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ID: funkadelia_1436156390

Commend Flemingovia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Flemingovia

Proposed by: Funkadelia

Description: The Security Council,

Noting that for over ten years, Flemingovia has been a pillar of the community of multiple regions in the world,

Applauding Flemingovia’s efforts to restore the legitimate government after coups d'etat in The North Pacific in 2004, 2005, twice in 2007, 2008, and 2010,

Recalling that Flemingovia spearheaded the resistance movement against the coup d’etat by Pixiedance in 2005, which went on to become the democratic government of The North Pacific, at the risk of public persecution and banning from the region,

Recognizing Flemingovia’s success in stabilizing The North Pacific as World Assembly Delegate in the immediate aftermath of Pixideance's coup d’etat, helping to secure the region from its occupiers and allow the legitimate government to establish itself under Flemingovia's protection,

Lauding Flemingiovia’s contributions to The North Pacific’s society, including being an outspoken defender of democracy and transparency and renowned folk songwriting,

Enthused by Flemingovia’s service as World Assembly Delegate of Taijitu in 2007, during which Taijitu was the one of the largest regions in the world, contributing to the still growing culture of the relatively young region and helping to recruit nations to join Taijitu,

Admiring the efforts Flemingovia made to assist The East Pacific in organizing their resistance movement while the region was under the control of a coup d’etat by Lady Phedre in 2008,

Appreciating the assistance, resources, and advice from experience that Flemingovia provided to the legitimate Lazarus government while Lazarus was suffering a coup d’etat committed by Stujenske and The Pacific in 2015, which included providing materials Flemingovia used in previous resistances, and methods to convince nations to join the resistance force,


Approvals: 38 (Funkadelia, Vancouvia, New Kvenland, The Stalker, Vetega, NewTexas, Komarin, The Superior European Federation, Deropia, The Archiepelago, The Hambonian Islands, Tim Stark, Flinzenburg, Reewa, The Brotherhood of Outcasts, Ramaeus, The Islamic State of Jahn, Turkhestan, Thesmophoria, The Confederate State of Missouri, Rhydentland, Liberal pandas, Charnock, The Mid East Federation, Metalvania, Western Balkans, Founder Thoth, ViceCountry, Der Rheinbud mit Preussen, Roxby Utopia, Nazgulgrad, Feminist Morndul, Espana y Portugal, Naval Monte, Alexandrian Grand Pacific, Organization of the Zodiac Federation, Separatist Peoples, Ghostwood)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 48 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 3 days 4 hours

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by Max Barry

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