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The Cheesy Potato Monstropolis of
Capitalist Paradise
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The Cheesy Potato Monstropolis of Mousebumples is a gargantuan, environmentally stunning nation, ruled by sisters Lizzy and Sasha Hall with an even hand, and renowned for its anti-smoking policies, enslaved workforce, and ban on automobiles. The hard-nosed, hard-working, democratic, cheerful, devout population of 25.341 billion Mousebumplesians are either ruled by a sleek, efficient government or a conglomerate of multinational corporations; it's difficult to tell which.

The relatively small, corrupt government is dominated by the Department of Education, although Healthcare and Public Transport are also considered important, while Spirituality and Defense aren't funded at all. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Moustantinople. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 22.4%.

The very strong Mousebumplesian economy, worth a remarkable 4,364 trillion flying monkeys a year, is fairly diversified and led by the Book Publishing industry, with major contributions from Trout Farming, Information Technology, and Gambling. Black market activity is frequent. Average income is an impressive 172,222 flying monkeys, with the richest citizens earning 8.1 times as much as the poorest.

The government prefers to kill off its enemies by peaceful means, police officers have nearly cracked a major underage astronomy syndicate, homeowners are evicted to make way for new runways, and the government is engaging in an agricultural trade war with Maxtopia. Crime, especially youth-related, is all-pervasive, probably because of the absence of a police force. Mousebumples's national animal is the long-haired treemouse, which is also the nation's favorite main course.

Mousebumples is ranked 210th in Europeia and 21,814th in the world for Lowest Unemployment Rates, scoring 155 on the Workforce Participation Versus Theoretical Maximum Metric.

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Endorsements Received: 298 » The Knights who say Neee, Namonia, Cortuilera, Castelvetro, Somagline, New Spera, Haleytinium, Fartsoundia, Helvetti, United Republic of the Crusaders, Aurie, Bralia, Saint Freyja, Athorack, Armenika, Apto, Felibus, Basement Kitteh, CassyStyles, Duncan Isles, Desu Reich, --Neo-America--, Precisely Nothing, Bulkavik, Nippluania, Northmeadow, Pope Joan, Democratic Republic Of Orangeville, Twilight Imperium, Austrur, Caneira, Gustavpolis, The Roman City-States, Marnuvia, Dudeitsatyranny, Alderzan, Meropis, Hackatopia, Kuroaitou, Liberal Federation of Bankers, Cherdoskie, Kotat, Jaccardistan, Berezagonia, Seeba, The United Republic of the Red Star, Saint Eustache, Edgenon, Greater Amerigo, Askira, and 248 others.Nujen, Athenalion, North Freedonia, Archology, Saint-Justin, Rucphen, Stokesistan, DDAHK, Dierdista, Cool Spring, New Putzistan, Truth through Wisdom, Of Wonder, Pixelistan, Central American States, Noordeinde, Kisan, Kokolavia, Tbern, Conlectum, Elyisium, Balaco, Narizia, Aevana, Utymnano, Voxum Mortalum, Trevania, Lyubochka, Rysadonia, Songhan, Zhanyiwei, Celtasticia, Intellectual States Of Andromeda, NGC 6543, HackF, Beejland, Daienti, Hendria, Mizentia, Mudjvayah, Parasardine, Ithka, Hipstersonice, Corenthena, Azkroth, Armanias, Ibo-Biafra, The Rebublic of Nyx, Bonapartaeia, Qyrgistan, Tobonia, Lemonworld, Admirarie, Keyboardmashia, Euralatia, Rigenos, Pukupaka, Avoniae, The Western Kolb Republic, Istillian, Kaboomlandia, Fenrir Forest, Theocratic Republic of York, The empire of croaton, Pandena, QuinnPenney, Barlands, Gooblaria, Eastern Pola, Syxx9Core, Vonstadt, Port Juno, Nornlandiah, The United Yognaughts, Kala Tara, Sri Lankan Caliphate, Scutale, Thelolcountry, Brandesax, Gotten, Spartacan, The United States of Liberalism, Alquotine, Tunesus, Uj Izland, Truel, Free Trade Land 2, Avenderia, Peoples Republic of Xabia, Anarborous, Katkasistan, Democratic Peoples Republec of Korea, Trollfaceia, Gouverneur, Peacefulstan, Tomaenia, Alex-Burg, Trancelusion, Ancap Nation, The democratic empire, Rist Stone, Islamic Republic Of Somalia, Grenda, Taniopai, Rose Peak, Galexs, South Svednalia, Blaze Empire, Hyanygo, Free States of Anarchy, Aquilarias, Kasava, Korista City, FedRabbistan, Khasaksti, Paulotzia, The Can-American Republic, Maynila, Edelweis, Starstream Tribe, Objectivias, Fifthland, Horsweden, Vinigdesse, St Adricsburg, The Romagna Empire, New Portage, Cerusa, Ciellaeise, United Emirate of Nado, Soseef, Ribergy, Rhinortium, Waheelaland, Ice Hellion, The Kauguhe, Raxus Prime IV, Balustravia, New Orthodox Federation, The Atlanta Survivors, Pontifical Region, Aryea, Andromeda Colonial Goverment, Legendus, Fajihas, TPG Lartroxy, Aereia, Murchadh, KoTopia, Lhinden, Stonewolf, The Territories of Mega City One, Kovreninople, Brownvie, Kyukoku, Ukranburg, Kaladonien, Kedik, Shadowdragon1998, Thesteroy, United Republic of Liberals, Gepartia, Dogger Land, PacificNorthwest, La union de las republicas americanas, Southyorks, Imperio Austrius, All The Colors, Sianasha, The United Socialist State, Lockerson, Asanyo, Toka Gjendet, The Glorious Empire of the Four, Changus99, Amigas 4 Ever, Ispona, Carilsee, Brethern Of the Clouds, Duckenya, Dictator Anna 10, 369NoScopeLand, Wolfflow450, Indovica, Ebola Immune Goats, Environmentalist United, Wii U Bro, Tothia, United World Empire, Deepest House, Free Republic of Czechslovakia, Kempish Empire, Geoeca, Visceralia, Sartaria, Cragnam, Dyre, Amazao, United-Marrshmallows, Orangevill, Hurrdadurristan, Tequila Nation, Frihetland, United States of the Black Sea, Saltatio, Saleon, Kiosland, Philytopia, False Bay, Mas Domina, New Hyderabad, Prinpelua, Deneb Algedi, Cube-A, CTJ09002, Dacia Danubium Foederatio, Costa Deresia, ArchanZaw, Fertinia, Herziasti, United Italian islands, Geldora, Neo Romanii, North Tandahar, Fayglandisher, The Republika Pilipinas, Atlantea22, Monkvania, UUR, Gellone, Italios, Exeperia, Kobiyashi maru, Larrylykinsland, The Pyromancers, Rocea, Murden, Republic of Megnotata, Agrola, Reality Zone, New Yukotania, Duiska, Die Katzen, Nunfugun, The Land of Cheesecake, The United American States and Britain, ThermalSalmon, and Genistan.

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