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The following are proposals for WA resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements can make a proposal, but it will only become a resolution (to be voted on by the entire WA) if it is approved by at least 6% of WA Regional Delegates.

As the WA currently has 2,066 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 124 approvals to achieve quorum.

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ID: leperconia_1463946734

Condemn Corpa

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Corpa

Proposed by: Leperconia

Description: The Security Council of the World Assembly,

RECOGNIZING the Security Council’s history, since its very formation, of actively discouraging slavery, human trafficking, and many other barbaric and objectifying practices that degrade and disregard the sanctity of human life,

DISTRAUGHT that these horrifying practices are still occurring on a large scale in widely available slavery and human trafficking markets,

CONCERNED in particular by one nation’s profiteering through these sickening violations of human rights, that is, the nation of The Confederacy of Corpa,

HORRIFIED by a number of Corpa’s crimes against humanity, including but not limited to:

Openly purchasing, to date, more than 2,400,000 slaves from a variety of nations with avaricious and reckless disregard to the human rights of the individuals purchased in these despicable deals,
By extension of the above, contributing to the finances of other nations who themselves similarly disregard and destroy human rights, not only through initial purchases, but through "royalties" awarded for slaves with unusually high survival rates,
Forcibly working slaves an admitted 19 hours a day in supposedly “humane” facilities where the average survival rate is an indubitably exaggerated 11 months, whereby it may be estimated that at least 600,000, if not 1,000,000 or more human beings have perished as a result of Corpa’s enslavement of these individuals,
Also purchasing women and children as slaves, allowing for little doubt that Corpa is forcibly conscripting at least some part of these women and children for use in the abhorrent institutions of sex slavery, forcible prostitution, and child pornography, despite their ludicrous claim that they do not participate in sex slavery as an esteemed and valued member of the "Slavers Union",
And many other infringements of basic human rights and international law,

DECLARING the nation of Corpa to have blatantly and unforgivably violated World Assembly Resolution #23, “Ban on Slavery and Trafficking”, specifically clauses 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12, as well as basic common sense human rights,

HEREBY CONDEMNS The Confederacy of Corpa.

Approvals: 22 (-Mr Money-, Vancouvia, Dearic, Europe and Oceania, Allinburg, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Xhayparia, Wheezeria-Farinastan, Freedom in Unition, AwesomeTecia, Danny Devito trashman, Kowashi, Green Paradise4, Independant Canada, The Fing Motherland, The American Atlantic Islands, Vetega, U n i t y, Pikez, Aspergards, Horecien, Eythonia)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 102 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

ID: wolfdon_1464032911

Commend Congratulations on being Featured

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Congratulations on being Featured

Proposed by: Wolfdon

Description: The Security Council,

Recognizes that Congratulations on being Featured is:

• Currently embarked on a noble mission to visit featured regions and congratulate those who receive such an honour.

• Admired for their dedication to a self-motivated journey.

• Acknowledged world-wide for their lengthy pilgrimage across Nationstates, visiting over four hundred featured regions so far.

• Applauded for zealously recording featured regions for over a year.

• Worthy of recognition as a nation committed to a commendable cause.

Hereby commends The OH MY GOD YOU ARE FEATURED of Congratulations on being Featured!

Approvals: 14 (Vancouvia, U n i t y, The rouge Christmas state, The Confederacy of the Republic, AwesomeTecia, Allinburg, Aspergards, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Bad Defence, Holy Lord, North Campbell Nation, -Mr Money-, Eythonia, Independant Canada)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 110 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

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by Max Barry

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