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Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Ethics in International Trade

A resolution to develop industry around the world.

Category: Advancement of Industry

Area of Effect: Protective Tariffs

Proposed by: Unibotian wa mission

Description: The General Assembly,

Recognizing that an economic disincentive will discourage extreme risks (see c.1) to national populations,

1. Imposes an ethical and ad valorem tariff on any imported good that features one or several of the following criteria:

Said imported goods were manufactured, recovered or generated by those (excluding non-sentient employees, ex. Automata) who do not have,
1.a) The capacity to complete the workload of their occupation, while continuing to actively pursue an education and/or remain in a dignified state of mental and physical health;
1.b) An entitlement to,
• Clean water, sanitation and/or nutrition;
• Assured security --while at their workplace-- from violence, rape, abuse, poisoning and torture from people related to their workplace;
• Sleep, recovery, leisure and rest;
• Fair and just remuneration for the work they provide (unless their work is voluntary and entered into without being pressured, mislead or coerced), that will ensure them and their dependents a dignified existence, if no social protection exists for them otherwise;

2.a) Declares that the set percentage of an ad valorem tariff on each specific imported good’s market value (relevant to c.1), shall be decided by the International Trade Administration (ITA), with consideration from input by any nation or commercial entity;
2.b) Requires the ITA to also consider the following details of each product and their source when finalizing the set percentage:
• The product’s fulfillment of the aforementioned criteria that were stipulated in c.1;
• The source’s current economic strength and development and its reasonable capacity to provide laborers with the rights, entitlements and securities that were stipulated in c.1;
• The competitiveness of the international market, concerning said product;
• The market value and demand for said product;
• Price elasticity of demand, and consumer necessities for said product;
• Any existing past transgressions by the source, regarding attempted circumvention of tariffs;
2.c) Reaffirms that the ITA can rule a zero-percentage of a product's market value as being an acceptable tariff if their considerations (ex. necessity goods) suggest that a robust tariff would be unethical and/or unfair;

3.a) Affirms the freedom of all nations, as well as corporate or commercial entities to request an appeal for any decision made by the ITA;
3.b) Further Affirms the duty of the ITA to consider any legitimate request for an appeal, and in a timely fashion, reevaluate the contested decision;
3.c) Entrusts the ITA with the duty to store all collections from this ethical tariff in the 'WA Humanitarian Fund' for allocation (without running a deficit) to the various social justice and humanitarian programs of the World Assembly;

4. Obligates all member-nations -- within their own borders -- to make a coordinated effort to report to the World Assembly and prevent any distribution and/or sale of goods that have circumvented this ethical tariff, or otherwise were in the process of circumvention.

Votes For: 3,153 (54%)
Votes Against: 2,650 (46%)



Commend Ananke II

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Ananke II

Proposed by: Sedgistan

Description: The Security Council,

Recognising that Ananke II is more commonly referred to just as "Ananke",

Recalling that, in 2003, Ananke helped establish the North Pacific Army, a defender military based in the region The North Pacific and which was one of the most active and influential militaries based in one of the Pacifics,

Aware that the Alliance Defense Network (ADN) was the largest multi-regional alliance in NationStates history, and that Ananke rose to the leading position of Secretary of State within it,

Believing that, through holding this position within the ADN, Ananke assisted with the protection of numerous regions from the threat of invasion,

Applauding Ananke's role as one of the three organisers of the liberation of The North Pacific in 2004, the largest successful liberation in NationStates history, which freed the region from the tyranny of the New Pacific Order, a dictatorial regime based out of The Pacific,

Praising Ananke's continued work as a defender - first in the North Pacific Army, then in the ADN, the GLA, and, more recently, in the 10000 Islands Treaty Organisation (TITO) - which has helped to keep hundreds of regions free to rule themselves without interference from hostile foreign forces, and recognising that this is a cause that aligns with the Security Council's aim of spreading interregional peace,

Observing Ananke's tireless work within 10000 Islands, helping to turn it into one of the largest and most influential regions in NationStates through extensive recruiting efforts and the welcoming of every new nation that joins the region, and noting that this work has been a benefit shared by the wider NationStates community, as it leads to an increase in the number of nations actively engaged with their peers,

Recognising Ananke's recently completed stint as delegate of 10000 Islands, during which Ananke became the highest-endorsed delegate in several years and assisted in engaging the 10000 Islands community with the World Assembly,

Acknowledging that, as delegate of 10000 Islands, Ananke was also responsible for leading the foreign affairs mission of the region, helping to drastically increase its foreign affairs involvement, and improving diplomatic relations between 10000 Islands and other regions,

Perceiving that Ananke's work as a defender that spreads interregional peace, and as a delegate and diplomat for 10000 Islands that spreads goodwill, aligns perfectly with the Security Council's aims,

Concluding that few nations have made such a significant and beneficial contribution to NationStates as Ananke has and that this contribution should therefore be recognised through a World Assembly commendation,

Hereby Commends Ananke II.

Votes For: 3,359 (72%)
Votes Against: 1,281 (28%)



Commend The Skeleton Army

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: The Skeleton Army

Proposed by: Sedgistan

Description: The World Assembly,

Recognising The Skeleton Army as the self-declared "greatest raider region,"

Bowing down to their mighty leader, the Warrior Skeleton Queen of Ramazakal,

Noting that their fearless armies of the undead are renowned for conquering regions under the cover of darkness,

Aware that this is a fate that has befallen such prominent regions as Texas, The West Pacific, The Rejected Realms, and The Cuckoos Egg,

Surprised to learn that The Skeleton Army never causes harm to the regions it invades and instead prefers to mingle with the natives, steal food from their barbecues, and attempt to drink beer - with hilarious results,

Appreciating The Skeleton Army's generous supply of sticky ribs to the regions it conquers,

Acknowledging that all that The Skeleton Army requires from its defeated enemies is for them to sign the Thighbone of Surrender,

Believing that these novel and unique military tactics are far superior to the conventional varieties,

Desiring that other regions follow their example,

Thusly Commends The Skeleton Army.

Votes For: 2,964 (69%)
Votes Against: 1,352 (31%)




Nuclear Testing Safety

A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.

Category: Global Disarmament

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Darenjo

Description: KNOWING that nuclear weapons are often needed for national defense,

BUT CONCERNED about the effects of nuclear tests including but not limited to: nuclear fallout, radiation, intense and deadly heatwaves and fire blasts, EMP waves and bursts, natural disasters, injury and death, and seismic activity,

BELIEVING that the unsupervised and unregulated testing of nuclear weapons poses an unnecessary risk to civilians and uninvolved armed forces,

HOPING to create greater safety regarding the testing of nuclear weapons,

The General Assembly hereby adopts the following measures:

DEFINES 'nuclear testing' as the usage of a nuclear weapon for research purposes, that is not targeted to destroy or affect a civilian, military, or prisoner populace;

RESTRICTS nuclear testing to areas where the testing and its aftereffects will not directly affect surrounding populaces;

BANS nuclear testing within the area between the edge of a populated celestial body's atmosphere and twice the distance of geosychronous orbit - measured at the equator of said celestial body;

SHOULD an inhabited celestial body lack an atmosphere or a well-defined, generally agreed-upon geosynchronous orbit, then nuclear-testing nations should refer to the above 'restricts' clause;

DECLARES that WA nations who test nuclear weapons shall be responsible for ensuring that the aftereffects of nuclear tests do not directly affect civilian, prisoner, or uninvolved military populaces;

ESTABLISHES the following rules that are to be followed for the process of testing nuclear weapons:
1. All tests must be thoroughly and fully supervised to ensure compliance with WA regulations
2. All tests be constructed so that the aftereffects of such tests do not directly affect other nations without their previous and explicit permission
3. All WA nations be able to quickly and efficiently clean up fallout from nuclear tests
4. All WA nations take as many precautions as necessary to ensure the absence of unnecessary death or injury due to nuclear testing;

EXEMPTS mild seismic activity that has been shown not to cause significant damage to settlements from the second rule above;

ESTABLISHES the Nuclear Testing Oversight Agency (NTOA) to:
1. Ensure that compliance of member states with WA regulations
2. To create guidelines for the cleanup of areas following nuclear tests - Until such time as the NTOA shall establish such guidelines pertaining to environmental cleanup, all nations that test nuclear weapons must perform adequate cleanup so that background radiation is returned to within 25% of levels present before the test
3. To supervise nuclear tests upon invitation from nuclear-testing nations
4. To fulfill any other atomic-related function the WA may see fit to assign it through future law

IMPLORES nations to place their tests in areas where EMP waves and bursts will not affect non-involved populaces;

Co-authored by Cardoness.

Votes For: 3,103 (54%)
Votes Against: 2,631 (46%)




Liberate Eastern Europe

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Eastern Europe

Proposed by: Topid


The World Assembly,

Observing Eastern Europe, a founderless region which has been the victim of numerous raids throughout its history,

Impressed that the natives of Eastern Europe are attempting to secure their region by refounding it,

Upset that the current delegate of Eastern Europe, Czech mate, and the previous delegate, Romani romania, have now taken control of the refounding effort,

Recognizing that both recent delegates Romani romania and Czech mate have ejected natives from behind a hidden password and are working for an unidentified non-native group,

Outraged that numerous nations are known to have been ejected from the region by either Czech Mate or Romani Romania,

Further outraged that the oppressors have severed the connection between the region and the region’s legitimate forums,

Noting that Flobos, a long-time native and former delegate of Eastern Europe, states that Czech Mate is a former member of Eastern Europe from years past attempting to exact revenge upon the region,

Fearing that, without intervention, the region's destruction is imminent because no new nations may enter the region and because almost every nation not aligned with the region's destroyers has been removed,

Affirming that the natives of the region support a liberation,

Asserting that Flobos and other natives deserve a region where they have the ability to control its fate themselves,

Hereby liberates the region of Eastern Europe.

Co-Author: Sedgistan

Votes For: 2,778 (53%)
Votes Against: 2,457 (47%)


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by Max Barry

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