World Assembly Resolutions

Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Anti-Cyberterrorism Act

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: American capitalist

Description: The World Assembly,

OBSERVING that a single person, known as a cyberterrorist, can potentially cause strife and havoc to the world of information technology, with relatively little funds, equipment or experience;

FURTHER OBSERVING that most cyberterrorists act and plan either individually or in groups on the internet;

BELIEVING that it is crucial to warn member states on potential cyberterror threats that may be directed at them from radical or violent groups or individuals, so they can take action to defend themselves from such attacks;

FURTHER BELIEVING that member states should also respect, as best as possible, civil liberties and the individual right to privacy when tackling cyberterrorism;


DEFINES for the purpose of this resolution:
• Information technology, as the development, implementation, and maintenance of computing devices and software systems to organize and communicate information electronically;
• Cyberterrorism: as any premeditated, politically or ideologically motivated attack, or threat thereof, through the use of information technology, against information or telecommunication networks, computer systems, computer programs, and data, which results in significant disruption, distress or losses of physical, economic, or infrastructural nature to targets, by sub-national groups or agents;
• Internet Service Provider(ISP): as any person or entity that operates or resells and controls any facility used to provide Internet access directly to the public;

DECLARES that conspiring, planning, carrying out, funding or aiding acts of cyberterrorism shall be outlawed in all member states, and that member states will commit to prosecute violators to the fullest extent possible in their jurisdiction;

FORBIDS member states from conspiring, planning, carrying out, funding or aiding acts of cyberterrorism, and requires member states who carry out such activities to cease and desist immediately;

REQUIRES member states and ISPs to do as much as possible within their jurisdiction to prevent and combat cyberterrorism at home and abroad, with respect given to civil liberties and the individual right to privacy under applicable national and international laws;

URGES member states to share information with each other on individuals and organizations who are suspected or known to have a history of cyberterrorism to combat the spread of cyberterrorist activities on to the international level, while respecting applicable national and international laws regarding privacy;

FURTHER URGES member states to coordinate counter-cyberterrorism activities against such cyberterrorist groups;

REQUIRES member states to freeze the assets of cyberterrorist individuals or organizations which may be used to support international cyberterrorist acts - including but not limited to: funds, computers or storage devices;

CALLS FOR member states to shut down ISPs that knowingly hosts and allows cyberterrorist activities to originate from their servers;

RECOMMENDS member states to ban or restrict convicted individual cyberterrorists from computer activity;

FURTHER RECOMMENDS member states to raise awareness about cyberterrorism and educate the general populace about protecting themselves from such attacks.

Co-Authored by Charlotte Ryberg

Votes For: 3,330 (53%)
Votes Against: 2,955 (47%)



Repeal "The Clean Water Resolution"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#96

Proposed by: Grays Harbor

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #96: The Clean Water Resolution (Category: Social Justice; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly,

RECOGNIZING the vital importance of access to water,

HOWEVER REGRETTING that this particular resolution was rushed to a vote despite being environmentally and economically impractical,

APPALLED that the resolution gives the World Assembly Water Purification and Treatment (WAWPT) the unlimited power to divert water from one nation to another,

NOTING that the diversion of water can have disastrous environmental and economic consequences, including climate change, destruction of habitats, adverse health effects, interference with shipping, and destruction of fisheries,

DISMAYED that the resolution does not require the WAWPT to provide compensation to governments or private parties from whom it diverts water,

CONCERNED that the WAWPT's mandate to create a universal water system is unnecessarily expensive in duplicating the efforts of domestic government agencies and private companies that already provide water service,

PERPLEXED at the resolution's failure to provide definitions of "toxic materials" and "contamination,"

DISTRESSED that the resolution could be construed to ban additives to water that are beneficial to public health,

TROUBLED that the resolution fails to promote - let alone mention - water conservation as the conservation of water may negate or at least lessen the need for the diversion of clean water,

WORRIED that the clause regarding basic education is short on details, which may result in a nation being compliant while not upholding the true spirit of the resolution by, perhaps, educating their people on how to make water toxic as a part of military training,

HEREBY REPEALS Resolution 96, "The Clean Water Resolution."

Authored by New rockport

Votes For: 4,285 (74%)
Votes Against: 1,537 (26%)




International Criminal Court

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Quelesh

Description: The Assembled Nations of the World,

APPALLED that sapient beings are still subjected to genocide, war crimes and other atrocities;

VEXED that there now exists no international justice system by which to try the perpetrators of these heinous crimes should their home nations refuse to do so;

DEFINING, for the purpose of this resolution:

A. "Genocide" as any act intended to destroy, in whole or in part, any group of sapient beings on the basis of a shared ancestry, nationality, ethnicity, religion, race, culture, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age or age range or any other identifiable real or perceived characteristic

B. "War crimes" as any of the following committed as part of armed conflict:
1. Military actions that intentionally target civilians, resulting in civilian casualties
2. Murder, torture or other cruel or degrading treatment of prisoners of war or surrendered enemies
3. Mass internment or use for slave labor of civilians
4. Excessive destruction of occupied areas or natural resources
5. The use of nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological weapons against a civilian population with foreknowledge of likely civilian casualties

C. "Crimes against humanity" as any of the following committed as part of a systematic attack on a population of sapient beings:
1. Murder
2. Torture or other cruel, degrading or inhumane treatment
3. Forced sterilization or acts of sexual violence
4. Forced population transfer;

hereby ESTABLISH the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the purpose of bringing to justice those responsible for the above crimes;

AUTHORIZE the ICC to issue arrest warrants for any person ("wanted person") suspected of these crimes if their home jurisdiction refuses to bring them to justice, unless an extant WA resolution requires they be tried elsewhere;

INSIST that no warrant be issued by the ICC without probable cause;

REQUIRE member states to arrest wanted persons within their jurisdictions and extradite them to the ICC;

STRONGLY URGE member states to pursue the extradition of wanted persons not under their jurisdictions by all legal and peaceful means;

TASK the ICC with trying those accused and sentencing those convicted, subject to the following:

A. The ICC shall contract with a member state to hold pre-trial detainees ("defendants") and to house, for the duration of their sentences, those convicted by the ICC ("convicts") and sentenced to incarceration

B. Defendants have the following rights: a reasonably speedy trial, competent legal representation, to call witnesses on their behalf and examine witnesses against them, to refuse to incriminate themselves and to fully understand and participate in the proceedings

C. The ICC shall not convict a defendant without proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt

D. An acquitted defendant shall be immediately and unconditionally released to their nation of origin or, if that nation will not accept them, another consenting nation

E. Once acquitted by the ICC, no person shall be retried by the ICC for the same offense

F. The ICC shall never impose the death penalty

G. Convicts shall have the right to present to the ICC exculpatory evidence that was not available at trial; the ICC may reverse a conviction at any time

H. The ICC shall establish such rules and regulations, not conflicting with this resolution, concerning its operations as it sees fit, consistent with the principles of fairness and justice.

Votes For: 3,679 (64%)
Votes Against: 2,050 (36%)



International Drug Education

A resolution to promote funding and the development of education and the arts.

Category: Education and Creativity

Area of Effect: Educational

Proposed by: Mousebumples

Description: UNDERSTANDING that safety and efficacy are important standards with regards to drug therapy.

ACKNOWLEDGING that a drug may cause varying benefits and side effects in different species.

DESIRING to more fully understand the inherent benefits and harms with regards to taking drugs.

CREATES the International Drug Education Agency (IDEA) as a sub-committee of the World Assembly Food and Drug Regulatory Agency (WAFADRA).

SPECIFIES that IDEA will collect drug-related research data regarding medical and recreational drug use.

STIPULATES that drug information regarding drug procurement and/or creation will not be gathered by IDEA, unless granted by the holder of the intellectual property rights for said information.

ESTABLISHES the Database Of Clinical Treatments Under Study (DOCTUS) as a drug education branch of the Universal Library Coalition (ULC);
1. IDEA will archive all research data within DOCTUS;
(a) Data from completed but unpublished studies will be included in the archive.
(b) No identifying patient information will be included in the archive.
2. Said data will be made available to, at minimum, all medical professionals within WA nations; individual nations may provide this information to others within their own borders as they deem appropriate.
3. All research data within DOCTUS will be accompanied by a link to the relevant journal article(s), if the research has been published;
(a) IDEA will provide appropriate monetary reimbursement to journals that are not currently archived in the ULC so that their research can be accessed through DOCTUS by credentialed individuals.
(b) If a journal and/or individual article is not available through DOCTUS or the ULC, appropriate citations will be listed.
4. Non-WA nations may apply for access to DOCTUS; a nominal fee may charged by the IDEA for access.

DETAILS that IDEA medical professionals will publish quarterly IDEA newsletters;
1. The newsletters will be written by health care professionals and will detail the most significant discoveries in drug therapy, such as new indications for an already discovered drug, new concerns regarding side effects for an established drug, new recommendations for use in certain populations, etc.
(a) Any recommendations issued by IDEA professionals regarding changes to currently established medication therapy standards will be non-binding.
(b) Scientists will be encouraged to pursue further research regarding published information to ensure that the most effective and appropriate recommendations are in place.
2. The IDEA Quarterly will be provided to all interested nations free of charge and will be archived within DOCTUS with the appropriate reference citations.

RECOMMENDS that Health Research & Development Division of the WHA accept applications for funding from WA member nations for further research regarding already discovered medication therapies to better understand their safety and efficacy with long-term use;
1. Applications for funding must include details of how the study would be conducted and what drug(s) would be studied.
2. Funded studies must receive the informed consent of all participants in the study.
3. Studies are strongly encouraged to have a control group of some nature.

Votes For: 4,449 (83%)
Votes Against: 940 (17%)




Nautical Pilotage Act

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Unibotian wa mission

Description: The General Assembly,

Acknowledging that there is a near-endless amount of oceanic area of international waters that has been unclaimed by member nations, or any entity for that matter,

Further Acknowledging that these areas are nevertheless still frequently traversed for many purposes including but not limited to trade routes, tourism and migratory culture,

Believing that it is the World Assembly's duty to keep travelers of such stateless areas as safe as possible with the help of appropriate pilotage,


1. Declares that a subsection of the International Transport Safety Committee (ITSC), the Universal Nautical Institute of Buoyage Oversight and Transportation shall design a set of buoyage and mark systems that shall be used in the pilotage of vessels at sea to warn travelers of hazards;

2. Stipulates that,
(a) These aforementioned buoys, lighthouses or mark systems shall be for the purposes of indicating...

• The edges of a channel;
• Hazardous coastlines, shoals and reefs,
• The direction of safe water at a dangerous spot;
• The deep water and open end of a channel;
• Administrative areas;
• Locations of military conflict;
• Other Hazards;

(b) Each type of mark shall be as effective, neutral and intuitive to understand as possible with recognizable colours, shape and light;
(c) Resources and documentation explaining these systems shall be made available to member nations, navigators and the general public;

3. Coordinates,
(a) the graphical surveying of international waters that are known to be traveled annually by at least a small, but steady subsection of the traveling population using data collected by the offices of the World Assembly in unification with data provided by individual hydrographic offices of member nations (the total sum of said area included in this project shall henceforth be referred to in this document as 'Oversight-Zones' ) ;
(b) the publication, and dissemination of such collected data in organized and detailed hydrographic charts;

4. Requires that Oversight-Zones be equipped with proper buoyage, lighthouse or mark systems as defined by the World Assembly;

5. Further Requires that general and/or lighthouse authorities of member nations assure the protection of World Assembly pilotage from harm, vandalism or theft while directing the duties of maintenance to the Nautical Institute;

6. Clarifies that this resolution does not interfere with any existing freedoms of nations to give general and/or lighthouse authorities the control over the pilotage in their own national boundaries;

7. Demands that general and/or lighthouse authorities or citizens of a member nation do not have the right or duty to pilotage an area that is within an Oversight-Zone;

8. Urges member nations to properly pilotage their own coastlines that are within their national boundaries to ensure the safety of the vessels that frequent those areas.

Votes For: 4,501 (83%)
Votes Against: 932 (17%)


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