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Repeal "Liberate Coalition Of Freedom"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#154

Proposed by: Lexicor

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #154: Liberate Coalition Of Freedom shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

Noting that the founder of Coalition of Freedom, Riftend disappeared, leaving the region defenseless and open to raiders;

Further Noting that Riftend, under a new nation Rifty ordered the evacuation of natives from the region to the The Eternal Knights following a merger deal being reached;

Understanding that The Black Riders did not sanction the raid and that raiders from that region were acting independently;

Acknowledging that several active nations who refused to evacuate were ejected by the former delegate South carolina;

Realizing that after South Carolina had ejected most remaining natives that the delegate lacked the adequate influence to password the region;

Further realizing that South Carolina subsequently left the region, on the orders of Rifty, rendering it defenseless from any raids and refound attempts,

Appalled by the propaganda campaign waged against the current refound efforts of Coalition of Freedom in an attempt to gain sympathy from this council;

Disgusted by the blatant hypocrisy of this liberation effort with the Coalition of Freedom having a notorious history as a raiding organization;

Vexed by the sudden renewed interest in the region by The Eternal Knights after repeated statements of disinterest and apathy towards Coalition of Freedom from their government and from Rifty;

Hereby repeals Liberate Coalition of Freedom.

Votes For: 2,111: HMS Unicorn (449), Ramaeus (231), Kringalia (225), Anime Daisuki (224), All Good People (202), Mousebumples (151), Cormac A Stark (74), Matthew Hargreaves (41), NewTexas (35), Kikpar (33), The federal republic of Simonia (20), Leasath (11), The Law Enforcers State (8), Great Argonia (8), REATO (7), Anime Kyowakoku (7), Velkon (6), Velburg (6), Wacago (5), Scharrath (5), Gigaverse (4), The Democratic Nation of Unovia (4), Shemiki (4), Steakrim (4), Hiltonar (3), The Great Britannic States (3), Vas Qwib Qwib (3), Dragonois (3), Chester Pearson (3), Muzztopia (3), Altoma (3), Orendoria (3), The Frost Republic (3), The Imperium Collectives (2), Imperial Liberation Force (2), Prostine (2), Pyrosky (2), Kingsley Bedford (2), United East Germany (2), Jereathiel of Jedmathia (2), GraySoap (2), Pestan (2), United Batavian States (2), Illusionist (2), Brethrenia (2), Empire of Humans (2), The United Unions (2), Iron Dog (2), and (290) individual WA member nations.

Votes Against: 213: CDland (16), Christian Democrats (11), The Eastern Antarctic State (10), Bloodstone Kay (9), Republic of South Carolina (8), Rzeczpospolita Krakowska (6), Ainocra (6), Hombertoland (5), Kleinekatzen (4), Alossa (4), Gibsonville2 (3), Kiravian WA Mission (3), Evil Grantica (3), The Lands of Dixie (3), The Shrek Republic (3), Community of free peoples (2), The Greater States of Racoonia (2), Captain Jackson (2), Northern Socialist States (2), Hallensbane (2), MichaelVillia (2), and (107) individual WA member nations.

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Voting Ends: in 3 days 21 hours

by Max Barry

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