World Assembly Resolutions

Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Repeal "Liberate Free Thought"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#14

Proposed by: Revert

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #14: Liberate Free Thought shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: OBSERVING that the Liberation was intended to protect Free Thought from griefing by returning its control to a native;

NOTING that since the Liberation of Free Thought, Luna Amore (the last remaining native) has re-founded the region;

AWARE that since Free Thought now has a founder, raiding groups such as The Land of Kings and Emperors are no longer a threat to Free Thought, its WFE or its flag;

RECOGNIZING that Luna Amore desires to have this resolution repealed;

CONCLUDING that this resolution is now obsolete;

WISHING to keep the Security Council's resolutions up to date;

HEREBY Repeals 'Liberate Free Thought'.

Votes For: 8,459 (90%)
Votes Against: 948 (10%)



Repeal "On Humanitarian Aid"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#162

Proposed by: Glen-Rhodes

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #162: On Humanitarian Aid (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: ACKNOWLEDGING that humanitarian aid is an important international issue and that the World Assembly strives to promote and protect humanitarian aid missions,

RECOGNIZING the importance of providing protection to humanitarian aid workers within conflict areas,

DISMAYED that "On Humanitarian Aid" does not reflect the realities of humanitarian aid missions and the volatile conflicts in which they are undertaken,

DISAPPOINTED that "On Humanitarian Aid" revokes legal protection from any humanitarian aid worker who engages in self-defense against militants, which is a policy that will fundamentally harm the viability of humanitarian aid missions in the future,

WORRIED that "On Humanitarian Aid" does not sufficiently address the concept of "neutral zones" and that the arbitrary declaration of neutral zones may destabilize a conflict or risk the lives humanitarian aid workers,

DETERMINED to prevent the harm of humanitarian aid workers and promote the success of humanitarian aid missions through a more effective and appropriate resolution,

The World Assembly hereby repeals "On Humanitarian Aid."

Votes For: 7,409 (72%)
Votes Against: 2,888 (28%)



Commend Glen-Rhodes

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Glen-Rhodes

Proposed by: Connopolis

Description: The Security Council,

RECOGNIZING the World Assembly ambassador of Glen-Rhodes, Dr. Bradford Castro, as one of the most prolific resolution authors of all time,

FURTHER RECOGNIZING the nation's delegation as a massive influence within the General Assembly which has currently drafted and passed an extraordinary collection of resolutions such as:

  • GAR#52 Food Welfare Act, which prompts the distribution of food to countries plagued by famine while also creating an international seed bank to prevent individual crops from going extinct,

  • GAR#61 WA Copyright Charter, which creates an international standard for copyrights and protects copyright holders from possible discrimination by individual member-states,

  • GAR#70 International Competition Laws, which promotes international free trade while preventing impairments to international trade (such as cartels, exclusive trade, and other anti-competitive policies),

  • GAR#94 Microcredits and Microgrants, which creates the World Microcredit Foundation as well as a subset - the Microgrant Institute - to distribute microloans and microgrants to impoverished individuals,

  • GAR#112 Convention on Execution, which affects the practice of execution within member states while protecting certain individuals from capital punishment (pregnant individuals, mentally instable individuals, and children). This was an important compromise which resolved a tense resurgence of the capital punishment issue in the General Assembly,

  • GAR#130 Elections and Assistance Act, which promotes fair election in democratic nations and creates the Organization for Electoral Assistance, the purpose of which is to to assist transitioning democracies with elections,

APPLAUDING the government of Glen-Rhodes for its creation of an automatically updated archive of how any member-nation that uses the service has voted in the General Assembly and the Security Council. This "Vote Tracker" has been immensely useful for any member-nation that wishes to maintain a record of its voting history.

FURTHER APPLAUDING Glen-Rhodes' relentless advocacy for democratic reform in the World Assembly voting system, although not necessarily agreeing with Glen-Rhodes on this issue. The nominee's steadfast advocacy and commitment is incontrovertibly admirable. To reveal what the nominee believed is an undemocratic system, Glen-Rhodes created "RealVotes," which reveals the votes of individual WA nations, the votes of individual WA delegates, and the influence that standard WA members have during individual votes broken down into a percentage,

IMPRESSED by the tenacity expressed by Dr. Castro while debating in the chambers of the General Assembly and by his persistence and application of logic and reasoning,

CONVINCED that any nation that instills such positive change in the world deserves recognition by the medium through which it conducted such change,

HEREBY Commends Glen-Rhodes.

Co-Authored by Unibot ii

Votes For: 7,560 (77%)
Votes Against: 2,239 (23%)




Legalizing Prostitution

A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Great azarath

Description: The World Assembly,

that prostitution, one of the oldest and most known professions in existence, is illegal in many member states;

CONCERNED that the criminalization of prostitution prevents prostitutes from adequately protecting themselves from abuse and disease, and that even in member states where prostitution is legal, prostitutes still may not be fully protected under current national laws;

CONVINCED that all individuals have a fundamental right to bodily sovereignty that no government can rightly violate;

DEFINES, for this resolution:
(1) Prostitution: As the act or practice of providing sexual services to another person (client) in return for compensation.
(2) Prostitute: Sapient beings who provide sexual services in return for compensation.
(3) Brothel: A organized place of prostitution.
(4) Sapient/Sapience: The ability of an organism or entity to act with judgment.

HEREBY MANDATES that all member states residing with the World Assembly legalize the business and free trade of prostitution within the confines of previously existent international law.

Prostitutes and member states that reside with the World Assembly MUST ABIDE to the following statements:
(1) Prostitutes are made fully aware of the health or other specific risk connected to prostitution;
(2) A prostitute has the right to refuse any sexual act;
(3) A prostitute has the right to create a contract with his/her/its client agreeing on specific details.

PROHIBITS the following:
(1) Sexual penetration to happen without some form of sexual protection, unless both sides consent to not using any form of sexual protection;
(2) Any government to stop a sapient being from acquiring this profession; within the confines of previously existent international law.

Individual member-states regulating prostitution-based enterprises to the point where it no longer becomes profitable for the enterprise, or its employees; member-states must also refrain from instilling negative ramifications on prostitutes for pursuing the profession with the intent of stymieing the industry.

This resolution RECOMMENDS the following:
(1) That member states provide free or low-cost, high quality condoms and other prophylactics, birth control and STI screenings to prostitutes and others who are at risk of STI's and unwanted pregnancies;
(2) Prostitutes are involved with organized brothels for better safety.

ENCOURAGES individual member states to impose additional protocol or standards that do not conflict with this resolution.

Co-Author: Connopolis

Votes For: 6,343 (56%)
Votes Against: 4,954 (44%)



Law of the Seas

A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.

Category: Global Disarmament

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Bears Armed Mission

Description: ACKNOWLEDGING that nations have the right to claim jurisdiction, for legal and economic purposes, over those parts of the seas that are adjacent to their lands,

CONCERNED that if such claims are taken to excess they have the potential to destabilise international security,

SEEKING to remedy this situation, whilst taking into account nations’ legitimate interests;

1. DEFINES the term ‘sea border’ as the point where waters meet the land at mean low tide, or where such a border would exist at sea level in the case of undersea nations;

2. ACKNOWLEDGES that, subject to any limits that WA law places on national rights and unless these terms would create conflicting claims,
A) Waters within 24 nautical miles (‘NM’) of a member nation's sea border, and any further waters that are enclosed by these, shall be considered that nation’s 'Territorial Waters' over which the nation shall have sovereign control and may enforce any and all of its own laws;
B) All of the waters within 200 nautical miles of a member nation's sea border, whether these are within its own Territorial Waters or are International Waters, and any further waters that are enclosed by these, shall be counted as its 'Exclusive Economic Zone' (‘EEZ’) within which it has sole authority over the exploration and use of natural resources;
C) Each of these zones also includes the relevant sections of sea-floor;
D) A nation’s territorial jurisdiction also extends over offshore installations located within its EEZ, and over ships registered in that nation while those are in International Waters;

3. STATES that in the case of conflicting claims between member nations any waters where two or more nations’ claims would overlap shall be divided along lines mid-way between those nations’ sea borders, unless those nations freely agree on an alternative partition instead;

4. URGES any member nations whose claims conflict with those of any non-members to seek peaceful agreement on basis of these same rules with those other nations;

5. FOUNDS the World Assembly Nautical Commission (or ‘WANC’), gives this agency the right and duty of binding arbitration in any disputes about this resolution’s interpretation that might arise between WA member nations, and also allows it to provide arbitration in relevant disputes involving any non-member nations who actually volunteer to accept this service;

Co-author: Cobdenia.

Votes For: 7,319 (65%)
Votes Against: 3,987 (35%)


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by Max Barry

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