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The Ramifications of Goat Horns


Category: Corporate Police State
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Regional Influence: Minnow

Location: 10000 Islands


The Ramifications of Goat Horns is a huge, economically powerful nation, ruled by The Goat with an iron fist, and renowned for its parental licensing program. The hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of 606 million, 605 million of whom are zombies, Goatees are ruled with an iron fist by the corrupt, dictatorship government, which oppresses anyone who isn't on the board of a Fortune 500 company. Large corporations tend to be above the law, and use their financial clout to gain ever-increasing government benefits at the expense of the poor and unemployed.

There is no government in the normal sense of the word; however, a small group of community-minded, corrupt, moralistic, pro-business individuals devotes most of its attentions to Law & Order, with areas such as Social Equality and Social Welfare receiving almost no funds by comparison. It meets every day to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Important. Income tax is unheard of. A powerhouse of a private sector is led by the Uranium Mining industry, followed by Retail and Gambling.

Scenic tours are unheard of after most environmental laws were abolished, otherwise healthy people are being sent to internment camps because they have VODAIS, college students make ends meet by selling their kidneys, and the Great Goat Horns Desert is reputedly the most uninhabitable place in the region. Crime is crippling. Goat Horns's national animal is the velociraptor, which is also the nation's favorite main course, its national religion is goat worship, and its currency is the shiny thing.

Goat Horns is ranked 39th in 10000 Islands and 2,828th in the world for Largest Manufacturing Sector, scoring 17 on the Gooback-Jerbs Productivity Index.

Goat Horns is currently attempting to exterminate its infected with military force.

People: 1,113,612

Zombies: 605,274,594

Dead: 1,951,074,444

Survival Rate: 0.04%

National Happenings

Most Recent Government Activity: 66 minutes ago


World Assembly

Endorsements Received: 127 » Kelvinski, Nubpryton, Lahuland, Markanite, Achiotopia, Thesan, The imperial state of Japan, Lanza del relampago, Earth Federation, The Blessed and Almighty Bog, Seafaring Bears, The Isle of Tol Eressea, Christian Indonesia, Lost Islands of Pantagon, Grungerock, United Governments of Newrope, Czechoslovachia, Zyrcrestia, Noku, Randomain, Anollasia, Nojia, Seranis, Hamtown, Testa, JaySevenLand, Coreras, Zachais, Zaqaz Death, Thomason, HEU 1, Screaming Saint, Slaytania, Wolfhunters, Onarii, The Changeling Horde, Fermium, Independent State Allied Forces of Belka, Freres La Cote, Moraxellon, Rex Republic, Arnor and Gondor-, Jamestonian Empire, Lebenlauf, Thanya, Anime Banana, Free Republic China, Steidenland, Zafalla, No Hope, and 77 others.Drops a Pen, Nord Amour, Korean United States, Linkdahero, Dharma Desh, Southern Islands of Death, Bogomoln, Baekyo, Ishbal, Elzirn, Alcantaria, Palman, Slowmeadow, Acheronian Islands, Souvlaki, Weaubleau, Wuyiuih Kaonnoe, Awesomeness of pandas, Pilrimania, Baduaoia, Xynthiastan, Grand Renoux, Gitchie Manito, The Highland Realm, Herjulffland, Noxhaven, Hacame, Pavaro, Royal Hindus, Christopolas, Hawalius, Osea Island, Tenelni, Wolfco, MetalGoatia, Kokkinostan, Defileul Lapusului, Wisdomseekers, Sticks and Skulls, Tzo, Federation of Science and Freedom, Den svenska riket, Zybex, United Stochacist States, Kerres Kar, Rainbow Dashers, Beiluxia, Ninabi, Noricum and Raetia, Palestinal, Asgard the Home of Thor, Spearo, Tigreth, Lamborghini Murcielago, Solleana, South Wollongong, New Dalai, United People of Pluto, Peggy Carter, Mursilis, Eicant, Tree City, Fiodiya, The Totally Randomly Selected Nation, We Who Say Ni, Louisistan, Confederacy of Acrondefian Provinces, Uailand, Northern Arcadian Empire, Richecstan, Noriatini, Fogaler, The Hapes Consortium, -Echolilia-, The Kalmaray Technocracy, States of Kuknos, and Loviny.

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