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The Unified City States of Stujenske

“Don't Eat Turkey Bacon”

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Location: Lazarus


The Unified City States of Stujenske is a colossal, environmentally stunning nation, ruled by Steven Wilson with an iron fist, and notable for its restrictive gun laws. The hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of 5.79 billion Stujenskeans are ruled by a mostly-benevolent dictator, who grants the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.

The small government concentrates mainly on the Environment, although Law & Order and Healthcare are secondary priorities. The average income tax rate is 14%. The private sector is almost wholly made up of enterprising ten-year-olds selling lemonade on the sidewalk, although the government is looking at stamping this out.

The wreckages of bombed planes that litter Stujenske are highly popular tourist destinations, sex offenders find themselves cut off from the ability to repeat their crimes, citizens are frequently searched for illegal weapons, and the government is spending millions on renovating the public transportation system. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force. Stujenske's national animal is the Redneck, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the Im not giving my name to a machine.

Stujenske is ranked 2,355th in Lazarus and 72,970th in the world for Smartest Citizens, scoring 22 on the Average Edu-tellignce® Test Score.

National Happenings

Most Recent Government Activity: 13 hours ago


World Assembly

Endorsements Received: 143 » Trackeendy, Davewerld, Dendris, Rangers Brotherhood, Nippon Shotou Teikoku, Tanzu, Krudistan Nation, Farmboybob, Marcellinople, The Salvation States, Saundie, Beezertopia, Hyperbolic Orbit, Nerbia, Partially Blind People, Rosstoria, Greevy, Guldneria, The Glorious Wallachian Order, Osteon, A3161, Ivia, Kitty Terrorists, Corinthina, United Hives of Honey Bees, Aigania, Miristevo, Darkium, Similiar Individuals, The Tricrown, GHAUNADAUR, Starfair, Dotangina, Aristeme, Claraxia, Fortytipper, Rhalellan, Praenestia, Groomsy, Meat Sandwich, Hindopia, Neltofo, Dracos - Haven, Cartes, Troltovia, Mouldy Bread, Radkicks, Rubyna, Knights Almeria, Dazamanillia, and 93 others.Harkield, Courlany, Arctura Dara, Amalsia, Union of Socialist European Republics, Ksarkichi, Hydia, Potted Plants United, Dragomerian Islands, Carthago Tertius, Cronintopia, Scussel, Mob city, Holtsland, Harmoneia, Emperor PJ, Ilse of Death, Dhan, Aveonia, Isfet, Aegis-5, Wakehurst, Torre-Alba, Northern Arstotzka, Funkadelia, Opanas, Unionized Socialist Workers, Savolica, Angenite, Kotenoka, Muunokhoi, Philytopia, Oglethorpia, Sindria, The Floodcity, Square Phoenix, Citiga, Aeryis, Vandersberg, Borisov, Terra Bona, Silver Beach, Dogelandia, Pagaria, Kaeli, Crapastan, Cabin John, Toronina, Exeperia, Carplandia, Transinatria, RACQ, Maohu, Pergasoldier, The New Red Tabby, MagiStar, Joe Bobs Lazarus, The Armed Republic of Larthinia, Swearistan, Peacekeeping force of Jahpeoples, Anti jihad, Raging Sapphiron, The Vysienne Empire, Conscript1, Eagle One, Conscript2, Successful Liberations, Sovreignry Spiritus, Azkevja, Mayor Rob Ford, Luxa, Wintermoot III, Arctus, 9005, Dasvedania, Waldeck-Pyrmont, Johor Bahru District Militia, The Church of Satan, General Mike, Decandia, Tracyar Mav, Conscript3, Graulands, Kogvuron II, Libetarian Republics, Orphan Black, Aperi, Dityakastan, The Federation of Krano-Lithuania, Ostendt, Scraquos, Knockturn Alley, and Drakomagic.

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