World Assembly Resolutions

Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Reducing Problem Gambling

A resolution to promote funding and the development of education and the arts.

Category: Education and Creativity

Area of Effect: Educational

Proposed by: Charlotte Ryberg

Description: The General Assembly,

UNDERSTANDING that the gambling industry is an important part of the economies of many World Assembly members, creating employment and generating significant income for national governments;

CONCERNED that some individuals may put their livelihoods at risk by gambling excessively in a hope to get rich quick or win back losses;

OBSERVING that there are many causes behind problem gambling, such as advertising, financial problems or peer pressure;

ACCEPTING that in most cases gambling is fun and entertaining if it is done sensibly and responsibly;

DESIRING to tackle problem gambling and promote responsible gambling:

DEFINES the following for the purpose of this resolution:
• “Gambling” - the wagering of a stake (money or items of material value such as jewellery) on an event (such as lotteries or horse racing) with an uncertain outcome with the primary objective of winning additional money and/or material goods. The definition of "Gambling" does not extend to speculative investment or the financial markets for the purpose of this resolution;
• “Problem Gambling” - a situation where an individual may: feel the need to be secretive about their gambling, be compelled to gamble until their money runs out, gamble even when they have no money, be pushed to borrow, sell or steal things for gambling money, and/or their relatives are worried about the individual because of gambling;
• The “Operator” - all operators of gambling premises, lotteries or internet sites, which are based in member countries;

1. MANDATES member countries to:
a) Ensure the availability of an easily accessible help service which provides help or advice to individuals with gambling problems;
b) Ensure that treatment for gambling addiction is available for any individual who wishes to participate;
c) Establish an education programme which informs the general populace and other interested parties of local gambling laws, and gives practical advice about the risks of problem gambling;

2. MANDATES Operators which allow credit to be used as a form of payment to impose sensible deposit limits on customers’ accounts, where necessary;

3. FURTHER MANDATES member countries where gambling advertising is permitted to prohibit Operators from using advertising or marketing techniques to:
• Specifically target individuals on low income or with financial problems, such as debts;
• Present gambling as a solution to financial problems;
• Promote irresponsible gambling or misrepresent the rules of the game;

4. EMPHASISES that this resolution does not affect member countries’ choice of legalising or outlawing gambling;

Co-authored by Knootoss.

Votes For: 3,861 (59%)
Votes Against: 2,675 (41%)



Commend Bergnovinaia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Bergnovinaia

Proposed by: Unibotian wa mission

Description: The WA,

UNDERSTANDING that Bergnovinaia authored GA#65, “Biological Weapons Conference”, which authorized a widespread member nation disarmament of biological weapons to aid in efforts for international peace;

NOTING the sheer number of human casualties that were prevented with the adoption of the aforementioned resolution which is all due to the commitment and determination of the Bergnovinaian delegation;

CELEBRATING their creation and continued funding of the International Bureau of Lawyers (IBL), which united attorneys from twenty-two different countries with a range of specialities including criminal and international as well as corporate and transnational corporate law to represent those -- in domestic and international courts such as the International Criminal Court (ICC) -- who otherwise did not have a decent legal representation at their defense;

FURTHER CELEBRATING the nominee’s creation and leadership of the Nuclear Arms Assembly (NAA), a --now dissolved-- body of member nations committed to:
• The non-proliferation of nuclear weapons;
• Humanitarian support (particularly for radiological and nuclear disasters);
• A reduction of nuclear warfare;
• Peaceful mediation and peacekeeping;
• Replacing outdated nuclear technology;
• The education of nuclear technicians;

ACKNOWLEDGING that the NAA, in its prime contained sixty-two powerful member nations, and was a guiding peacekeeping and humanitarian force in international incidents including:
• The evacuation, and recovery of the Southern Province of Pan-freeland after civil turmoil in the fledgling nation had caused a nuclear war;
• Mediation in a successful peace conference between the following WA member nations... Jlop, Juthra, Kriania and Almaniania, that resulted in a total nuclear disarmament between the involved parties and a peaceful resolution;
• The successful resistance of an Orlkjestadi invasion of Slaytesics, a WA member nation;
• An engagement of heavy economic sanctions and war against Southern united africa, for their barbaric history of chemical warfare;
• The diplomatic arbitration in a conflict between Chezovolvia and Sunkistodia, while aiding in the containment of the disease which instigated the conflict;
• Support for Seculartopia, by constructing temporary barriers around the southern end of the Sagan River Bank -- thus protecting citizens from radiological contamination and flooding;

BELIEVING that while the NAA may have recently dissolved because of inactivity -- the spirit and the contributions of an international actor like the NAA or a state-actor like Bergnovinaia, deserve to be immortalized for future generations to find inspiration from;

With consideration to the renowned contributions of the NAA and Bergnovinaia to world peace and wellbeing in addition to their assitance of those in need,


Votes For: 3,872 (73%)
Votes Against: 1,463 (27%)



Essential Medication Act

A resolution to ban, legalize, or encourage recreational drugs.

Category: Recreational Drug Use

Decision: Legalize

Proposed by: Mousebumples


UNDERSTANDS that each nation within this august body has its own individualized laws regarding recreational drug use inside its own borders.

RESPECTS the right of each nation to make such decisions due to the lack of international law on the subject.

REALIZES that some patients receive inadequate and/or substandard medical treatment due to the limitations of pharmacology and legal restrictions within their nation of residence.

BELIEVES that medical professionals should be able to prescribe evidence-based treatments for their patients’ use when standard courses of therapy prove to be ineffective or insufficient.

DEFINES “medically essential drug” (MED) as a medication or treatment that is necessary to improve management and/or treatment of a patient’s medical condition but is specially regulated and/or restricted within a given nation.

REQUIRES, at minimum, that member nations allow their citizens medicinal access and medicinal use of MEDs.

PERMITS member nations to implement any/all of the following restrictions on the medicinal access and use of MEDs within their sovereign borders:
• Patients may be required to try evidence-based standard course(s) of therapy for a sufficient duration to allow for adequate symptom control to be obtained. Patient-specific waivers must be available in the event that such trials would result in untenable adverse harm.
• Practitioners who prescribe MEDs may be required to obtain a special certification in order to ensure that MEDs are being used solely for medicinal purposes. The certification must have reasonable and attainable standards.
• Member nations may require MED dispensaries to institute reasonable security measures to prevent theft and/or unauthorized possession of MEDs.

CLARIFIES that nothing in this text limits a member state's ability to outlaw or legalize recreational use of MEDs or other drugs.

Votes For: 4,532 (71%)
Votes Against: 1,807 (29%)



Commend Starblaydia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Starblaydia

Proposed by: Unibotian wa mission

Description: The Security Council,

Deeply Admiring the healthy competition, spirit, sportspersonship and sense of community that a well-organized sporting event can promote,

Noting with approval Starblaydia's vast sporting successes that — at the time of this writing — includes five World Cups, six Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football (AOCAF) Cups, two U21 World Cups, five Cherry Cups and the first Quidditch World Cup,

Observing the World Cup Committee — a body of nations that manages and organizes the biggest and most prestigious international sporting events in NationStates:
• NationStates World Cup (WC),
• The Baptism of Fire ,
• The Cup of Harmony,

Celebrating the nominee for having — at the time of this writing — presided the World Cup Committee for fifteen world cups (also serving as the acting president during WC52-54) in an elected position that requires dedication and integrity,

Recognizing that Starblaydia drafted the current Constitution of the World Cup Committee which replaced all previous World Cup Committee rules, standardized the KPB Rankings system as the official international ranking system for sporting, in addition to creating a legal foundation for the (1) various branches of the World Cup Committee, (2) sanctioned events hosted by the World Cup Committee, (3) process to which proposals, repeals and amendments are voted on by the World Cup Committee,

Bearing in mind that the Starblaydi Football Association (SFA) has co-hosted two World Cup tournaments (WC20/40), with the latter being held while the SFA also hosted the corresponding Baptism of Fire and the Cup of Harmony,

Expressing its satisfaction with Starblaydia’s reestablishment of an Under-21 World Cup tournament that is now referred to as the “Di Bradini Cup” — named after the Starblaydi former football player, manager and president of the World Cup Committee (during WC25-27),

Approving of the nominee’s demonstrated readiness to share its expertise with fledgling football associations that are considering playing at the international level,

Further Approving of the helpful advice that Starblaydia has provided to competition organizers on how their sports can achieve equivalent success to the World Cup,

Noting that without Starblaydia’s leadership, dedication, integrity and impartiality, the world would not be as united as it is today with the passions, spirit and sportspersonship of international sport,

Further Noting that the World Assembly sympathizes with these ideals and is honored to commemorate any nominee that devotes so much time and effort to them as Starblaydia has,

Hereby Commends Starblaydia.

Votes For: 3,254 (63%)
Votes Against: 1,909 (37%)



Repeal "Missing Minors Database"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#120

Proposed by: Darenjon wa embassy

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #120: Missing Minors Database (Category: International Security; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The General Assembly,

APPLAUDING the intent of Missing Minors Database, and believing in the guaranteed safety of minors,

BUT ACKNOWLEDGING several flaws with the resolution, including that:

1. It does not count as "abduction" cases where abductors, with the purpose of harm, coerce or deceive minors into voluntarily attaching themselves to said abductor;

2. It requires alerts regarding all missing minors be broadcast in "all available media", leaving confusion and differing opinions regarding whether privately-owned media is affected, and it does not allow for limitation of more-frequent alerts to within a certain radius of where the minor was last seen;

3. Further, it requires that "all border crossings [and] transportation hubs" and " enforcement authorities," everywhere in the nation, be sent an overwhelming mass of notifications about every missing minor in the nation, including runaways;

4. It counts runaway minors as "abducted", ignoring the differences between cases in which a minor is forcibly taken against their will, and cases where a minor chooses to leave of their own volition;

5. It forces nations to expend law enforcement resources towards the locating and apprehension of said runaways, who may not wish to be found and may have good reasons for leaving their family's home, then does not attempt to address the issues behind the runaway's choice to leave the home;

6. It suggests that, upon a minor's return to their family, the case be considered "resolved" and no further action is pledged or required to ensure the minor's and community's continued safety, including possible prosecution of a minor's abductor;

7. It requires needless paperwork in cases in which a parent or guardian wishes to travel across international borders with a minor and without the other parent or guardian, and does not expound requirements in cases where a minor has more than two parents and/or legal guardians;

REALIZING that "Missing Minors Database", despite its laudable intent, is a highly flawed resolution,

The General Assembly hereby repeals "Missing Minors Database".

Co-authored by Quelesh

Votes For: 4,884 (81%)
Votes Against: 1,165 (19%)


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by Max Barry

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