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The Mouse-a-rific Mousetastic Moderator Mousedom of Mousebumples Mousebumples was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 120

“The only prescription is more cowbell!”

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The Mouse-a-rific Mousetastic Moderator Mousedom of Mousebumples is a gargantuan, orderly nation, ruled by sisters Lizzy and Sasha Hall with an iron fist, and remarkable for its enslaved workforce, restrictive gun laws, and suspicion of poets. The hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical, cheerful, devout population of 25.011 billion Mousebumplesians are ruled by a mostly-benevolent dictator, who grants the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.

The relatively small, corrupt government is dominated by the Department of Education, with Healthcare and Public Transport also on the agenda, while Spirituality and Defense aren't funded at all. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Moustantinople. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 23.7%.

The strong Mousebumplesian economy, worth a remarkable 4,163 trillion flying monkeys a year, is fairly diversified and led by the Book Publishing industry, with major contributions from Trout Farming, Information Technology, and Gambling. Black market activity is extensive. Average income is an impressive 166,449 flying monkeys, with the richest citizens earning 6.6 times as much as the poorest.

Citizens living in underground cities have developed a healthy green glow, wind farms are erected on shuttered oil platforms, farmers are struggling to keep up with demand for local produce, and the nation's industries are scrambling to switch to biodegradable plastics. Crime, especially youth-related, is all-pervasive, probably because of the absence of a police force. Mousebumples's national animal is the long-haired treemouse, which is also the nation's favorite main course.

Mousebumples is ranked 26th in Europeia and 3,006th in the world for Most Scientifically Advanced, scoring 296 on the Kurzweil Singularity Index.

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World Assembly

Endorsements Received: 242 » The Knights who say Neee, Arvena, Namonia, Cortuilera, Castelvetro, Somagline, New Spera, Haleytinium, Fartsoundia, Helvetti, United Republic of the Crusaders, Aurie, Bralia, Saint Freyja, Athorack, Irritating Optimists, Armenika, Apto, Felibus, Basement Kitteh, Razari, CassyStyles, Duncan Isles, Desu Reich, --Neo-America--, Fusion States, Precisely Nothing, Bulkavik, Nippluania, Highfront, Northmeadow, Pope Joan, Democratic Republic Of Orangeville, Twilight Imperium, Crochet, Austrur, Caneira, Gustavpolis, The Roman City-States, Marnuvia, Dudeitsatyranny, Alderzan, Meropis, Hackatopia, Kuroaitou, Liberal Federation of Bankers, Cherdoskie, Kotat, Jaccardistan, Berezagonia, and 192 others.Seeba, The United Republic of the Red Star, Saint Eustache, Edgenon, Greater Amerigo, Askira, Nujen, Athenalion, North Freedonia, Archology, Saint-Justin, Dotana, Rucphen, Stokesistan, DDAHK, Pommeh, Dierdista, Nickotopolis, Cool Spring, New Putzistan, Truth through Wisdom, John Nghtingale, Of Wonder, Nedervulgr, Pixelistan, Navarrasands, Central American States, Entrupreuria, Finnzil, Valknia, Noordeinde, Kisan, Epirum, WallBrook, Kokolavia, Tbern, Aeukera, Conlectum, Elyisium, Balaco, Narizia, Aevana, Utymnano, Keenesland, Voxum Mortalum, Trevania, Lyubochka, TigerTown, Rysadonia, Songhan, Federation of Troy, Zhanyiwei, Celtasticia, Confinement, Intellectual States Of Andromeda, The scientific states of Athean, NGC 6543, The Olcem Empire, HackF, Beejland, Daienti, Hendria, Mizentia, Mudjvayah, Wandering Wallabies, Parasardine, Ithka, Hipstersonice, Corenthena, Azkroth, Moronist Decisions, Armanias, Ibo-Biafra, Callie Wallie, Nightingale Forest, Waheelaland, The Rebublic of Nyx, Apoedis, Bonapartaeia, Qyrgistan, Tobonia, Lemonworld, Admirarie, Keyboardmashia, Euralatia, Ferdinand174, Rigenos, Virgilcania, Pukupaka, Avoniae, Tothia, The Western Kolb Republic, Istillian, Kaboomlandia, The Federalist Unions, Fenrir Forest, Theocratic Republic of York, The empire of croaton, Insigna, Pandena, QuinnPenney, Weckably, Barlands, Pandu, Red Wolf Colony, Gooblaria, Munford, Eastern Pola, Syxx9Core, Vonstadt, Port Juno, Atlantea22, II Imperium Romanum, Tempialand, Nornlandiah, JoeChristtopia101, The United Yognaughts, Big Lick, Dorfstria, Kala Tara, TryHardPotato, Sri Lankan Caliphate, GregGate, Scutale, Franz-Josef, Thelolcountry, Brandesax, Gotten, Spartacan, The United States of Liberalism, Alquotine, Tunesus, Mongolitiopia, Uj Izland, Woodville of Luxembourg, Truel, Free Trade Land 2, Batrosia, Avenderia, The Befriended Republic, Clarity Nation, Zijpelonia, Peoples Republic of Xabia, Mochturkestan, New Rogernomics, Anarborous, Gladsgow, Katkasistan, Democratic Peoples Republec of Korea, Trollfaceia, Gouverneur, Demostan, Kovreninople, Peacefulstan, Tomaenia, The Democratic State of Oregon, Alex-Burg, Trancelusion, Bekvam, Ancap Nation, Luviv, The democratic empire, Nieuw Rotterdam, Rist Stone, Islamic Republic Of Somalia, Grenda, Taniopai, Rose Peak, Galexs, South Svednalia, Blaze Empire, Anumian Commodore, ERN Europeia, Reich of Greater Germany, Hyanygo, Free States of Anarchy, Aquilarias, Orztotskha, Neo-Dolphinaria, Kasava, DillonJ, Korista City, FedRabbistan, Hauserion, Khasaksti, Paulotzia, Kardithia, The Can-American Republic, Eastern Gilneas, Maynila, Edelweis, and Starstream Tribe.

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