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The following are proposals for WA resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements can make a proposal, but it will only become a resolution (to be voted on by the entire WA) if it is approved by at least 6% of WA Regional Delegates.

As the WA currently has 1,353 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 82 approvals to achieve quorum.

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ID: alchemic_queendom_1398077385

Banned Books Week

A resolution to promote funding and the development of education and the arts.

Category: Education and Creativity

Area of Effect: Free Press

Proposed by: Alchemic Queendom

Description: The World Assembly,

Reaffirming its extant commitments to freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom of reading and learning,

Believing that censorship constitutes not only a violation of the rights of the author, but also acts to deprive the world of its common intellectual bounty,

Wishing to promote civil defiance of censorship so as to stimulate intellectual progress and call into question repressive policies,

Hoping that the resources available to the World Assembly can be used to further this goal,

Has determined:

  1. For the purpose of interpreting their obligations under this resolution, nations shall extend the common definition of “books” to include all written media, and may at their discretion further include visual arts or other media, and shall consider “banned books” to be those that have been partially or wholly censored, not for plagiarism or academic fraud, nor for the depiction without educational, scientific or artistic merit of child sexual abuse, nor for infringement of intellectual property law, nor for violation of individual privacy rights, nor for revelation of officially classified material, but for political, cultural or moral dissent, while accepting that individual nations may at their discretion adopt a more expansive interpretation.

  2. The World Assembly and its constituent member nations will celebrate an annual Banned Books Week. While nations are encouraged to hold their own events concurrent with the World Assembly event, they may at their discretion move the timing of their own week to avoid conflict with other national holidays or celebrations.

  3. During the course of the Banned Book Week, the reading and discussion of banned books will be especially encouraged. The World Assembly will convene discussion panels on censorship, invite authors of banned books to present their work, and distribute available public domain versions of banned books. Individual nations must at minimum permit organization of such otherwise legal activities, and are also encouraged to engage in exchanges with other nations.

  4. The Universal Library will host an online archive of all available banned books in the public domain, and may further host with the copyright holder's permission banned books not in the public domain, except where the author of that work has expressly requested that the work not be hosted, or where the ULC Executive Committee has determined that hosting the work would pose a risk of persecution to the author. Individual nations are further required to permit access to the Universal Library Banned Books Archive, and are encouraged to establish their own similar exhibitions and archives.

Approvals: 20 (Manchovia, Jimmy Hart, Pterippia, Drevace, Topsail Empire, At Sea, Socathei, Liberated Global Overstate, The Free Regime, Estado DA Silva, Nibenese Cyrodiil, Kiribati-Tarawa, REVOLUTION X, United Nationals, Hicdarr, Free Law, Lichto, Sablia, Etoile Arcture, Ghant)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 62 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 51 minutes

ID: alchemic_queendom_1398077814

Right of Dissent

A resolution to increase democratic freedoms.

Category: Furtherment of Democracy

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Alchemic Queendom

Description: The World Assembly,

Acting in the spirit of the highest degree of human freedom,

Taking note of existing protections of the right to freely express ideas,

Believing that the right to not express ideas is equally worthy of recognition and protection,

Seeking to protect the right to dissent,

Declares as binding law:

  1. No person shall be compelled to express any idea, in any public medium, to which they do not freely subscribe.

  2. No person shall be compelled to confess any religious faith to which they do not freely subscribe.

  3. No person shall be compelled to submit to membership of any association without their consent to that membership.

  4. Dissent from participation in civil society that does not otherwise constitute a criminal offence shall not be punished as a crime of conscience.

  5. Private contracts shall only enjoin again such acts of dissent where those contracts have been freely signed in good conscience by all parties, and private contracts that are not so freely signed shall not be enforced.


Further urges:

  1. Persons fleeing persecution of their right to dissent shall be accorded sanctuary.

  2. Civil unrest aimed at the suppression of dissent through non-state persecution shall be eliminated.

Approvals: 22 (The Sovereign Mxlsptlxtnxan Municipality, Jimmy Hart, Graknopia, Drevace, Cervidas and Ibex, At Sea, New Porto Rico, United Martains, The Free Regime, Estado DA Silva, Nibenese Cyrodiil, Kiribati-Tarawa, Robanza, REVOLUTION X, Cella, Dubnia, Hicdarr, Free Law, Lichto, Sablia, Mallandia, Ghant)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 60 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 51 minutes

ID: eboestrana_1398126413

World Conservatory

A resolution to promote funding and the development of education and the arts.

Category: Education and Creativity

Area of Effect: Artistic

Proposed by: Eboestrana

Description: IN LIEU of a recent proposal to build a University to preserve education, this proposal RECOGNIZES that the World Assembly must take steps to preserve all forms of art and education, including music.

AS SUCH, the WA will establish the World Conservatory Association (WCA), which will have the following duties;

I. The construction and finance of a Conservatory, which will promote musical talent from all nations. The Conservatory will be built on a neutral territory.

II. Hire staff based on skill and qualifications rather than gender, race, or sex, to maintain and manage the Conservatory. Staff members should include musicians from the major genres, which include, but are not limited to; Rock, Pop, Classic, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Folk and Alternative.

III. Set aside money to fund the Conservatory in it's entirety. The Conservatory must NOT charge students tuition.

IV. Submit a monthly report on the status of the Conservatory.

URGES countries to add music as a part of the required curriculum.

MANDATES that all countries allow willing students and musicians to travel to the conservatory.

REQUIRES that no country lay claim to the lands of and surrounding the Conservatory.

Approvals: 19 (Adili, Drevace, The Free Regime, The United Federation of Galaxies, Jimmy Hart, Estado DA Silva, Northern Union of Lenton, Maoist People, At Sea, The Water Supply, Cella, United Nations of Earth Federation, Nibenese Cyrodiil, United Nationals, Hicdarr, Free Law, Lichto, Sablia, Ghant)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 63 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 12 hours

ID: tabcorp_park_1398316372

Repeal "Reducing Problem Gambling"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#123

Proposed by: Tabcorp Park

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #123: Reducing Problem Gambling (Category: Education and Creativity; Area of Effect: Educational) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: Argument: Problem gambling remains a constant issue in member nations and believes that GAR #123 does not go far enough in actively reducing potential gambling problems but only an awareness piece once the issue has been identified,

Deeply concerned that GAR #123 only mandates that operators who accept credit as a form of payment for a wager to be placed be a sensible limit but does not address the various other methods a nations citizen could place said wager by more technological advancements using telecommunications data networks, or whilst frequenting a gaming/gambling institution,

Realizing GAR #123 does nothing to actively reduce patron losses whilst frequenting an institution that allows a transaction deemed a gamble to be wagered,

Desiring more direct action to reduce problem gambling in member nations,

The General Assembly,

Repeals GAR #123, "Reducing Problem Gambling".

Approvals: 2 (Estado DA Silva, Krankor)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 80 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 3 days

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