World Assembly Resolutions

Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Freedom in Medical Research

A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Connopolis

Description: The General Assembly,

DUMBFOUNDED by the sheer amount of progress the World Assembly has made in healthcare, and other areas of sapient well-being,

REALIZING, however that further progress can be made in these fields, especially that of medical research,

CONCERNED that many member-states may ban the research of certain forms of medical treatment within their borders, despite their beneficial characteristics,

CONSTANTLY STRIVING to improve the lives of sapient-kind by furthering knowledge of surgical, therapeutic, and medicinal sciences,

The World Assembly therefore resolves;

(1) Doctors, and other medical professionals that utilize controversial forms of treatment shall not be penalized by either the individual, post-procedure, or the government, unless fully informed consent was not acquired.

(2) Enterprises - such as pharmaceutical companies and universities - that research crucial medical treatments shall not be immoderately restricted by their host government to the point where their endeavors no longer become fruitful, nor shall they be prevented from researching any form of treatment, unless believed to be unethical by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

(3) Potential test subjects must be made fully aware of any known side-effects of the experiment prior to participating in the tests; individuals who partake in the experiment must be compensated unless stated otherwise by the test-subject in question. Establishments hosting the aforementioned experiments must offer clear, apprehensible written form in which individuals may assess the terms of participation, and express their written consent; the aforementioned establishments shall also read the form to the individual until the individually fully understands the procedure.

(4) Enterprises that pursue research in regards to health care shall not deceive test subjects, nor future patients, and must make note of possible side-effect, consequences, and dangers posed by the procedure/treatment prior to releasing it to the public.

(5) All research results that meet the criteria of this resolution shall be made accessible to the public, as well as any products that are developed as a result of the research. All drugs must be subjected to the same screening without discrimination if they meet the criteria of this resolution, and will be subject to equal legal protections as any other treatment, and shall be free from any discrimination that is not equitably distributed amongst all drugs offered in the member nation.

(6) Medicinal drugs, and other such substances shall visibly print the side-effects, ingredients, and the company in which the substance was produced on the vessel in which it's sold in, and are forbidden from making spurious claims about the substance in advertisements; in the case that false claims are made, governments may prosecute them accordingly.

(7) Medical professionals shall be allowed to freely share the merits of their research/treatments, as well as the procedures involved, controversial or otherwise, with the international community, so long as such sharing is not done with dubious information.

(8) This resolution, in no way, prevents member-states from funding public healthcare mechanisms, nor does it prevent them from distributing medicinal, surgical, or therapeutic treatments free of charge, or for a lesser price than that of private actors.

Co-Author: Quadrimmina

Votes For: 8,216 (76%)
Votes Against: 2,616 (24%)



Condemn Lone Wolves United

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Lone Wolves United

Proposed by: -tim-opolis

Description: The Security Council,

ACKNOWLEDGING Lone Wolves United (LWU) as one of the oldest and most notorious raider regions,

NOTING that Lone Wolves United, which frequently griefs regions despite the detested nature of the practice, is among the most prominent raider organizations in the world,

DEFINING "griefing" as the act of damaging or destroying a region and possibly re-founding it to use it as a trophy,

RECOGNIZING Lone Wolves United as having recently entered and having forcefully gained control over active regions with long-established communities such as Anarchy and Gardeshia.

NOTING that LWU successfully thwarted others' attempts to enter the regions and protect them and their citizens from harm,

FURTHER RECOGNIZING that Lone Wolves United, thanks to the espionage committed by the leader of the attack on Gardeshia which allowed this leader to gain influence in the target region, was able to overrun and destroy Gardeshia despite the fact that the region had a founder and an active community,

APPALLED by the fact that Lone Wolves United has been using such tactics for years without having been condemned by the Security Council,

NOTING that Lone Wolves United has influenced the staging of successful coups of the governments of both The East Pacific and The West Pacific,

FURTHER NOTING that Lone Wolves United is responsible for banning The Game Administrator's Realm of SalusaSecondus from its home region twice,

BELIEVING the aforementioned actions to be heinous and physically detrimental to established communities of the world, and, as such, believing that this body should acknowledge said actions accordingly,

Hereby Condemns Lone Wolves United.

Co-Authored by The Weed-Choked Lawn of A mean old man
Co-Authored by Connopolis

Votes For: 7,649 (78%)
Votes Against: 2,104 (22%)




International Expositions Act

A resolution to promote funding and the development of education and the arts.

Category: Education and Creativity

Area of Effect: Cultural Heritage

Proposed by: Astro-malsitari wa seat


NOTING the vast cultural heritage and rich, diverse traditions of its member states,

REMEMBERING its goal of "[i]mproving the world one resolution at a time",

BELIEVING that, on occasion, it is called for to improve the world by stopping to recognize the culture and achievements of its member states,

HEREBY declares that an International Exposition of Culture be held every year for the purpose of fostering international goodwill and recognizing the culture of member states,

CREATES the International Exposition Authority (IEA) to regulate the expositions and to select a city within the jurisdiction of a WA member state each year for the purposes of hosting this exposition,

STIPULATES that chosen cities have the right to refuse their nomination,

DECLARES that these expositions should be carried out in the manner of a worldwide fair,

INVITES all member states to set up pavilions at these expositions where they may showcase their achievements and unique culture to citizens of the world,

ALLOWS member states to charge for entry and use of services/facilities in order to help ameliorate the burden of the costs,

EMPHASIZES that the host nation retains the following rights:

  • to bar entry to certain nations with which they are in economic or military conflict

  • to expel foreign individuals from the exposition should they break the laws of the host nation

  • to impose individual standards which respect the purposes and means of this resolution;

FURTHER NOTES that member-states may not omit certain ideologies, cultures, or beliefs from these conventions, nor may they expel nations or individuals due solely to their ideologies, cultures, or beliefs unless the beliefs in question are discriminatory, racist, grotesquely offensive to those who do not practice the beliefs, or physically dangerous.

ENCOURAGES member states to seek funds from private entities to assist with the above goal.

Co-Authored by Connopolis

Votes For: 8,230 (74%)
Votes Against: 2,820 (26%)




Commend A mean old man

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: A mean old man

Proposed by: Skyrim diplomacy

Description: The World Assembly Security Council,

RECOGNIZING The Weed-Choked Lawn of A mean old man (AMOM) as both an active and influential nation founded in 2008 and a tireless member of the Pacific for over a year; involved both in regional politics and recreation,

NOTING that AMOM has had a profound effect on the world; most notably the World Assembly and the nations that abide within it, by authoring and co-authoring multiple World Assembly proposals that stretch back to the infancy of the Security Council, including, but not limited to:

  • SC#16 - Repeal Liberate the Security Council

  • SC#26 - Commend The Joint Systems Alliance

  • SC#30 - Commend 10000 Islands

  • SC#37 - Condemn NAZI EUROPE

  • SC#62 - Repeal "Condemn Swarmlandia"

  • SC#65 - Condemn Punk Reloaded

  • GA#149 - On Expiration Dates

and that AMOM has authored nine (one General Assembly, eight Security Council) World Assembly laws and has co-authored numerous others, making AMOM one of the most prevalent and successful authors of World Assembly and Security Council proposals in the history of this Assembly,

REALIZING that the contributions made by AMOM, giving special note to the multiple Security Council proposals authored by AMOM, has commended notable regions, successfully fought to remove self-condemnations, condemned raiders, crashers, and warlord Delegates, and that these actions have resulted in a more balanced and just world,

IMPRESSED that AMOM recently took a stand against the "renegade Delegate" Punk Reloaded (PR) of the West Pacific with SC#65 "Condemn Punk Reloaded" for the unjustified war that PR declared on the South Pacific and other atrocities committed and noted in SC#65, noting that PR was one of the most powerful and influential Delegates at the time and that the West Pacific is one of the largest and most powerful regions in the world,

AFFIRMING that AMOM and the nation Topdop are controlled by the same administration and government, and that Topdop was the architect nation behind the democratic establishment of government in the region Osiris, in which Topdop made it possible for the natives of the region to vote for their own Delegate and to establish their own regional government,

DISTINGUISHING AMOM, alongside Krulltopia and Todd McCloud, as a principle founding nation of the successful Modern Pacific Alliance (MPA), an accord that seeks to unify the traditionally isolated "Pacific" regions (the Pacific, the North, East, South, West Pacific), and recognizing that such a cross-regional pact has never been accomplished between these massive regions, signifying an incredible political feat,

ACKNOWLEDGING that AMOM has already left a mark in the World Assembly by authoring multiple laws and statutes throughout the years that have stood the test of time, and that these actions alone will codify AMOM as an efficacious and outstanding member of the World Assembly and the world at large,

BELIEVES, however, that AMOM deserves further recognition for the efforts and reasons described above as a prolific author of lawful statutes and champion of justice and order in the world,

HEREBY Commends The Weed-Choked Lawn of A mean old man.

Votes For: 8,498 (84%)
Votes Against: 1,679 (16%)



Repeal "Social Assistance Accord"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#169

Proposed by: Knootoss

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #169: Social Assistance Accord (Category: Social Justice; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly,

ACKNOWLEDGES that individuals in need may be deserving of assistance;

HOWEVER, REGRETS that the 'Social Assistance Accord' overreaches on the number of policies it tries to regulate, and that the lack of detail may lead to situations that are clearly unfair:

1. The 'Social Assistance Accord' does not permit Member States to make temporary welfare benefits conditional on reasonable obligations, such as having to actively look for a job. This is unfair to welfare recipients who have been actively seeking opportunities to work, and undermines the general intent behind welfare limitations: to reject 'free-riders';

2. The 'Social Assistance Accord' mandates that individuals be granted 10 weeks paid paternal leave whenever they adopt a child, regardless of parenthood or the child's age;

3. The 'Social Assistance Accord' does not specify whether parental leave must be granted to the father, the mother or both, nor does it grant the power to decide on that issue to Member States;

REALISES that World Assembly resolutions are legally binding and not merely aspirational, and that some of the mandates of the 'Social Assistance Accord' may not be affordable:

1. Poor and developing nations, regardless of their good intentions, may be unable to provide benefits that cover water, nourishment, housing, and utilities to all idle individuals within their borders and their dependants;

2. A right to "immediate access" to all information regarding benefits is equally impractical in remote or isolated areas;

REPEALS the 'Social Assistance Accord'.

Co-author: Unibot ii

Votes For: 8,997 (80%)
Votes Against: 2,248 (20%)


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by Max Barry

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