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As the WA currently has 2,099 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 126 approvals to achieve quorum.

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ID: vancouvia_1462335785

Commend Ponderosa

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Ponderosa

Proposed by: Vancouvia

Description: The World Assembly,

Cognizant that Ponderosa has been actively engaging in world affairs for more than four years, and has during that time displayed a high standard of professionalism, tact, and positivity;

Recognizing Ponderosa's authorship and publication of an accessible and incredibly beneficial guide on how to present national information in a standardized and aesthetically-pleasing 'wiki' style factbook format;

Understanding that this guide has been viewed tens of thousands of times and has very likely been utilized by thousands of nations in the past years;

Praising the dedication and selflessness that Ponderosa has shown in this venture by continuing to actively assist other nations in the preparation and publication of these 'wiki' style factbooks;

Believing that these actions, having had such a widespread and positive effect on the greater community, are more than sufficient for recognition;

Hereby commends Ponderosa

Approvals: 56 (Vancouvia, Paramountica, Ransium, Abdoa, Morientis Wish, The Republic rome, Caesarean, The Federal Union of Novorossiya, Nova Roma et agros captos, Andolk, Metalvania, Execuative monarchy of india, Ghoringan, The United Kingdom of New Britain, Dross, Ainin, Naoarn, Medical torture, Aclein, The Isle of The Rose, Freedom in Unition, XxXx420n0sk0p3z360 Nati0nstat3sXXd0rit0s, North North West Korea, Trumptastic, Bozongos, Clion, Einsteinbrosia, Hellions, The First Federation of Solidarity, United Republic of the Kiwi, Ruskias, The Laurentian Coast, The Republic of the Araluen States, Salvatrice, AwesomeTecia, Havensgate, The new Albania, Arioslavia, Ducklausin, Niacha, Oblitus Imperium, Tesaraia, Hrafninn, Europe and Oceania, Sollantico, New Finnish Karelia, The new town of beller, Rufford, Rotputinoj, The Guardian Collective, Roulade, The Germanic European Empire, Caldania, Independant Canada, Eskaeba, Zombiedolphins)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 70 more approvals)

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by Max Barry

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