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National Flag

The Faceless Apparitions of Vyolynce

“Tread the border of light and dark”

Category: Liberal Democratic Socialists
Civil Rights:
Below Average
Political Freedoms:
World Benchmark

Regional Influence: Superpower

Location: Darkest Corners of the Mind



Gods need not apply

The people of Vyolynce value their free will and logic. Any group of mortals claiming to represent a supernatural entity and looking to impose a series of arbitrary rules upon them with the stated intent of "saving their souls*", "showing them the true path," or any variation thereof (and never stating the true intent of "gaining control") will be summarily exposed, belittled, and finally fed to the shadows as an opening act to the gladiatorial games. To this date, no deity has answered the urgent prayers of those so treated, thus upholding the nation's position.

*The people of Vyolynce already save their souls, but for reasons other than some fictitious spirituality.


by Max Barry

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