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NationStates is a free game, so we don't have a support center of I.T. professionals ready to take your call. But we do have a tiny group of volunteers who help out of the goodness of their hearts! Please appreciate the difference.

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Request for Moderator Intervention

Here you can submit a request for help from the game moderators. Note: Moderators are here to deal with players who break the site rules, not to resolve arguments. You have to do that yourself!

Please be nice to our moderators. They are helping you voluntarily.

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You are submitting this help request anonymously. This makes it more difficult to help you. If you have a nation, please login before you submit your help request. Otherwise, please provide an email address, so we can contact you. If we have no way of contacting you, we may not be able to help.

Be sure to provide enough information for a moderator to investigate your problem. If you have received an abusive telegram, don't delete it until a moderator has verified it.

This form is not for general inquiries or questions! See above.

by Max Barry

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