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National Economic Liberties

A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Imperium Anglorum

Description: Acknowledging the importance of economic actions and the ability for strong economies to guarantee good standards of living for its actors,

Recalling this Assembly's many resolutions and particularly GA Resolution 68, National Economic Freedoms, but,

Conceding that the World Assembly has an extremely strong role in economic freedoms as it can set worldwide policy and prices for goods and services,

This august World Assembly, subject to limitations created by prior resolutions of the World Assembly, hereby

  1. Defines, for the purposes of this resolution, 'World Assembly' to mean the General Assembly and all committees and subcommittees thereof as well as all institutions and organisations created by the World Assembly and accountable to the World Assembly;

  2. Prohibits the future imposition of:

    1. any compulsory contribution to the revenues of the World Assembly (including, but not limited to, taxes or fees based on income, gross domestic product, imports, exports, or wealth) by the World Assembly for a non-general purpose and

    2. any fixed, static, percentage-based, or pegged price regime on goods or services by the World Assembly;

  3. Forbids the World Assembly from levying future mandatory payments on member nations for:

    1. products or services rendered by the World Assembly outside of World Assembly property or

    2. services rendered by the World Assembly to member governments;

  4. Clarifies that nothing in this resolution is to be interpreted as prohibiting the compulsory contribution of funds for general purposes or levying of fees for the use of World Assembly properties by World Assembly delegations;

  5. Expands the Impartial Mediation Foundation's (IMF) scope to include the mediation of financial and funding disputes between the World Assembly and member nations;

  6. Directs member nations to prohibit egregious examples of insider trading and take actions to liberalise market information.

Votes For: 512: Vancouvia (94), United Kingdom WA Delegate (31), Kikrosta (12), Korosov (10), I P A S (6), Rumania AKA Romania (6), Solocon (6), The League of Eastern Orthodox Knights (6), Ghostwood (5), Wallenburg (5), Rzeczpospolita Krakowska (5), Baccalieu (5), Disco Disco (4), The Central Shadow Nation (4), Entrits (4), Eimar (4), Tokarskia (3), Estilo (3), Poptropia (3), Slartnus (3), Stekarus (3), Randompunkt (3), Butteration (3), Meriad (3), Republique Ayman (2), North Pagania (2), The Greater Rhine Nation (2), The Bus on the Road (2), Aliovinsica (2), Confederal American Republic (2), Snowy Peninsula Minister (2), Malundi (2), and (265) individual WA member nations.

Votes Against: 1,368: Zemnaya Svoboda (563), Sad-States (42), Albarusija (25), Tireseos (23), PROE (21), Confederacy of Bavarian States (19), Malkir (18), Freedom Zone (14), Dark Commander (13), Beazlend (13), Lockdownn (11), West Gensokyo (10), Communist Volkstrad (10), Kavamkao (9), Whestion (8), Agham (7), Ism (6), Republiqum (5), Separatist Peoples (5), The Holy Empire of Steel (5), Coblentrekania (5), Primordial Luxa (5), Voru (4), The Oort (4), Clairetopia Ultima (4), The Akasha Colony (3), Nerotysia (3), GroBgrun (3), William Empire (3), New Salvation (3), Sagyejeol (3), Kobomania (2), Matthea (2), Swedemark (2), Nerodanus (2), North Angloslavia (2), New Darlexia (2), Mirrodinia (2), Xikuang (2), Fyrandia (2), Natub (2), Ghant (2), Hallensbane (2), Smurfey (2), Caudal (2), White Noise (2), and (471) individual WA member nations.

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by Max Barry

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