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The following are proposals for WA resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements can make a proposal, but it will only become a resolution (to be voted on by the entire WA) if it is approved by at least 6% of WA Regional Delegates.

As the WA currently has 1,085 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 66 approvals to achieve quorum.

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ID: svboda_1411455393

Condemn Eurasian Socialist Union

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Eurasian Socialist Union

Proposed by: Svboda

Description: This Region of ESU has oppressed us as the union of the FRSSN, as a procommunist Region.We demand closure on this war Between the ESU and FRSSN

Approvals: 5 (Svboda, St alberto, Izwayla, Imperial Eagle, Russcotia)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 61 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 3 days 5 hours

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by Max Barry

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