transfusion of biomedical tissues.

DECLARES that prospective recipients of biomedical tissues shall not be discriminated against without a valid medical rationale, such as blood and tissue typing or the presence of a dangerous contagion.

REQUIRES that the process for biomedical procedures shall involve:

  1. Ensuring that the recipient is healthy enough to undergo the procedure.

  2. Techniques that are as humane as is practicable using appropriate sterile technique for the procedure in question.

  3. Testing and typing of the recipient in order to minimize negative transfusion reactions and biomedical tissue rejection.

MANDATES that prospective recipients shall be given all medically relevant facts regarding the biomedical procedure(s) and tissue(s) they are to receive prior to obtaining their uncoerced, informed consent.

  1. A legally completed advance health care directive (e.g. living will) shall be followed in order to respect the wishes of the individual in question.

  2. In the absence of a legally completed advance health care directive, WA member nations may permit an individual's legal guardian or next-of-kin to provide uncoerced, informed consent on behalf of a recipient in the event that the individual in question is under the threshold of majority or is otherwise unable to understand the information in question.

INSTRUCTS the World Health Authority to allocate an appropriate portion of their budget to assist with providing preventative and other necessary treatments with regards to biomedical treatments in nations that are otherwise unable to afford them.

ALLOWS for WA member nations and their health care systems to triage prospective recipients based on geographic location, if the biomedical tissue in question may decrease in quality during the transport process, and other medically relevant factors (e.g. medical need).

PERMITS individual WA member nations and their health care systems to delay or defer a recipient's biomedical procedure(s) due to a co-existing medical condition, which may place the treatment tissues at risk of rejection or infection.

  1. If such a medical condition exists, all reasonable attempts shall be made at treatment so as to allow the transplant to occur.

  2. WA member nations may elect to match donors and recipients based on such a medical condition in the event of biomedical tissue shortages, if such a match is determined to be in the best medical interests of the recipient.

Votes For: 8,682 (89%)
Votes Against: 1,020 (11%)



Biomedical Innovation Org

A resolution to promote funding and the development of education and the arts.

Category: Education and Creativity

Area of Effect: Educational

Proposed by: Mousebumples


UNDERSTANDS that despite the many advances that have been made in medical technology, there are still medical conditions in need of a cure or better treatments.

BELIEVES that, to better assure the health and wellness of citizens living in WA member nations, the World Assembly should work to facilitate the further development and innovation of medical technology and treatments.

SPECIFIES that “biomedical tissues” shall include, at minimum, the following:

  1. Blood and blood products, such as platelets and plasma.

  2. Organs, such as the kidneys, liver, and heart.

  3. Stem cells, such as embryonic stem cells, those found in the bone marrow and the umbilical cord, and other adult stem cells.

ENCOURAGES all WA member nations to pass laws to facilitate and encourage the innovation of new treatments involving biomedical tissues.

CREATES the Biomedical Innovation Organization (BIO) within the World Health Authority (WHA), which will be tasked with:

  1. Coordinating research on treatments involving biomedical tissues conducted within WA member nations, including the sharing of findings and breakthroughs on an international level.

  2. Including research data for biomedical innovations as a part of the Database Of Clinical Treatments Under Study.

  3. Ensuring that WA member nations appropriately submit patents for biomedical innovations as a part of the Universal Patent Archive.

  4. Developing and distributing an effective and inexpensive test for testing biomedical tissues for any disease or infection prior to transplantation to a recipient.

RECOMMENDS that studies involving biomedical tissues include a control group of some nature.

INSTRUCTS the WHA to allocate an appropriate portion of their budget to assist with the engineering and international implementation of a low-cost and effective system for storing and maintaining previously donated biomedical tissues within WA member nations. This system shall include, at minimum:

  1. Medically relevant details with regards to the results of the typing and testing that has been done.

  2. Procedures to prevent the unintended or incorrect transplant or transfusion of biomedical tissues (e.g. the wrong biomedical tissues, etc.)

ESTABLISHES the Biomedical Education Organization (BEO) within the WHA, which shall develop educational programs highlighting:

  1. The benefit to patients who are treated with biomedical tissues,

  2. The details involved in donating biomedical tissues to be used for research and/or treatment, and

  3. The importance of creating advance health care directives to ensure that one's own wishes are followed.

URGES all WA member nations to utilize such educational programs, or equivalents, to better educate their citizens regarding the aforementioned topics.

ARRANGES for the BEO to develop and provide Continuing Education courses for medical professionals throughout the multiverse in order to further the knowledge and expertise of practitioners in all WA member nations.

SUGGESTS that all WA member nations work, independently or collaboratively, to develop new systems, techniques, and technologies through which additional biomedical tissues shall be made available for transplant or transfusion.

Votes For: 8,850 (89%)
Votes Against: 1,130 (11%)




Liberate Hippiedom

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Hippiedom

Proposed by: Strawberrry Fields

Description: The Security Council,

RECOGNIZING Hippiedom as a peace-loving region home to many nations over the year since its founding in 2005,

CONCERNED by the recent invasion of Hippiedom by the hostile region of The Black Hawks on September 22nd, 2012,

NOTING that the occupation of Hippiedom has been reinforced by The Black Riders, The Land of Kings and Emperors, and The New Inquisition,

RECALLING that similar circumstances, with a various number of these same organizations, has prompted liberations before; such as Liberate Free Thought (SC#14), Liberate Region of reunited muslim states (SC#88), Liberate Christmas (SC#95) and Liberate Catholic (SC#80), among others,

DISTRESSED that on September 25th, 2012, a password was imposed by the occupation force, preventing access to Hippiedom, violating native rights, threatening the destruction of the region, and denying residents the ability to call for assistance in saving their home,

AWARE that the invasion utilized a sleeper nation, allowing the raiders to password the region with relative ease,

DEEPLY DISTRAUGHT by potential further damage that could be done to the region under The Black Hawks occupation,

BELIEVING that every region deserves the opportunity for sovereignty over administration and freedom of movement,

STRIVING to prevent the foreign-imposed transformation of Hippiedom into a "trophy-region",

AFFIRMING the residents, including the native former delegate proposing this resolution, desire to free their homeland from these aggressive invaders,

HEREBY liberates the region of Hippiedom.
Co-Authored by Mahaj, Unibot II, and Eluvatar

Votes For: 7,800 (82%)
Votes Against: 1,718 (18%)



Repeal "Child Protection Act"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#19

Proposed by: Mousebumples

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #19: Child Protection Act (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.


APPLAUDS the aim of GAR#19, Child Protection Act, which is to protect children from abuse.

REGRETS, however, that shortcomings within this resolution cause it to fall short of successfully achieving this goal.

UNDERSTANDS that repealing this resolution will not prevent WA member nations from continuing their efforts to protect children within their borders.

ACCEPTS that physical and emotional abuse of children should be considered criminal acts within WA member states.

NOTES, however, that although this resolution states that "A child is entitled to ... not to be physically or emotionally abused" it fails to criminalize such actions.

FEELS that while giving children the right to not be abused is laudable, this resolution does not go far enough in working to prevent such horrific actions against children.

RECOGNIZES that this resolution's text also permits the continued abuses of children as Clause 3 reads: "A child has the right to remain with his or her parents or guardians, provided that articles 1 and/or 2 have not been violated".

OBSERVES that such wording, at minimum, permits WA member nations to leave abused children in the care of those who are abusing them until such abuse can be proven, which may result in children remaining with their abusers throughout the investigative process.

BELIEVES that children should be protected from those who are accused of abusing them throughout the investigative and judicial process.

REALIZES that the wording of the aforementioned Clause 3 means that children have a right to remain with their parents or guardians, which would include those who may be:

  1. Detained in prison, for a crime unrelated to child abuse.

  2. Fighting in a war in a foreign country.

  3. Hospitalized for an extended period of time due to a severe illness or injury.

PROTESTS that this resolution clouds the issue of child protection rather than serving to clarify it through defining a child as “being under the age of consent or majority.” The wording of this clause is ambiguous, and it may permit WA member nations to pick and choose which definition they wish to employ in a given situation, depending on what best serves their governmental interests, versus serving the best interests of the child.

HOPES for future legislation that comprehensively ensures the protection of children.

REPEALS GAR#19, Child Protection Act.

Votes For: 8,434 (86%)
Votes Against: 1,425 (14%)



On Multilateral Trade Talks

A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Auralia

Description: Recognizing the value of international trade to national economies and populations,

Seeking to promote multilateral trade negotiations between all World Assembly member nations,

The General Assembly,

  1. Declares that multilateral trade negotiations must be hosted at the World Assembly at least once every ten years, with the mandate of reducing protectionist measures between all member nations;

  2. Mandates that the World Assembly Trade Commission provide any financial or logistical assistance that is reasonably required to host these negotiations;

  3. Requires that all member nations send at least one qualified delegate to these negotiations;

  4. Further requires that, during these negotiations, delegates make a good faith attempt to cooperate with other delegates in order to come to mutually beneficial agreements which are in the best interests of all national populations involved;

  5. Notes that any agreement arising from these negotiations is binding on all member nations which consent to that agreement.

Votes For: 5,133 (55%)
Votes Against: 4,146 (45%)


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by Max Barry

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