General Assembly Proposals

The following are proposals for WA resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements can make a proposal, but it will only become a resolution (to be voted on by the entire WA) if it is approved by at least 6% of WA Regional Delegates.

As the WA currently has 1,347 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 81 approvals to achieve quorum.

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ID: kaboomlandia_1425078856

Aquaculture Practices Act

A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry.

Category: Environmental

Industry Affected: Fishing

Proposed by: Kaboomlandia

Description: Acknowledging previous efforts by the World Assembly to prevent overfishing;

Bearing in mind that many countries depend on fish for food and economy;

Recognizing that marine and freshwater aquaculture, also known as aquafarming, can present a sustainable and economically feasible solution;

Emphasizing that this resolution is not replacing fishing with aquaculture; it is augmenting it;

Acknowledging that aquaculture can create many jobs;

Fully aware that aquaculture can be used to harvest fresh, clean water;

Defining aquaculture as:

i. the breeding and harvesting of fish, shellfish, mollusks, and aquatic plants that live in the ocean
ii. the breeding and harvesting of fish that occupy rivers,lakes, and ponds

Aware that many nations are located near a body of water and thusly will be able to take advantage of aquaculture to meet needs for fish and seafood;

The World Assembly:

1. Encourages nations to set up and use aquaculture farms;

2. Recommends that nations taking advantage of aquaculture continue to follow sustainable harvesting practices;

3. Urges nations to gradually make a shift from fishing to aquaculture, and that the fishermen who will be put out of work by this resolution given jobs that can continue to allow these fishermen to sustain their families and livelihood.

4. Invites nations to continue with their fishing economies;

5. Further encourages nations to use non-carnivorous fish as part of an aquaculture system, which can feed on any plant-based food, reducing the cost of aquaculture farms;

6. Authorizes aquaculture farms to label their products as such to spread awareness.

Approvals: 37 (Dharma negara, Courtian, Great Jergania and Jonland, Beldia, Konguru, BearNation, Aior, Timmy City, Exlisia, Telgan, Ludania, Voljundok, Hericropolis, Misplaced States, The Stalker, Beazlend, The Jaclean empire, Jotinha, New Commonwealth of Australia, The new fandom republic, Ten Cities, Kolkatta, The Reapers of the Night, Zaitra, United Bananagrowers States, Napantis, Slavlandia, Mango nation, The Archiepelago, Wicconian, Maoist People, Black Rain, Occasolasia, Lyncanthropia, Daneantis, Shinda Sekai Sensen SSS, Nava Siam)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 44 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 17 minutes

ID: jean_pierre_trudeau_1425151124

Repeal "Nuclear Testing Safety"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#119

Proposed by: Jean Pierre Trudeau

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #119: Nuclear Testing Safety (Category: Global Disarmament; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly,

Applauding the efforts of General Assembly Resolution #119 to protect the environment from harmful radioactive byproducts associated with nuclear testing,

Concerned clause #1 defines nuclear testing as " usage of a nuclear weapon for research purposes, that is not targeted to destroy or affect a civilian, military, or prisoner populace", thus allowing nations to circumvent this by testing nuclear weapons connected to an actual delivery system,

Confused that clause 2 states "BANS nuclear testing within the area between the edge of a populated celestial body's atmosphere and twice the distance of geosychronous orbit - measured at the equator of said celestial body", while failing to take into account the magnetosphere of a celestial body, which can trap highly dangerous high energy particles, creating dangerous radiation belts,

Disappointed in the lack of clear language and typos that make this resolution a travesty to international law,

Hoping the World Assembly passes clear and concise guidelines that actually prevent unaffiliated persons from being affected by nuclear testing in the future,

Hereby repeals "GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION # 119 Nuclear Testing Safety".

Approvals: 86 (Jean Pierre Trudeau, Acario, Confederation Of United Nations, CDland, Blacknesss, Badaceria, Crossbourgh, Dakran, Imperial Eagle, Isaciaria, America Vol 2, Isantri, Nevridia, Klemin, Navarian, Elcharia, Imperial Defender III, Great Jergania and Jonland, Alternate Universe 912, New Nationale Einheit, Estocrod, Theoniatium, Naval Monte, Voljundok, Sombreterre, Liberidad, DonNotMindTheWeaponskistan, Zhqurak, Jereathiel of Jedmathia, Iklonia, The Jaclean empire, Konguru, Third Untergang Republic, Red Juniper, NewTexas, Slavlandia, Confederal American Republic, New Russian Union, Aior, Shinda Sekai Sensen SSS, Timmy City, Sylvavia, Exlisia, Telgan, Apercoriabajaia, Ludania, Hericropolis, Lockewood, Redrake, Tenma Chi, Collatis, Misplaced States, Otaku Stratus, Orsandia, Jotinha, Sellenia, 1-502nd Airborne Inf, Haldasia, Great Lexer, Ten Cities, Thesmophoria, Kolkatta, Lucecittia, The Reapers of the Night, The USAR, Republic of Guadalajara, Krankor, The Confederacy of Nationalism, Napantis, East Klent, The United Zones of the West, Dirgeum, Architeuthis, The Archiepelago, Vanderhaevan, Fruchtbarland, The Eternal Kawaii, Mango nation, -S k y r i m-, Wicconian, Grey Earth, Black Rain, Dharma negara, Occasolasia, Tim Stark, The New India)

Status: Quorum Reached: In Queue!

ID: jean_pierre_trudeau_1425187516

Nuclear Material Pact

A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Jean Pierre Trudeau

Description: World Assembly,

Understanding the enormous technological, economical, and energy potential of nuclear energy,

Aware that nuclear energy requires substantial amounts of raw nuclear materials that are not always in abundance within some nations,

Believing that all member nations, and their populaces should have the right to clean, long lasting supplies of nuclear energy,

The General Assembly hereby:

  1. For the purposes of this resolution defines:

    1. Nuclear energy as the sustained use of nuclear fission or fusion to generate heat and electricity;

    2. Nuclear material as a material capable of sustaining a nuclear fission or fusion chain reaction.

  2. Decrees that member nations shall not subject their trading partners to unnecessary tariffs on nuclear materials destined for use in nuclear power facilities,

  3. Urges members to cease trading raw nuclear materials to nations of ill repute,

  4. Declares that the World Assembly shall not pass any further resolutions preventing the trade of nuclear materials destined for use in nuclear reactors.

Approvals: 91 (Jean Pierre Trudeau, Afrikaanza, Imperial Eagle, Iklonia, Everestopia, Burleson 2, Duvo, America Vol 2, Beazlend, Jotinha, Slavlandia, Aeternabilis, Regica, The Niobian Hegemony, Alexandria-Prussia, Thayn, Republic of Wales and Scotland, BearNation, New Russian Union, Aior, Imperial Defender, Acroticus, New Nationale Einheit, Timmy City, Sylvavia, CDland, Exlisia, Dolanica, Nevridia, United Soviet Jason Republic, Isaciaria, Telgan, The Enclave Regions, Estocrod, Federation of Galice, Ludania, Northern Thermonia, Chycotia, Dirgeum, Govestudub, Zeta and Sword, Roman Nationalists, The Commonwealth of Terran, Tupiaupaba, Sombreterre, Unbesiegbar Prussian Reich, Ndvaria, Theoniatium, Misplaced States, The sovereign state of wheezy, Tokarskia, Yakuman, Otaku Stratus, Kevin Christopher Elrod, Taslantis, The Stalker, Meeptropolis, Orsandia, Northern European Senates remnants, Baconbacon123, Daneantis, Jingdood, The new fandom republic, Ukrainian Cossacks, Saint Neutralia, Haldasia, Ten Cities, Larrylykinsland, Thesmophoria, Lucecittia, The Reapers of the Night, Zaitra, Archangel Michael, Geteria, Napantis, Hanchu, East Klent, Montage Parody, The United Zones of the West, The Archiepelago, Camel land, Vanderhaevan, Fruchtbarland, -S k y r i m-, The Psychic Rabbits, Wicconian, Klemin, Xorlarrin, Occasolasia, Shinda Sekai Sensen SSS, The New India)

Status: Quorum Reached: In Queue!

ID: imperium_anglorum_1425190218

Repeal "Nuclear Security Convention"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#292

Proposed by: Imperium Anglorum

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #292: Nuclear Security Convention (Category: International Security; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: Acknowledging the importance of non-proliferation and deterrence for peace,

Recalling this Assembly's landmark stance on nuclear technologies in its 10th Resolution, the 'Nuclear Arms Protection Act', and its 308th Resolution, the 'Nuclear Arms Protocol', and,

Believing that the threat of 'uncontrolled proliferation of nuclear technology, particularly by non-members who are not bound by the conventions of international law' mentioned in the Nuclear Security Convention, hereafter referred to as the Convention, is an over-exaggerated menace which cannot be affected by World Assembly legislation anyway,

This august World Assembly;

  1. Objects, with shoe banging, to the clause that member states are to '[prevent] the transfer of nuclear technology, design specifications, and materials if there is reason to suspect that they will be weaponised', as:

    1. this prevents the transfer of nuclear technologies used for energy production, for suspicion is always cast on nuclear fission due to the easy reapplication of peaceful technologies to weapon production (the only differences being that of reaction control and purity);

    2. this also prevents the transfer of specifications of any kind, as the criteria for suspicion and by whom those criteria are determined, are not as of yet settled;

    3. this also prevents the transfer of nuclear materials and specifications inside countries, as there is no limiting statement on to where such transfers are permitted;

  2. Objects to the enforceability of the clause referenced in (1), no matter how sophisticated and Latinate this appears in comparison to a previous legislation's reference of 'wrong hands';

  3. Objects to the enforceability of a requirement that 'all measures necessary and practical' be taken, as the extent to these measures is as of yet undefined in their extent;

  4. Disapproves of the failure of the Convention to protect indigenous and foreign nuclear technologies and materials in the spirit of previous legislation and thereby leaving open a path to ban nuclear weapons by prohibiting their supply chain; this Assembly hereby;

  5. Repeals the Nuclear Security Convention.

Approvals: 16 (Redrake, Alternate Universe 912, New Nationale Einheit, Slavlandia, 1-502nd Airborne Inf, The new fandom republic, Haldasia, DonNotMindTheWeaponskistan, Ten Cities, Kolkatta, Krankor, Napantis, Architeuthis, The Eternal Kawaii, Wicconian, Occasolasia)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 65 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 1 day 12 hours

ID: ainocra_1425277507

Repeal "Cooperation in Science Act"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#92

Proposed by: Ainocra

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #92: Cooperation in Science Act (Category: Education and Creativity; Area of Effect: Educational) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.


Lauds the goals set forth in the cooperation of science act.
Wishing however to avoid the politicization of science.
Convinced that this act does not do enough to further the advancement of scientific knowledge.
Desiring to do more, for ourselves and our children.

Concerned that in section two WASP is tasked with a goal of coordinating scientific studies and research projects of international scope but given no clear framework or direction on how to accomplish that goal.

Troubled that because WASP is voluntarily funded; a funding entity could potentially halt funding of research in order to control or exploit the advancements for their own ends.

Dismayed That WASP cannot live up to its mandate of providing a public forum for free and unhindered debate on scientific research and issues as outlined in section three due to this lack of oversight in its initial mandate.

Believes that the WASP would better serve the citizens of this assembly with a broader mandate

Asserts That funding of this act under the auspices of the WA general fund would serve to put WASP beyond such political divides, and believing that funding provided by the WAGF would be both unbiased by any one member nation; as well as serving better to further the research done while simultaneously achieving the goal of making it more openly available to the entire assembly.

Knowing we can collectively provide a better future for all people
Hereby repeals GA#92 Cooperation in science act.

Approvals: 71 (Great Lexer, Ten Cities, The Salaxalans, Imperial Eagle, Jean Pierre Trudeau, Voga, Larrylykinsland, Shadow Creatures, Thesmophoria, Northern European Senates remnants, Burleson 2, Naval Monte, Isantri, Separatist Peoples, The USAR, Voljundok, Aior, Kolkatta, Israelcube, NewJediOrder, The Jaclean empire, NewTexas, Dirgeum, Govestudub, Monos, The sovereign state of wheezy, The new fandom republic, Globana, The Reserves, Rapallo, SovietSparta, Brechalht, Apercoriabajaia, Millertain, Krankor, Island Union, United Christian, Shadowblade Cliffs, Gindinotan, Tupiaupaba, Crossbourgh, Archangel Michael, Baconbacon123, Geteria, Zorbae, Napantis, Lasnia, East Klent, Urnsay, Tim Stark, The United Zones of the West, Hallensbane, Haldasia, Architeuthis, The Archiepelago, Camel land, Tinfect, The Eternal Kawaii, -S k y r i m-, Isaciaria, Christian Democrats, Grey Earth, Klemin, Maoist People, New Nationale Einheit, Black Rain, Occasolasia, Imperial Defender III, Daneantis, Bogans and Boozers, Shinda Sekai Sensen SSS)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 10 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 2 days 12 hours

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