Todd McCloud was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 12
The Ey Oh way to go Ohio of
Respect. Equality. Care.
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The Ey Oh way to go Ohio of Todd McCloud is a gargantuan, socially progressive nation, ruled by Todd with an even hand, and notable for its museums and concert halls, frequent executions, and devotion to social welfare. The hard-nosed, hard-working, democratic population of 19.816 billion Todd enjoy some of the most opulent lifestyles in the region, unless they are unemployed or working-class, in which case they are variously starving to death or crippled by easily preventable diseases.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, pro-business government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Defense, Education, and Environment. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Todd McCloud City. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 91.8%.

The frighteningly efficient a Todd economy, worth a remarkable 1,563 trillion veskonoes a year, is driven almost entirely by government activity. The industrial sector, which is highly specialized, is mostly made up of the Tourism industry, with significant contributions from Gambling. Average income is 78,921 veskonoes, but there is a significant disparity between incomes, with the richest 10% of citizens earning 266,659 per year while the poor average 17,276, a ratio of 15.4 to 1.

New safety regulations require all cars manufactured in Todd McCloud to be bombproof, conductors wield diamond-encrusted batons to fit in with their freshly gilded surroundings, a new generation of aquariumless hotels are being built under government supervision, and droves of former desperados are applying to join the border police. Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Todd McCloud's national animal is the fox, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its national religion is Vayan Catholicism.

Todd McCloud is ranked 2,466th in The East Pacific and 66,437th in the world for Nudest, with 132 Cheeks per Square Mile.

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Endorsements Received: 319 » Kaigi, Trimmania, Fyrdowsi, Brightharpia, Lanagon, Goodnamesarerare, Lyontisia, Southern Yugoslavia, Adolanta, Bad-tibira, Yuggoth, Duracell, Elkenian, Noralind, Totalwintopia, Treudon, Wikichang, AirFresheners, Mundiferrum, Caldring, A Slanted Black Stripe, Amselheim, Dragonia, Molzavar, Dannistaan, Pirania, 1 Infinite Loop, Etiowsa, Picos, Brotherland, Kangarawa, Cranky Corners, The United States of Indy, Empire of Irish Bacon, Elejamie, Ang Yang, Kabaka, Nabta Playa, Dracconis, Worker and Kolkhoz, Possumland, Eldridge Crossings, Bardoytch, BoaVistta, Servants of Gizmo, Curupiri, Generic-Nation, Urimel, Davinhia, Lyruumica, and 269 others.Mishiefopia, Vers, Vectaria, Slys Paws, Northern Doggerland, Blazing Samaritan, Ruby Island, Pantalon, The Romanum Legio, Zorro Renzodo, Druubeltown, Owali, The Industrial States of Columbia, Central Territory, East Malaysia, Wizardonia, Bobatopia, Lagaronians, Coalition of the Bloodbath, Ferrum Terra, Adavan, Egae, Mephistonia, Imperial Arctura, The island of Kiria, Ziggibofolopimiganig Usootipitopia, Bachtendekuppen, Mylinnol, Ramaeus, Echo Serafin, Jadeistan, LeaveAlone, The United Republican Federation, Shaltloo, Bronle, Fuhaostan, The Watkins, Opfern, Bolgastan, Radnia, Celebia, Noralia, Marcellfolde, Ycity, Novohrvatska, Taspotania, Ong Dynasty, Propwash, Endari Maria, The Hobart Republic, Tropicalis, The United Territories of Providence, Azrad, Scydeal, Mendragore, Default Republic, Baumdahl, Kriov, Salabencher, Singu1arity, Lux aeturnum, X Legion, Silverwastes, Bai Lung, Unified Republic of America, Azurielle, Nangor, Unified Presidium of Socialist Republics, EMS Conglomerate, Ameerastan, Penfifteen, The Winchester Archipelago, East Jakalgeria, Aynoria, Parisians, Vespuccus, Le Andraes du Nord, Whateffect, East Husaria, Jack and Daniels, Great Singapore, Aguaro, Imperial Phoenix Terra, Great Gravitas, Noveras, New Seax, Arstravia, Asnarija, Marceloyudi, Canada The hat of Mexico, Nobunagas Quest, Riart Lianad, Bolsheva, Fernanza, Navarucia, Mega Launcher, Eilikrin, Brenburg, Icebrook, Catiania, Vulshain, McStooley, Bryce Harper, Silaurius, Bloody banner, Red Centurion Legionaries, Aristortia, Nort Amerika, Happy Hour, Drunken Seal Islands, Revolutionary Sealand, Imegaea, Toxico, Harro Waarudho, Androg, Symbeland, Republic of Equatorial Kundu, Anbakar, Aetherius Prime, Werpdrarg, Solon Empire, Idioglassia, Alicais, Upper Vreme, Andeat, Saladass, Unger under over, Stevenestan, Moderate Utopia, Yerseke, Umbela, LatePanem, Holy Terrania, Florati, Magroswana, Bednyjistan, Ziggerville, Ederland, Porongolia, The Monotheistic Peoples Republic of Ka, Utopotia, Translucidus, The Solaris Survivors, Platypus Islands, Anarax, The Grand Terran Union, Fleyintelaul, Eranus, Slabslopper, Faganopoli, Rickten, Gruntswilldie, Castelia, Northern Andes, Gostir, Friedon, Chiapas and Soconusco, Efsorn, Pondaria, Roughs, Bayang Katagalugan, Cydonnia, Hazmatiz, Dullness 17, Swanfive, Knutby, Irmengard, Rex Ventorum, Coolchicken, Sciencetown, Megaborg, Primeworld, Barishnakovia, Lortas, Kyuutannia, Harrislands, Thesua, Jazoom, Mysoria, Pychoticland, Sinosia, The immortal dodo, Atlantiir, Freedom Fascists, Sayland, Nimporia, Nexorian, Federal Republic of Ostela, Guadalupe Ford, Pandoras Moon, Aelia II, Temerutania, Mariarty, Siluju, La Couronne, United Kingdom of Aitkenland, A mean old man, Sulkovia, Honor and Glory, Latin Corellia, Bran1ee, Flaming goat, Eldenheart, Nyrmark, Banterdonia, Theshaca, Smurfenburg, Robjtopia, KaleidoMyon, ShadowHawke, Jkandria, Arbyzona, Roshar-Alethela, Nova Fragio, Douchestanza, Blazeheart, Dragonlord Q Land, Central Ataraxia, Grand Impirion, New Noyka, Lexicopolis, The Glorious Socialist PC Master Race, The Island of Moloch, Weeboo, COOLNAME, Megans Country, Old Hippy, Danubian Holy See, Faramount, PrussianEmpire, Ravinia VIII, NEILCo, Imperator Reed, Tolorian Empire, Nouevas, Okayama Hiroshima Rep, Crevala, The Old Iron Cross, The Three States of Fortuna, The Ebonhearts, Burmundia, Greatest Ukraine, Slau, Karatpaino, Oldshade, The Rustlands, Ruavia, Ancrovia, Soberia, All-Dirt Oil Company, Trump Korea, Phylpia, Land Of Colours And Mayhem, Caljugiri, Yvenice, Sacktopia, The Ugandan Republic of Hitler, Zeddi, Caymarnia, Svolvaer, Nacleio, Freedom States Republic, Utopian council, Delightful Purgatory, Ashea, The free state of Glasgow, T33M0, Marckymarc57, and Leonella.

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