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Government Structure

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The government of Paper Flowers is lead by Madame Lee, Speaker of the Council of Ministers, a position which is voted upon by the Council and held for the length of the Council. The Council of Ministers is made up of five individuals who are elected by the Citizen Parliament every five years.

Speaker of the Council

The position of Speaker is complicated in that it has a very different public perception to the way that it is officially legislated. Officially the role is little more than a figurehead, used to keep order in debates and to announce the decisions of the Council, the citizens of Paper Flowers often tend to look to Lee as their leader however due to the fact that she has held this position for three terms and will tend to support her view even if it is not always the most popular view on the Council.

While the Speaker is primarily chosen by the Council, should a vote become deadlocked then a majority vote will be sought in the Citizens Parliament.

Council of Ministers

Six individuals are elected to the Council, however there are only five seats to be held, this means that the first order of business for a new Council is to elect the Speaker. Once a Speaker has been chosen the remaining five will take up their seats, while officially all Ministers are involved in all areas of government there will usually be an unofficial divide of duties so that one Minister is more involved in Foreign Affairs, one in Military issues, etc.

Citizens Parliament

Any national of Paper Flowers is free to take the Citizenship test once they reach the age of maturity (currently set at 18 years), the exact details of the test are not known outside of those who have taken it, what is known however is that once one becomes a Citizen they are free to nominate others to the Parliament. Made up of 500 seats the Parliament is the Citizens voice in matters of government, the members hold their positions for life, until resignation or until impeached by a Citizens Vote.

The Parliament is responsible for electing Council members (and impeaching should it become necessary) although some feel that this should be put to a Citizens Vote instead. There are also regular Q&A sessions held between the Council and the Parliament to allow concerns and issues to be raised and general updates on current policies and programs.

The Council of Paper Flowers


by Max Barry

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