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The Original New Mareais Constitution

The Tiran Constitution was written shortly after the founding of New Mareais, the first town ever established in the Republic. Its creation marked the beginning of the Hurricane family's monarchy, which lasted for centuries. The current version has been amended many times over the years; most notably after the Tiran Revolution.

This is the original text:

In order to prevent the decay of decent society, we, the last remaining members of the Equestrian Guard, establish this Constitution to preserve the rights and freedoms of the remaining ponies of this land, to limit the established government from stripping essential liberties from said ponies, to ensure justice is given where needed, and to protect and serve us all. We hereby establish a new country under a new rule, given our seclusion from our Mother Land.

Celestia forgive us.

Establishment of Government

Legislative power, in its entirety, shall be vested in the monarch. The monarch shall be a fair and morally correct leader, and follow the principles of the Elements of Harmony, just as the Royal Sisters would have desired.

The monarch shall appoint an advisory council of five members; whose best interests are for that of the country, rather than the monarch herself. The council shall aid the monarch in legislating and decision-making. The monarch is encouraged to listen to the entire council before making a decision impacting the country. Individual council members may be replaced by the monarch at will, unless all four other council members make a formal statement against the decision.

Both the monarch and all members of the advisory council shall have attained at least twenty years of age before being eligible for said positions. If no fit member of the royal family is available for the position of monarch, the former monarch may appoint a temporary surrogate until a qualified pony is available.

The monarch shall be granted the following powers:

  • Powers pertaining to matters concerning currency; including and only including: the power to coin money, set the value of said money, manage the spending of said money, create and collect taxes in order to provide for the well-being of the country, establish a national bank, and perform transactions with the governments of other nations.

  • The power to create constitutional new laws, but only to serve the country.

  • The power to declare war.

  • The power to create, maintain, and command a military.

  • The power to create lesser courts.

  • The power to establish a national post office.

  • The power to grant personal ownership to one's own creations; to issue patents and copyrights.

  • The power to pardon a citizen from punishment for a crime, assuming the crime is not deemed significant.

  • The power to create treaties.

A national court shall be established to adjudicate disputes concerning law between citizens, and administer the necessary consequences to the deserving parties of said disputes. The court system may expand in numbers to accommodate for population growth over time. The monarch shall be excluded from involvement in disputes in court, unless absolutely necessary, or if the dispute concerns her directly.

In times of great need, let this document be amended if necessary, but only after representatives from around the nation, fairly proportional to the population, vote on said amendment, and pass the amendment with at least a two-thirds majority.

Let this Constitution be regarded as the foundation of all law in the land, and let it never be crossed; with the exception of the amendments previously stated.

Rights and Freedoms

The government shall not infringe on the right of free speech, and may not pass laws restricting religious beliefs, political views, or the press. Citizens shall have the right to criticize or speak against the government in a peaceful fashion.

The government may not infringe on the freedom of privacy of personal information or property without absolutely necessary cause.

The government may not deliberately take the life of a citizen.

The government may not strip liberty or property from citizens without just reason.

The government may not discriminate against a group without just reason.

The government may not prohibit citizens from freely roaming on unowned land.

The government may not prohibit a citizen from leaving the nation without just reason.

The government may not seize a citizen's property without just compensation.

All citizens shall have the freedom to own property, buy and sell it, and make a profit.

All citizens shall have the freedom to compete with one another in a market.

All citizens shall have the freedom to bargain and strike.

All citizens shall have the freedom to innovate.

All citizens shall have the right to education.

All citizens shall have the right to medical attention if needed.

All citizens shall have the right to trial by jury. Let no one being decide the fate of a citizen.

Further rights issued by the government to the citizens shall be protected, regardless if said rights are recorded on this document.

The original document was then signed by King Cirrus the Wise, along with a number of other ponies who took part in writing it. These same ponies became revered throughout the rest of Tiran history.


by Max Barry

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