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The Trenchant Order of The Voltarum

“Power corrupts. Absolute power is kinda neat.”

Category: Liberal Democratic Socialists
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Very Good
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Regional Influence: Superpower

Location: Antarctica



At a Glance

The Trenchant Order of the Voltarum (/ˌvoʊlˈtɑrum/) is a gargantuan nation and current World Assembly delegate of the ancient region of Antarctica. Covering most of the mountainous Antarctic Peninsula, it is one of the oldest nations still inhabiting the region, and is the longest serving chief geographer and United Nations and World Assembly delegate. It is also partly in control of the Grand Army of Antarctica. The Voltarum is known throughout the region and world for its immense natural beauty, high-class cuisine, warm-climate technologies, immense Navy, and unique television programs. Its prime location at the most northern part of the continent has also led to a successful tourism industry. Despite half-hearted denials to the contrary, it has been at least partly blamed for the original creation of the Antarctican Polar Bear.

Founded on traditional beliefs of freedom, social equity, and fiscal responsibility, today its people embrace democratic socialism, producing a highly prosperous, freedom rich society, with little to no crime and universal health care and educational policies. Its single legislative house, called the High Order, is a small but efficient aspect of representative democracy formed by members of 13 provinces. Its people, collectively known as the Voltaru, are among the healthiest in the world, and the least god-fearing. They ferociously promote education and the protection of the environment, and are global leaders in theoretical physics, advanced architectural engineering, and Nuclear Energy. The Voltaru are fiercely patriotic for both nation and region, and (despite often times described as "quiet" or "reserved" among foreigners) are known for their quirky sense of humor and joviality.

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by Max Barry

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